Life originated in the water. With this you can not argue. Therefore, water is one of the most important components necessary for the normal functioning of the body. All the basic processes in the human body take place with the participation of this priceless fluid. In its absence in organs and systems, there is a failure with the development of various diseases.

Water inside each of us

There is a lot of water in the human body. Its highest content is found in gastric juice (about 99%), slightly less in the blood (92%), in the muscle tissue and in the brain substance contains up to 75%, and in the hardest bone tissue, oddly enough, 25% of this substance.The conclusion suggests itself: to maintain all organs and systems in a physiologically normal state, it is necessary to drink a sufficient amount of pure water.

But how to determine how much this priceless substance should be consumed every day by each person? It's quite simple to calculate by the amount of liquid that we lose every day.

How much water do we lose daily?

With normal life functioning, the human body releases water through the following processes:

  • excretion by the kidneys - about 1.2 liters;
  • work sweat glands - 0,85 l;
  • breathing - 0,33 l;
  • intestinal function -0.15 l.

If you summarize all the above figures, you get about 2.5 liters per day. This amount of water our body loses daily at an average temperature of air. In the hot season, due to the intensification of metabolic processes, the amount of moisture released increases to 4-5 liters per day. In order that the body does not appear deficient conditions, you must certainly fill the lost water.

How is it best to replenish the body of water in the body?

We replenish the reserves of water along with food and drink. There is it as follows:

  • with drinks and liquid food in the body comes about 1.2 liters, which is 50% of the daily needs of the human body in water;
  • yet about a liter we "drink" together with solid food.

The last fact will seem strange to many, but it really is. All foods contain more or less water. For example, meat has about 60% moisture, bread - up to 50%, in fish almost 70% of this substance, in cereal - 80%, and most - in vegetables and fruits - up to 90%.

Does water help normalize weight?

Nutritionists insist that it is best to consume water in its pure form. Its amount depends on the weight of a person, the time of year and the level of physical activity. The average figure is approximately 2.5 liters of water per day.Many people who want to maintain a good physical shape are interested in this question: "Do we need water for weight loss?". Reviews of nutritionists and their grateful patients claim that it is necessary. Drinking enough water, it's much easier to keep your weight under control.

Exhausting themselves with numerous diets, some overweight people do not know about the importance of maintaining a literate drinking regime. Water for weight loss is the most faithful assistant. This is confirmed by scientific research.

What did the specialists find out?

Teaching from the American state of Virginia conducted research among people who are overweight. They were divided into two groups. Some people observed the usual drinking regime for them. People from the second group drank a glass of water before each meal. As a result, weight loss in the second group was greater than in the first. Therefore, water for weight loss is a powerful tool.

The mechanism of formation and release of energy in the human body is built with the obligatory presence of water molecules.   In conditions of lack of this substance, the body experiences an oxygen deficiency, and glucose consumption occurs along the path of anaerobic glycolysis. As a result of this process, lactic acid and two molecules of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, are formed. While in the presence of a sufficient amount of water and oxygen, the cleavage of glucose proceeds according to the scheme of aerobic glycolysis. As a result, pyruvic acid and 8 ATP molecules are obtained. Thus, in the presence of water, the human body is able to utilize nutrients through a more energy-intensive pathway. Consequently, body fat is burned more. That's why it's very important to drink water for weight loss.

Anaerobic glycolysis is the process with the least energy efficiency, but under stress conditions the body uses this scheme for emergency energy extraction.

In conditions of water deficiency, the cell membrane far less passes the necessary nutrients, and waste of life releases into lymph.

It was established experimentally that a sufficient amount of liquid accelerates the metabolism by 3%. The process of losing weight is increased by the same amount if you drink water. For weight loss, this is the surest means. But the use of this substance is subject to certain rules. A thoughtless and indiscriminate drink will not bring the desired effect and can provoke some health problems.

How to drink water properly to lose weight?

The use of water to lose weight and improve the body will be maximum, if you follow the following recommendations:

  • A glass of water drunk before eating will reduce appetite and take place in the stomach. This means that at the time of food intake, a smaller amount will be eaten. Many Hollywood stars follow this advice and take a glass of water one hour before a meal. And about the way, like drinking on an empty stomach in the morning, there are legends. Water on an empty stomach for weight loss, reviews struggling with excess weight of people - to confirm this, is one of the most effective recipes. Everyone who maintains a good physical form starts his day just like that.

  • The water must be warm. Nutritionists do not recommend drinking cold water. On its warming, additional energy is expended, and fatty food becomes more dense and indigestible. Experts on the issue of weight loss say that drinking cold water and drinks can provoke an even greater weight gain. This is because the low-temperature liquid reduces the residence time of food in the stomach to 20 minutes. Half-digested food moves further into the intestines, and the person again feels hungry. On this principle, many establishments selling fast food work. They offer ice-cream drinks to hamburgers and receive dividends from the visitors' appetite. Thus, if you drink it cold, then the use of water for weight loss will be reduced to zero.
  • Do not forget that water is the best drink. In European restaurants and cafes, usually on the table is a decanter with drinking water. For Russia this is a rarity. When you arrive at the restaurant, do not hesitate to ask the waiter for a glass of water before eating. This drink will bring the body the most benefit and save you from unnecessary spending on unnecessary organisms and expensive aperitifs and cocktails.
  • Specialists in healthy nutrition recommend choosing drinking water in glass bottles. The fact is that a very harmful substance - bisphenol A - is released from the plastic container. This compound is produced faster when the temperature rises. Bisphenol A adversely affects the reproductive and cardiovascular systems of the human body and can cause serious diseases. If you need the best water for weight loss, reviews of nutritionists - to that in confirmation, choose the product in glass bottles.
  • If the taste of water seems too fresh, then you can add lemon or orange juice to it. This will not only allow you to enjoy new sensations, but also will produce a healing effect.
  • Do not think that the standard for drinking water is the same for all. The amount of moisture necessary for the body depends on individual characteristics: weight, the presence of chronic diseases, the time of year and the rate of metabolism. Taking into account all these factors, you can calculate how much water will need to lose weight. The prescription or formula for calculating the desired volume will be prompted by a dietitian. Ask your doctor and remember that you need to drink, especially when you want.

