To poultry, and are provided with timely access to the feed, using a special feeder. They can be purchased in specialized stores or easily make your own hands available improvised means.

Types of feeders

The feeders for the avian inhabitants of the courtyards differ in their size, method of attachment, type of feed, for which they are intended, and the manner of their presentation.

Depending on the type of fixture distinguish feeders:

Wall types are fixed with brackets to the outer or inner walls of a chicken coop or fencing.

For distribution of green fodder use so-called feeders-mesh. Food in them lay through the gaps. To me you can come and hanging mesh net outdoor or portable feeders.

Depending on the way of falling asleep and receipts for poultry feed, there are the following fixtures:

  • the flume
  • zhelobkova
  • hopper feeders, also called automatic.

The flume models usually are equipped with a special limiter in order for the birds not scattered food. These designs are great for feeding dry and wet food of young animals and birds of small size.

Zhelobkova design equipped with turntables or removable grilles. Their main purpose is to protect feed from dirt, which when feeding Pets can fall into the trough.

Bunker models are called so because their design used a special tank (capacity) from which the tray feeding gradually posypaetsya food as it is eating.

Consider how to make a feeder for chickens with their hands

Manufacturer of hopper feeders

Bunker (automatic) feeders for birds are the most convenient option for Pets and their owners. For the manufacture of such a device should prepare:

  • plastic canister 10 l
  • plywood or hardwood sheet size 200 x 200 mm
  • a piece of plastic sewer pipe, the height of which is 150 mm
  • cut plastic water pipe with a height of 300 mm
  • mounting material
  • tool.


Hopper feeder for chickens with their hands is made as follows.

  1. A piece of sewer pipe to attach to the base, with corners and screws.
  2. The lower edge of the pipes by diameter to cut at around 15 cm and make a cross incision so that it coincided with the longitudinal.
  3. Finished water pipe to install in the sewer, wider, up uncircumcised part. For mounting it is only two screws.
  4. The next step is to trim the bottom of the canister and to make tight docking of the neck with the finished design, using tape or insulating tape.
  5. Hopper feeder for chickens with their hands (photo attached) is made. It remains only to attach it to a pole or the wall of the barn using a nail and string.

Volume of standard canisters (tanks) 6 liters will be enough for feeding dry food three dozen broilers during the day.

The main advantages of the automatic fish feeder

  • Hopper feeder for Chicks, made, has a more economical use of feed (the birds do not stain and do not scatter).
  • Food is laid only once a day. It is very convenient as it allows you to do other household chores.
  • Very easy to keep records of feed consumption and to plan a time to purchase the next batch.

Simple designs of bird feeders improvised

Simple and functional feeder for broiler chickens with his hands can be made of materials that are available on almost every plot. In addition to the tools (hacksaw, grinder or file), you will need:

  • long section of plastic sewer pipe large diameter
  • the tee that is used in plumbing
  • a few pieces of plugs.

Cut sewer of plastic pipe about a meter long should be cut crosswise into shorter pieces: 10, 20 and 70 cm At one edge of the longest segment to attach the cover. On the other end to wear a tee to which to screw the 20-inch section of pipe. The opposite edge also need to close the cap. The short section (10-inch) sewer pipes install on the same tee. Feeder for chickens with their hands made. There was only her securely attach to the wall of the shed.

Another very simple model of the trough. For its production need to take:

  • 2 piece of PVC pipe with a length of 0.3 and 0.5 meters
  • knee
  • two plugs
  • an electric drill or jigsaw.


This feeder for chickens with their hands is this:

  • at the bottom of a 0.5-metre segment of pipe on both sides mark and drill staggered not very large holes, which in the future will need to expand to a diameter of 7 cm, the broilers did not injure my head, reaching for the feed
  • on one end of the screw plug, and the other through the knee to attach a 0.3-meter segment, the second end of which is closed tightly – it will optionally absorb food.

The manufacture of such models takes the least time, and it is no less functional than the factory design.

There are also bunk wooden instrument feed, a hanging fixture out of large plastic containers without bottoms, feeders in the form of boxes.

To build a functional simple drinkers and feeders for chickens with their hands under the power of any master, especially because the plot material is always at hand.