If you ask what is his job, the driver will mention two problems at once: driving and freight forwarding to your destination. The key point is personal responsibility for safety of cargo on Board the vehicle from point of loading to the destination. In addition, the driver is responsible for a serviceable technical condition of the car throughout the period spent in transit.Delivery driver: duties, instruction

Personal documents

From delivery driver on the route of a must be: a driver's license of appropriate category for the vehicle control, the policy of compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owner, the registration certificate of the vehicle (PTS).

What you need to know the driver?

He must be perfectly fluent in the current rules of the road in Russia, and if the goods are delivered to a neighboring country, then the traffic rules of another state.

With regard to the technical condition of the car, he must know the results and the timing of the last session of the technical inspection of the rules for the care and repair of the vehicle requirements for the operation and order of elimination of malfunctions.

What is his job? The driver-forwarder is a responsible officer accompanying the cargo, who fully knows the information about the rules of transportation of the cargo entrusted to him.Special attention requires the transport of explosive, flammable, chemically hazardous substances. In addition, there should be a skill transport bulky products, products of non-standard sizes and configurations, fragile and have limited shelf life (perishable).

Possession of documentation

An ordinary driver with the functions of freight forwarding must be familiar with the types of documentation that may be necessary for the identification of shipments throughout the forwarding and let. These documents include bill of lading (TTN), a contract for the carriage of cargo, waybill, invoice, acts of acceptance and the power of attorney from the company. Depending on the type of cargo it may be accompanied by certificates of quality of goods, information about the weight or passage of the veterinary control. The driver needs to be visually familiar with the forms of accompanying documents, to know and to monitor the correctness of filling. For the safety of all accompanying shipment documentation it is advisable to keep in the cab to transfer to the company.

In addition, the driver-forwarder should have knowledge regarding the route: the exact route, main roads and streets, addresses of logistics hubs, warehouses, locations of offices of customers and contractors.

Forwarder driver: duties and skills

The driver carrying the consignment of goods, the duties of simple but critical because it involves delivery of material values.

When hiring a new employee acquainted with work responsibilities in the job description under the painting. Thanks to the instructions the driver will be clearly informed of the list of requirements for positions in a particular company, because the boundaries of responsibility can vary depending on the structure and specifics of the company.

The driver should be able to perform minor repairs of vehicles, check before the flight readiness of the vehicle for operation. Before going on the route it is prescribed in the established order of passing of pretrip medical inspection.

The driver functions support the goods is obliged to deliver the goods at the destination in the proper form, in quantity and quality, with a full set of accompanying documents. Some transport companies charge to issue a part of the primary documents rests with the driver.

Category B or E?

The announcements about free vacancies immediately specify which category of driving licence must be the applicant, the age and availability of service. Delivery driver cat. In travels in the city, the region and on intercity routes. But if the fleet includes cars with trailers, liquid tanks, then invite the driver with the appropriate category and experience. In delivery and support of cargoes on vehicles with increased dimensions and trailers experience in management of heavy compounds will be crucial.

The driver of category E produces travel mostly between the cities on a truck with a trailer weighing more than 750 kg. This operation requires special driving skills, good ability to take into account the traffic situation.

Delivery driver of heavy compounds should take into account the trajectory of not only the vehicle, but trailers, to predict the behavior of other traffic participants on the road. So the job candidates need to have experience trouble-free driving for at least three to four years.

Considering that category E is given after the other, the minimum length of service will be for one year and the minimum age is 19 years.

Where to find a job as a freight forwarder?

The driver, whose duties are connected with the tracking of goods that are in demand in logistics companies specializing in local, long distance and international traffic. Yet these professionals often need in online shops, firms rendering services, and so on.

The personal qualities of the employee

The employment contract with the driver enclosed in the case, if he has certain personal qualities that are important for the execution of the work. The selection of candidates prefer those who have experience in the freight, is well aware of the routes, terrain features, has the travel experience without accidents and work with documents. The future employee must have neat appearance, good physical form. Precedence is given to applicants for the position, without harmful habits. On probation will be evaluated personal qualities such as responsibility, communication skills, attention to detail, the correct driving style.

Liability of the driver-forwarder

Taking into account that during the movement of cargo along the route, many different unusual situations can arise, especially if the route is long, a forwarding contract is always concluded with a forwarding driver.

At what point it becomes financially responsible delivery driver? Duties and responsibilities for the product comes from the moment of its loading on Board. It needs to take an active part in the acceptance of consignments on quality, count the quantity, check the integrity of the packaging, locks and fasteners. Be sure to follow the correct placement of products based on the type of vehicle, trailer and cargo characteristics.

The profession of a freight forwarder, whose duties are fairly simple, is nevertheless one of the top most sought-after jobs in the labor market.But, despite the clearly outlined range of tasks, the work on the transport of goods requires responsibility, care, punctuality.