With or without gas?

The best water for weight loss is still and not too mineralized. Excess of mineral salts can lead to irreversible changes in metabolism. Carbon dioxide, which is saturated with water, is not dangerous in itself.   However, it causes a belching and increased gas formation in the intestine. In addition, there is evidence that carbonated water contributes to the formation of kidney stones.

Is it useful to drink water on an empty stomach?

In the fight against overweight, there is nothing more effective than water on an empty stomach. For weight loss, this technique is very effective. This useful habit has the following effect on the body:

  • triggering the triggering mechanism of the digestive process;
  • the problem of constipation is eliminated;
  • the brain starts to work more actively and productively;
  • improves well-being;
  • there is a surge of strength and vigor;
  • the metabolic processes are activated.

What is the use of water with honey?

There is a simple and ingenious recipe for health that can work wonders. There is nothing more affordable and effective, like honey water for weight loss and recovery.This delicious and wholesome drink acts on the body as follows:

  • normalizes the digestive tract;
  • promotes your full-bodied bile in the liver;
  • eliminates chronic constipation, providing a mild laxative effect on the intestines;
  • gives vitality;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • reduces the craving for sweets, since it contains fructose - a natural sweetener;
  • promotes the regeneration of tissues and the rejuvenation of the body.

Honey water for weight loss

Honey contains many biologically active components: vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other nutrients. Dissolving a spoonful of this magical beekeeping product in a glass of warm water, we get an incredibly tasty and wholesome drink, called "honey water". For weight loss, this product showed high efficiency. If you drink it in the morning on an empty stomach, useful substances immediately enter the blood and are carried throughout the body. Active components of honey penetrate into the cells of all organs and tissues and replenish in them the lack of vital components. As a result, the work of all organs and systems of the human body is normalized. The body is freed from toxins and slag accumulated throughout life. This directly contributes to weight loss.

Since honey water improves metabolism, fat accumulation under the condition of rational nutrition will not occur more. Many people are interested in the question of how honey water is prepared for weight loss. The recipe is incredibly simple: in a glass of boiled water you need to put a teaspoon of honey of good quality. If after using such an elixir on an empty stomach to do light gymnastics or to run, then the process of cleansing the body and losing weight will become much more intense.

Honey contains fructose and is a very high-calorie product. It will help to quickly restore strength after training in the gym and will serve as an excellent alternative to sweets for those who observe a strict diet.

In order to achieve the greatest effect of losing weight with honey water, you need to drink this drink twice a day: on an empty stomach in the morning and evening before dinner. This method will achieve impressive results. To make this drink you need a glass of warm water and a teaspoon of good honey. But there is one important feature. Water with honey for weight loss should not be hotter than 40 degrees. If its temperature is higher, then all the useful properties of honey will be lost. People prone to allergies should take care with such a drink as honey water. For weight loss, they should choose a safer method.

What is the use of water with lemon?

Another magic drink is water with a lemon. For weight loss, the reviews of the American dietician Theresa Chong confirm this, this remedy is one of the best. This drink has such wonderful features as:

  • lowering of blood sugar level;
  • stimulation of the liver and gallbladder;
  • clears the body of toxins and toxins;
  • contains dietary fiber - pectin, due to which there is a rapid saturation of the body, in addition, the feeling of satiety persists for a long time;
  • contained in lemon in large quantities of vitamin C contributes to more intensive weight loss.

How to lose weight with water and lemon?

Theresa Chong wrote a whole book devoted to a topic like water with a lemon for weight loss. Reviews about this method of combating obesity are most admired. For example, the famous American singer Beyonce Knowles lost ten kilograms with water and lemon.In order to achieve this tremendous effect, you need to follow certain rules:

  • In the morning on an empty stomach you should drink water with the addition of lemon juice. You can take a few slices of fruit and mash it in warm water.
  • The lemon zest can be added to salads, and the juice can be sprinkled with fish and meat.
  • With a lemon shredded in a blender it is useful to drink tea.
  • If you follow a lemon diet, you should drink plenty of water. This need is due to the acidity of citrus.
  • Drinking lemon water with ice is not recommended.

When you use this drink stimulates digestion. Thus, the food is digested much better. Pectins allow you to keep your appetite under control and contribute to rapid satiety while eating. These same substances, like a sponge, absorb all the harmful substances that have accumulated in the intestines and remove them from the human body. This is the first step to losing weight and keeping a good result in the fight against overweight.

From all of the above, we can conclude that lemon water for weight loss is ideal. However, it should be borne in mind that this drink has contraindications. If you have increased gastric acidity, allergies to citrus or thinning teeth enamel, then lose weight with lemon and water is better to give up.

The most useful habit

Drinking water is necessary not only for those who want to lose weight. This is a very useful habit that must be adhered to throughout life. No drink can match the good drinking water. This magic liquid is able to maintain the normal functioning of all organs and systems of the human body, to give courage and strength, to prolong youthfulness of the body and spirit.