Those who suffer from hair loss, experts recommend using the funds of the brand "Fitoval". Customer feedback on lotions, capsules-vitamins and shampoos confirm their high efficiency.

Vitamins for hair

"Fitoval" is an active line, which includes means for caring for damaged hair. Their main task is to strengthen the structure of the hair shaft and protect it from falling out.

Form of issue

To buy medicinal products for the hair "Fitoval" can be in the form of:
- dermatological shampoo, packaged in vials of 200 g;
- medical capsules (dragees), each weighing 200 mg;
- lotion from hair loss (bottles of 40 ml).

Main Components

The compounding of all funds of the brand "Fitoval" designed to provide hair with nutrients, bringing them health and beautiful appearance. So, in the capsules of this line included the following substances:
100 mg of L-cysteine;
- 35 mg of vitamin B5;
- 10 mg of iron;
- 5 mg of zinc;
- 2 mg of vitamins B1, 2 and 6;
- 1 mg of copper;
- 0.2 mg of vitamin B9;
- 0.1 mg of vitamin H;
- 2 μg of vitamin B12.

Additional components of medical dragees are colloidal anhydrous silicon and titanium dioxide, propylhydroxybenzoate, as well as orange, black, blue and red dyes.

The active substances of shampoo are extracts of nettle and sorrel, lecithin, panthenol and hydrolysed wheat protein. 100 grams of shampoo for these components are contained in 1 g. Additional substances in the composition of this remedy are cocamide and stearamide, polyquartenine and magnesium nitrate, YUKON flavor and glycol distillate, as well as magnesium chloride and nitrate and some other elements.

100 g of lotion contains:
- 1 g of esculin;
0.5 g of xymenic acid;
0.2 g of lauric acid.

Effect of dermatological shampoo

All the means of "Fitoval" reviews of experts receive both about medicines, actively caring for damaged hair. Let's consider the action of each of them.

So, "Phytoval" (shampoo) against hair loss reviews of users receives mostly positive. He perfectly copes with the task that the developers put before him. This polycomponent, saturated with minerals and vitamins, is remarkable for combating strong hair loss. In addition, it contributes to their growth and recovery. Also, hair shampoo "Fitoval" reviews users receive as a means of strengthening the roots and contributing to the increase in the volume of curls.

Experts emphasize that this dermatological drug has a dual therapeutic effect. On the one hand, it is a medicine intended for the care of hair, which is prone to loss (alopecia). This effect is achieved by eliminating the consequences of various endogenous and exogenous factors, including chronic stress and unbalanced nutrition, adverse heredity and the effect of excessive amounts of hormones, etc., which shorten the life cycle of both the hair shaft and its roots.

On the other hand, the "Fitoval" shampoo receives customer feedback as an excellent pharmaceutical preparation, actively opposing the formation of dandruff. The active substances in its composition are excellent antiseptics. They are struggling with populations of microorganisms whose living products contribute to the acceleration of exfoliation of the epidermis.

In addition, extracts of plants that make up the shampoo make it possible to keratinize the skin of the head. This allows you to adjust the action of the sebaceous glands and prevent the deposition of sebum. Thus, the use of this dermatological shampoo eliminates the problem of oily hair and eliminates itching. At the same time, active ingredients moisturize the upper layers of the epidermis, contributing to the strengthening of their protective functions.

Mode of application

How is "Phytoval" used - shampoo against hair loss? Experts' feedback indicates that its use is recommended with an active process of hair loss. Immediately before using the dermatological agent, the head should be thoroughly washed with warm water with a usual shampoo. In this case, the hair will become more susceptible to its effects. At the same time, the therapeutic effect of conservative sanitation will also increase.

In the next phase the drug is distributed through damp hair and rubbed into the roots. For therapeutic effect means you need to leave at least five minutes. Only then it can be washed off with warm water. One treatment shampoo is applied two times. Those people who first acquire it dermatological tool, interested in the duration of the course during which the drug should be used "Fitoval" against hair loss. The user reviews confirm that the desired effect after two or three months. At the same time to wash my hair using this shampoo three times a week. Also the experts recommend in the treatment process to connect the lotion and vitamin capsules "Fitoval". This will allow you to get the desired result in the shortest possible time and with considerable effect.

