Currently, the wardrobe of any modern person is simply impossible to imagine without a lot of shoes. And so it is important to choose the pair that will not only please the eye, but also sit comfortably on your foot and do not rub.

Today, on the shelves of boutiques and shops, there is a huge variety of shoes for every taste and color. If only a couple of decades ago there were only a couple of shoes and boots, today everything has changed. There is progress, and the modern world dictates its conditions. Now we need to navigate in such a variety of shoes and names that came to us from other countries. In fact, every person is able to choose a suitable option for themselves.

Types of shoes are quite diverse. For today in shops the footwear for women and men of the most different models is presented. To determine this diversity, we need to thoroughly study each species, its purpose, and also the main features.

Such a variety of men's shoes

As a rule, when meeting a man, a woman often pays attention to his shoes. The main rule is that shoes are always clean, well-groomed and stylish. Often it happens that it can harmoniously complement the image or, conversely, spoil it. It is for this reason that it is very important to choose the right model. So, what kinds of men's shoes exist?

Classic for real men

Undoubtedly, in the wardrobe of every self-respecting representative of the male there should be a classic black shoes on the lace. Such shoes will look harmonious both with a classic suit and with ordinary jeans. The absence of unnecessary elements is a classic.

Currently, creative types of footwear are gaining popularity. Their names are unique.

Oxford is another kind of classic shoes. They come from Britain. Just imagine: this shoe was worn already in the 18th century! This model is suitable only for festive events and will be perfectly combined with a suit or dress coat. As a rule, there is no perforation on them. Oxfords are executed in two color solutions: black and brown. Shoes will look beautiful, made of smooth and lacquered leather. It should be remembered that the Oxfords assume a closed lacing. If you are going to a meeting or a business meeting, then this footwear for you will be an ideal solution.

Monks are shoes, the top of which is crowned with an exquisite clasp. Analogues can be called monarch shoes. It should be noted that this footwear will look beautiful not only in combination with trousers. In the complete set it is possible to include still the Italian trousers to ankle.

This type of men's shoes do not end there. You can still highlight lolers with brushes. Such shoes are ideal for those guys who do not like to mess around with laces. Of course, this model can be used to go to the club or just for a walk.

Footwear for sports and rest

Also for women and men, many models of footwear for sports have been developed. Sports shoes include:

1. The slipones. This shoe is a lightweight sneakers without lacing. They are equipped with a rubber sole and are made of canvas cloth. As a rule, such shoes are relevant for young people.

2. Sneakers are sports shoes that are very comfortable. Often some people compare sneakers to sneakers. Also this footwear is actively used by sports fans. In order to determine before you sneakers or sneakers, it is enough to look at the top of the shoe. If it's sneakers, then it should be made with the use of textiles. But the sneakers are made of leather. One of the first to wear sneakers was Charles Taylor. He was engaged in untwisting the model. And that's why the sneakers found such wide application.

3. Tennis shoes. Judging by the name, this shoe is designed for playing tennis. These types of shoes are comfortable, soft and well ventilated. Such slippers will gracefully look in combination with shorts and a shirt with short sleeves.

4. Espadrilles. Currently, this type of footwear is common among stylish guys. The sole of these shoes is made of jute. It's rope and that's why it's light. In a word, espadrilles are a real find for fashionable people.

5. Moccasins. In ancient times, moccasins were considered the shoes of the Indians. But soon this model conquered the whole world. A common person should know that moccasins are laced through rows of holes. This footwear is considered a "unisex". Suitable for both girls and men.

Shoes for beautiful women

At present, it is impossible to meet a girl who would not want to buy herself a new fashionable pair of shoes. As you know, for a lady shopping is a joy and a real holiday! So, let's see what kinds of women's shoes exist.

Undoubtedly, the most attractive item in the wardrobe of the fair sex is shoes. They are models that cover only the lower region of the foot. This is the most popular shoes for ladies.

You can highlight the popular at all times, shoes, boats. They keep on their feet only with the help of the upper edge. The product "delenka" is attached with a closed heel or strap.

Another type of elegant shoes are pantowletes. They are open shoes. There is an overlap in the front of the foot.

Another comfortable and very comfortable look of shoes is all your favorite ballet shoes. They are on a flat sole with a closed cape and heel. The advantage of this model is that it can be made of lace, fabric, cotton, leather. In general, the choice is varied!

What other types of women's shoes? In winter, you can buy yourself a warm ugg boots. They are made of natural or artificial fur, have a warming lining. Excellent protect their landlady from frost!

