The deposits of the savings Bank of Russia on the background of the proposals available in the domestic financial sector, attracted not only by relatively high interest rates, but flexible partnership scheme. The attractiveness of the partnership due to the fact that Sberbank takes first place in Russia, not only in the number of depositors, but in terms of total deposits. "Veteran savings business" trusted by millions of people across the country, which gives certain advantages.

A wide variety of proposals

The deposits of the savings Bank of Russia, interest rates on deposits

The deposits of the savings Bank of Russia are very diverse, you can make the expense not only in rubles but also in other foreign currencies, including exotic: this Japanese yen and Swiss franc. Terms of replenishment, opening and closing of deposits is highly varied. Depending on the goal pursued by the customer, wanting to save and multiply your funds, it can choose the most convenient format of cooperation. Special attention from a financial institution aimed at customers of the retirement age. They can use not only the benefits of a "Pension" Deposit, they are offered favorable conditions for such popular programs as "Improved", "Keep" and "Control". Attract the attention of not only interest rates but also a wide variety of options for replenishing accounts. For customers who will make deposits of Sberbank of Russia through the online service available increased interest rates.

The Contribution Of The "Improved"

The program "Updates" designed for people who are accustomed to take care of your financial situation. Deposit program is perfect for those who are accustomed to defer gradually. Clients can open accounts not only in rubles, but in dollars and euros. Deposits in rubles are served with the rate from 7.98% to 9.58%. On dollar bills, the rate can vary from 2% to 3.93%. On account with euros will be charged rate from 2% to 3.83%. The bigger the initial Deposit amount and the longer the term of the partnership with the Bank, the higher rate will be charged. The duration of the Deposit can vary from 3 months to 3 years. The terms of the Deposit provide for the possibility to replenish the account, but partial withdrawals are not allowed. The minimum amount required to open a Deposit – not less than 1000 rubles, 100 euros and 100 dollars.

The Contribution "Save"

Considering the numerous deposits of the savings Bank of Russia, should stop attention to the program "Save". The percent contribution – one of the highest in the Bank. On ruble accounts will be credited from 7.2% to 10.29%, in USD – from 0.75% to 3.98%, Evroset – from 0.75% to 3.88%. To place funds in the Bank for a period of 1 month and up to 3 years. A Deposit is not possible, in fact, as partially withdraw money. As for contribution, "Join", the minimum amount of funds required for participation in the Deposit program should be from 1000 roubles, 100 dollars and 100 euros.

The Contribution Of "Control"

Sberbank of Russia deposits offers a wide variety, we should pay attention on the program "Control". Universal offer allows you to withdraw your Deposit at any time. There is an opportunity to refill. The program is designed for deposits in rubles, dollars and euros. For each of the types of accounts charge a fixed percent. So, on ruble deposits will be credited from of 7.28% to 8.81%. The bills of the Euro interest rate of 1.95% to 3.88%. Dollar account maintained with a rate of 1.95% to 3,78%. For registration Deposit to the program at the expense will need to put 30 thousand rubles, between $ 1,000 and 1,000 euros. To replenish has its limits. In addition, you can make the sum from 1000 roubles, 100 dollars and 100 euros.

Attractive offers for seniors

Sberbank of Russia interest on deposits offers some of the most attractive in the financial market, but the most profitable programs available for people of retirement age. They can use any of the above proposals. Regardless of the size of the amount they will be charged the maximum percentage corresponding to each individual term of the partnership. Sberbank of Russia deposits for pensioners offers another unique program called "Pension plus". The rate on this program corresponds to 3.67%, but with capitalization. Duration of partnership with the tank is 3 years. The program belongs to the category replenished. Available partial withdrawal. An important condition for partnership is available on the account, not burnable in the amount of 1 ruble.

The contribution of "international" – the most interesting offer of the savings Bank

Sberbank of Russia deposits offers not only in dollars, rubles and euros. Customers can take advantage of the program "international contribution". Account opening is available in pounds, a percentage which will range from 0.7% to 4.5%. It is possible to replenish a Deposit account in Swiss francs at a rate of from 0.1% to 2.65% and in Japanese yen at a rate of from 0.3% to 2.65%. The length of contributions can vary from 1 month to 3 years. Investors can earn not only due to the accrual of the Bank and changes of the foreign currency. The minimum amount at the expense of the limited partnership. For partnership with the Bank on account of the need to make not less than 10 thousand pounds, not less than 10 thousand Swiss francs, no less than 1,000,000 francs.

Updated Deposit program

Deposit "Multicurrency", "give life" and "Your victory" is a novelty offered by the savings Bank of Russia. Deposits of individuals financial institution serves at the highest level, trying to offer our customers the most favorable terms of partnership. Sberbank rates on deposits with specials offers

  • "Your Victory". Interest rate on Deposit can vary from 12% to 13%. Deposit currency – rubles. The Deposit is not replenished, the funds from it partially. Duration of cooperation with the Bank equal to 6 months. The minimum amount of money which must be paid into the account equal to 10 thousand roubles.
  • The contribution "Gift of life" affordable interest rate of 8.93%. The term of Deposit is 12 months. Deposit and withdrawal is unavailable. Every three months payments are held in a specialized children's funds.
  • Contribution"Multicurrency" allows you to open accounts in rubles, dollars and euros. Its peculiarity lies in the minimal amount. To start the partnership on account of the need to make a Deposit of 5 dollars, 5 rubles, or 5 euros. The Deposit is processed simultaneously in three currencies. Maximum interest rates are to 8.18% for ruble accounts, to 3.96% for dollar accounts and to 3.75% on evrocontac.