Vlasiei in dogs is one of the most common problems faced by owners. This parasite reproduces very quickly. His presence on the skin of the animal can lead to serious health problems in dogs.

Seeing how wounds can trigger vlasiei in dogs, photos of these affected areas, we understand that the need to fight immediately, not delaying treatment.

General information

To begin, consider how flashed in dogs. It is insects that have no wings. Length of flashed can reach two millimeters. The head and torso of the insect have a flat shape, while the body is much narrower head. The body consists of segments. Chewing type of mouth apparatus indicates that the insect feeds on the skin cells of the animal. Eggs on the fur of an animal, the female flashed very quickly increases the size of the colony. A complete cycle of transformation of eggs into a full-fledged insect is four weeks. Any person, having learned what constitutes vlasiei in dogs (photo of this parasite see below), immediately begin treatment. It depends on the health and possibly the life of a pet.

Causes of infection

A bug like flashed, is quite common in the natural environment. Infection in any season. Most often, the infection occurs through the interaction of the animal with an already sick individual. Also vlasiei in dogs can come from items care, for example, with a collar or comb for wool. Puppies can be infected from the mother.

Vlasiei in dogs: symptoms of infection

Vlasiei carry the different varieties of disease and infection. They move around the body of the animal, biting it, causing constant itching. This is the main symptom of the presence of flashed. The dog is constantly itching, she decreased attention and concentration, it obeys the master, the character changes for the worse. From the fact that the animal is constantly itching, it appears the sores that develop into dermatitis. All this leads to the balding area of the skin.

Seeing that your animal is constantly busy that sitting and itching, you should immediately inspect the coat and skin. Vlasiei in dogs differ from fleas: fleas head less chest, and flashed – on the contrary. If not treat the dog, it will begin to lose weight, to weaken, she can show other illnesses. In addition, through wounds on the skin in the body of the animal will be exposed to different infections. Also vlasiei dogs can easily carry the eggs of tapeworms, as are their intermediate host.

So, let's list all the symptoms of infection with flashecom:

  • constant itching (lasts several days)
  • during the inspection of wool, you may notice white segments of the skin similar to dandruff
  • the fur looks dull and like shorn
  • the hair on the face or in the tail area falls
  • at the place where the fur peeled off, the skin is swollen and looks inflamed, sometimes covered with a crust
  • the animal loses weight much
  • the dog is very restless
  • attention animal is missing
  • the dog to become destructive and nervous.

Treatment dogs

The treatment process should start as soon as it was discovered the presence of flashed. Considering what diseases can cause vlasiei in dogs treatment the owner should choose the right and hold it better under the supervision of a veterinarian. In principle, the drugs for treatment are the same as for getting rid of fleas and ticks. There are shampoos, sprays and drops.

When using shampoo need to lather thoroughly entire the dog's coat, then wait about five minutes and rinse. Shampoo is less toxic than other means, but they are less effective. Usually need more than one treatment with the shampoo to the complete destruction of flashed.

Sprays are considered more effective, but they are more dangerous to dogs. She can lick the tool with the fur, which cannot be touched for several days after treatment, and it is inconvenient, especially in a family where there are children.

Drops, are applied to the withers of the animal, it is enough safe for people and dogs. She cannot reach the treatment site. Owners and, most importantly, not to touch the dog until the drops dry. In General, in specialized shops there are numerous drugs to combat flashecom. Here are some of the known drugs:

  • "Oxamat" – 2% water emulsion.
  • "Thuringen-B" – 0,5% solution.
  • "Hamelin" – 1% aqueous solution.
  • aerosols: "Perol", "Acrodex", "Bolfo" and others.

All drugs work on the principle of the destruction of the larvae flashed. It is best to treat the dog twice. If the treatment is conducted in summer, twelve days later, and if the winter, then after eighteen days.

The procedure of treatment

After processing the animal's coat is a special tool you need to carefully comb hair with a comb. Wachesaw all wool, you must destroy all insects that still remained, and their larvae. All items used by the dog, should be carefully collected and subjected to boiling. If boiling is not possible, they will be discarded. If Vlady were found in small puppies, pregnant or lactating bitches, the treatment must be carried out very quickly. The presence of insects in the animal greatly reduces the immune system. After all this, it is necessary to give the dog a remedy against worms.

Prevention of infection

In order to protect your pet from harm, you need to follow precautions:

  • to follow all hygiene rules
  • to conduct a regular inspection of the skin and dog's fur
  • regularly to treat the place of residence of the animal the means to prevent
  • to use all available means to repel insects (collars, sprigs of wormwood, special nozzles and brushes)
  • to ensure that the dog is not in contact with stray animals or Pets with suspicious looks.

At the end we note that, in order for the animal normally grow, he needs proper care, attention and regular veterinary inspection. We must not forget that, taking to himself in the dog house, we are responsible for it. In response to our concern we received a faithful and devoted friend, as well as reliable and brave guard and partner.