Turntables. These plain toys on wooden sticks with bright blades spinning from the slightest breeze of the wind are very popular with adults and children. It is difficult to explain why it is so interesting for people to watch these, in truth, disposable things. But if you fantasize a little, then children's fantasy easily turns homemade turntables into a Carlson propeller or a rotary-wing aeronautic apparatus, romantic youth into a decoration for a wedding celebration, and a practical adult generation into a scarecrow for birds and moles.

A small digression from the topic, or why you need to involve your offspring in the creation of a spinner

The pinwheel pinwheel is a wonderful example of a toy that parents can make with their children. The manufacturing process does not take much time, but the spinner (made even more with his own hands) will be a matter of pride for the child, bring him closer to his parents, make him feel that he is in the same team with adults and can create a simple but a miracle on his own.

Do-it-yourself spinner - a fashionable trend and a way to make any event unforgettable

The benefits of such co-creation will be undoubtedly for everyone: the child in the form of a game learns the basics of three-dimensional modeling, and his parent mentor will distract from his adult activities and take a rest from his soul.

Making a paper turntable

The pinwheel made from paper is made from 2 multi-colored square sheets of paper (20 x 20 cm). Also need:

  • scissors;
  • ruler with a pencil;
  • awl;
  • a carnation or plastic pushpin;
  • a piece of polyethylene measuring 20 x 20 cm;
  • iron;
  • wooden stick.

To make the turntable strong and attractive, it is desirable to make it two-color. To do this, take 2 sheets of bright paper in a contrasting color, put a piece of polyethylene of the same size between them and iron the entire three-layer “sandwich” with a hot iron - the polyethylene will melt and securely hold paper sheets together.

As mentioned earlier, the do-it-yourself turntable is made on the basis of a square sheet of paper measuring 20 x 20 cm, but this is not so important. The main thing is to find and designate the intersection point of the diagonals of the square, thus breaking it into 4 triangles. From the intersection point on each diagonal measure a segment length of 1.5 cm and put a mark. Armed with scissors, the sheet is cut diagonally to the mark line. Then, on each left corner of all 4 triangles, retreating about 0.7 mm, they pierce a hole with an awl. The same hole is made at the intersection of the diagonals.

Remains consistently apply all of the triangle pieces on top of each other so that all the previously made holes aligned, and the button with plastic head (or carnations with a wide hat) to fix the spinner on a wooden stick.

If everything is done correctly, you get something like this. With his own hands, it turns out, you can make a toy that looks no worse than a purchased one.

Making turntables from plastic bottles

Craftsmen are actively using plastic bottles for the manufacture of various handicrafts. Now the arsenal of their products has replenished with another useful novelty - a turntable.

Pinwheels from the bottles will decorate the garden area and scare away uninvited birds wishing to feast on grown produce.

To make such wonderful flashlights turntables is easy. A plastic bottle is incised into narrow bands that are bent at a certain angle. Then a hole is drilled in the cork of the bottle and the windmill is placed on a wire, by means of which the spinner will be attached to the support.

Epilogue, or How to make life more beautiful

As can be seen from the description, the turntable with their hands done quickly. The wizard does not need any exotic materials. In the course are the remnants of Wallpaper, cardboard boxes for juice, plastic bottles – in General, materials are often sent unnecessary waste. But the scope of this DIY can be very unexpected. Pinwheel of paper or plastic can serve not only as the usual toys.

She has become fashionable to decorate celebrations and weddings, to decorate garden areas. Pinwheels are used in photo shoots; they create unusual, fluttering panels for the holidays. A seemingly simple trifle can bring a sense of celebration to our lives, lift our spirits and make any event unforgettable. Isn't it a miracle ?!