A virtual bank card is designed to pay for goods via the Internet. It is usually released without a physical carrier. At the request of the client, the bank can make a plastic card, on which there will be no magnetic strip or chip. Use such a tool to pay for goods at retail outlets or withdraw funds through an ATM machine will not work, but it will specify the details of the virtual account.

Principle of operation

The peculiarity of the card is that it provides additional protection of funds on the account. To pay for purchases, you need to transfer funds from the main debit card to a virtual account and confirm the purchase with a one-time password. The balance of the virtual account is reset, protecting the details of the main card.

Virtual card of Sberbank - how to apply? Sberbank-Online System

You can set a daily spending limit for this payment instrument and receive cash flow notifications. Such conditions, in particular, are provided by Sberbank.

Virtual card: how to apply

The simplest way to issue such a tool is by calling the hotline phone. At the same time, you need to have an existing debit card of Sberbank at hand. Each client can issue only one - Visa Virtual and MasterCard Virtual.

You can apply for a virtual card through the Sberbank-Online system. To do this on the page, click on the "Application" link in the operations panel. Next, you must provide the following information:

  • The full name, number and date of the document will be filled in automatically;
  • type of card: deposit or virtual credit card Sberbank;
  • account currency - only rubles;
  • mobile phone to which the account management service will be connected, where SMS-passwords will be sent, notifications;
  • mobile communication operator;
  • "Bank rate": "Full" (with a subscription fee) or "Economical" (without notification of transactions).

After filling all the details you need to click on the "Send" button. The page with the entered data appears on the screen.

Change / confirmation of application

In order for a virtual card to be issued, Sberbank must receive a confirmed electronic application from the client. To do this, in the form with requisites you need to click on the "Confirm by SMS" button and in the next window enter a one-time password. It is important to make sure that the details of the online session coincide with those that are sent in the form of a message. After confirming the operation, a virtual credit card becomes available. Sberbank provides each client with a certain limit on the use of funds. To perform an operation in excess of the established limit, you need to contact the call center. In case of errors in the application, you can edit the form by returning to the page for filling in the details. Here, if necessary, you can print the application by clicking on the button of the same name.

Customer requirements

  • The virtual bank card of Sberbank is available only to the current customers of the financial institution.
  • To use the service, the client must sign a universal service contract in any WWW of the capital.
  • It is mandatory to have a valid primary debit card of Sberbank.
  • Connection to account management services.

"Sberbank Online"

Internet banking displays all the client's open accounts, as well as a virtual card. "Sberbank-Online" contains detailed information about all expenses on accounts. In the list of accounts, the payment instrument is displayed with the indication "Virtual". In the system "Sberbank-Online" you can go to the right page not only with the help of the top and side menus, but also through links in the page names. They display the path from the main page to the current one.

You can get detailed information on performing any operation on the "Help" page or from a personal consultant. The online assistant is launched by clicking on the "Frequently Asked Questions" link.

Terms of Service

Having dealt with what a virtual card of Sberbank is, how to open it, let's move on to the question of using the account. Annual account maintenance costs 60 rubles. The funds are debited from the balance on the next day after the card is opened. The account is automatically tied to electronic purses.

Although the card does not have a physical carrier, it is suitable for electronic payments via the Internet. The number and term of the payment instrument is displayed in the personal account. The security code is sent as an SMS message when the card is registered. The client has only to enter all the listed details, as well as his name, when making a payment. How long does the virtual card last? Sberbank gives its customers the opportunity to use a virtual payment tool for three years. You can replenish the account in a non-cash way through "Sberbank-Online" or self-service terminals.


The need for re-issue may arise not only after the card expires, but in the event of loss of its details, for example, the security code. What should I do if I lose my virtual card?

Sberbank re-issues automatically. Wherein:

  • the account number does not change;
  • the validity period is extended;
  • the new security code comes in the form of an SMS message to the specified phone number.

Example of use

The best way to understand the process of using the card is by a specific example. Let's say a customer wants to pay for railway tickets through the site of the seller. Having listened to the story of embezzlement of funds from a plastic card, the client does not want to indicate the details of the payment instrument on an unfamiliar site. Moreover, upon completion of the operation, a considerable sum remains on the account.

In this case, he can draw up a virtual card, transfer the necessary amount of money to it and pay for the tickets. In the transaction, the virtual account details will be used. Upon completion of the operation, a virtual card may be closed. Sberbank allows customers to open and close cards unlimited number of times. But at the same time, one can be opened - Visa Virtual and one MasterCard Virtual.

How do I close an account?

To block the card, for example, if you lose your security code, you need to call the help desk of the bank. Beforehand, you must transfer all funds from the electronic account to the main one. This can be done through the Sberbank-Online system.

Usual VS virtual card

The table provides a comparative analysis of the two payment instruments.

Despite all the advantages described, it is not as convenient to use a card as it can show at first glance. What are the disadvantages of the virtual card of Sberbank? Customer testimonials confirm that storing the security code separately from the card is very inconvenient. By the time the purchase is made, it is often lost. The card has to be blocked, a new one is issued and an additional 60 rubles is paid for the issue.

The second drawback is that the card can be issued only in rubles. Pay for purchases in foreign stores is more convenient than a currency card. So, clients have to pay also for the conversion of funds. The virtual card account can be replenished through the terminal. But even with this operation there are sometimes problems. The system simply does not find the account holder and gives an error that the entered card number does not exist.

Summarizing all of the above, we can conclude that the virtual card is useful to customers who often make purchases through the Internet in rubles and do not want to show the details of the main payment instrument.