Foreign shoes

Chelsea are stylish shoes that have a narrow nose. They are not equipped with a variety of zippers and clasps, which is very good for lazy girls. But on the sides of this model are inserted special rubber inserts.

Shoes, types, styles of it - everything can be different and unique.

Slippers - another stunning model of shoes at low speed. They are equipped with a tongue on the rise of the foot. Fashion girls can wear sleeves with absolutely any clothes. But we should avoid wearing them with pants, in order to get rid of the "pajama" kind.

Classification of footwear for children

Children's shoes are not just an item for everyday wear, it's a part of the person who tells about his taste and preferences. Recognize that even babies should look unique and neat. You should approach the choice of shoes for the child with all care, so as not to harm him. Make sure that the baby is comfortable.

Many mothers are concerned about the correct choice of shoes for their beloved child. Children's shoes are classified according to some criteria.

Signs of classification of footwear for children

1. By the time of the year.

Shoes can be designed for wearing in the winter and summer periods. It should be noted that most of it is demi-season shoes. Indeed, it is in the fall and spring that the weather changes very sharply.

To winter boots should be attributed boots. By demi-season - and shoes, and boots. Well, slippers, sandals and sandals are perfect for wearing in the summer.

2. By where and when they rush.

Children's shoes can be used at home. Home shoes are, of course, light slippers. They should not constrain the movement of the baby.

In addition, one can distinguish those shoes that a child wears for a walk every day. It should be as convenient as possible and have to the child's own taste.

What kinds of shoes will be especially attractive for children? Undoubtedly, they should include shoes for the holidays and solemn events. For example, when a young fashionista wishes to dress up for the New Year, let me choose her a pair of mysterious shoes on her own.

There is also a special orthopedic footwear, which is designed for the correct formation of the foot.

Stunning shoes for summer time

Types of summer shoes are so diverse that even the spirit captures with its choice! To the most common, but at the same time, creative footwear, which is worn in a hot period, there are several options.

Sandals are one of the most ancient species. This word is translated as a sole, fastened to the foot straps. Sandals are light flat shoes, designed for both women and men. However, models for ladies can include heels up to 1 cm.

Gladiators are a kind of sandals. Their distinctive feature is the presence of a lot of straps and height to the ankle or to the knee.

Flip-flops in the summer season will always be in a trend. They are shoes with an open toe, without a back, on a flat sole.

Flip-flops are distinguished by the presence of a jumper between the thumb and the second finger. They also have another name - "slates".

Also, many modern stores will provide you with shoes such as sandals, clogs and espadrilles.

Material as an important factor when choosing shoes

In fact, the material is a very important element. It is thanks to him that the aesthetics and elegance of shoes are ensured. Also, high-quality material will give you a guarantee that the shoes will last a long time. We must remember that almost every material requires careful and careful care.

Before cleaning it is necessary to study the characteristics of the material, otherwise you can simply damage the shoes and spoil it. You should know that not all materials are used for the production of casual shoes. For the production of special models, high-quality, waterproof and durable materials are used.

So, what kinds of footwear materials can be distinguished? As a rule, they are subdivided into natural and artificial.

Types of natural materials

Suede, takanas are natural materials. Also they can include natural leather: crack, nubuck and others. It was this material used to make shoes in ancient times and was very appreciated. Leather due to its unimaginable strength refers to the elite materials.

Types of artificial materials

For the production of mass and inexpensive shoes in the price category, artificial materials are used.

For the production of soles, porous and non-porous rubber is often used, which has resistance to mechanical stress and abrasion.

For the release of the top of the shoes, materials such as synthetics, thermoplastic elastomers, and also polyurethane have found their application.

Characteristics of artificial materials

High quality is the main indicator of natural product substitutes. Often, responsible manufacturers take only raw materials that are characterized by vapor permeability, good moisture exchange, and frost resistance.

Unique properties of special shoes

Special footwear is designed to protect the legs of a person from negative influences from the outside. It can be different: shoe covers, galoshes, slippers.

The most important thing is that she warns injuries at work. The standards of quality of special footwear are set by the state. It protects a man's legs from various cuts, alkalis, acids, elevated or low temperatures.

The classification of special footwear is as follows: medical, industrial and sports.

For example, for aesthetic, but at the same time, reliable shoes. For workers in the foundry, the ideal option will be hard boots.

Special sports shoes - for true athletes

For athletes, special footwear is provided for practicing tennis, volleyball, basketball, football.

For example, footwear for football players is equipped with strong spikes. The sole has excellent shock absorption to mitigate the impacts. But the shoes for basketball players intend to exercise good support in lateral movements.

From this article we learned what kinds of shoes are available. Who would have thought that there were so many of them !?