Getting rid of the influence of negative factors

Our curls are subject to exogenous physical, chemical and traumatic effects, which significantly reduces the amount of biologically active substances contained in them. This, in turn, damages the structure of the hair shaft. The negative effect also arises from toxic metabolic products that are carried with the blood stream or are the result of the vital activity of microorganisms that activate on the scalp. To eliminate all these problems, doctors recommend "Fitoval" capsules. The experts' comments on this active biological supplement are confirmed by the fact that it has a beneficial effect on the metabolic processes occurring in the tissues of the human body. And this, in turn, allows you to use it to treat hair.

Medical dragees "Phytoval" have a polycomponent composition of minerals and vitamins. These substances have been included in the formulation of this drug to enrich the curls with the necessary nutrients, which contributes to the restoration of hair bulb functions.

Indications for use of capsules

In what cases is it recommended "Phytoval" (vitamins)? The experts' feedback confirms the possibility of using it as an effective preventive tool. The reception of this drug helps to strengthen hair, as well as giving them silky and shine. And what do consumers say about this tool? "Fit" (vitamins) reviews are usually positive. Those who used this fine polycomponent complex confirm that during the summer it coped with the dryness of the strands, and in winter it actively resisted the negative influence of cold air.

Specialists recommend the use of medicinal capsules with:
- an increased amount of hair falling out, which is observed including in case of avitaminosis, in the postpartum period, as well as in diagnosed pathologies;
- changes in the structure of the hair shaft (eg, brittleness);
- the presence of violations in the process of growth and renewal of hair.

In what other cases is it recommended to take "Phytoval" (capsules)? The experts' testimonies testify to their high effectiveness in cases of malnutrition and restrictions on vitamin intake. This often happens while dieting for weight loss. Those who adhere to a poor menu of useful substances, the drug will be of great benefit.

Dosages of admission

"Fitoval" (capsules), first of all, is a medicinal product, which includes a complex complex of minerals and vitamins. That is why its use should be strictly limited.

Medical dragees are taken orally. They should be swallowed whole or in the process of food intake, or immediately after its completion. In this case, it is recommended to take capsules with a small amount of liquid. The dosage of the drug may be different and depends on the goals pursued by drug therapy. So, to get rid of alopecia, as well as with hair growth disorders, capsules are taken in the amount of 1 piece 3 times during the day. And if they take "Fitoval" (capsules) to repair damaged or weakened hair? Experts' opinions recommend using this drug in the amount of 1-2 pieces per day. The duration of the course should be from two to three months. If necessary, the treatment should be repeated. However, you can take capsules only after a month. Otherwise, it threatens the development of hypervitaminosis.


What should pay attention before you apply "Fitoval" for damaged hair? Specialists warn against using funds those who have any renal pathology. With caution should take vitamins "Fitoval" and in that case, if it is diagnosed:
- kidney failure;
- gastritis;
- Stomach ulcer.

Despite the safety, which is typical for vitamins "Fitoval" for hair, reviews of some patients indicate the occurrence of an allergic reaction to their intake. This is due to the presence of individual intolerance and hypersensitivity to the components of the capsules.

Side effects

To identify the negative consequences that are possible with the application of vitamins "Phytoval", scientists have conducted numerous studies. However, no side effects with regular use of capsules could not be identified. But purely theoretically, the drug can cause shortness of breath and headache, nausea, as well as redness and itching of the skin. Such symptoms can occur with hypersensitivity to a particular component of the drug.

Interaction with other drugs

How behave in complex therapy vitamins "Fitoval" from hair loss? Experts say that it is impossible to take them simultaneously with antacids, tetracycline drugs and antibiotics. In the event that the reception of these medicines is mandatory against the background of the use of vitamins "Fitoval", between their methods it is necessary to take a break for at least three hours.


If the amount of the drug taken is exceeded, symptoms such as:
Light dizziness;
- metallic taste in the mouth;
- nausea;
- headache.

The manifestation of overdosage can be expressed and in case of signs of fatigue without any apparent reason. Any discomfort on a background of reception of vitamins "Fitoval" is the reason for going to a specialist.

Lotion "Fitoval"

This is another form of the drug that protects hair from falling out. Action lotion "Fitoval" is aimed at reducing the fragility of capillaries and reducing their permeability. This allows to improve the process of circulation in the scalp, preventing hair loss.

Lotion "Fitoval" is recommended for daily use. The product is rubbed into the scalp in a volume of 5 ml. The duration of treatment should not be less than 3 months.