What woman does not want to be well-groomed and beautiful? Meanwhile, the secrets of this are ridiculously simple. For example, there are treatments for hair that do not fundamentally change your appearance. And the effect is still beautiful.

Interesting highlights

Probably, many have heard about the Venetian highlighting. It fits all: blondes, brown-haired women. But brunettes look especially irresistible. Due to the indent, there is no obvious border between growing hair and already colored. So make up your mind! Feel free to go to the salon. You have to be the best!

This method allows you to achieve a very beautiful and natural effect. And this is all young. Venetian highlighting on dark hair gives them a bright glare of various shades. And they, notice, look quite naturally. As if your real ones were faded in the bright sun.

How it's done

Venetian highlighting is very beautiful and fashionable today. The photos you see in the article will easily prove it to you.

The bottom line is this. This kind of highlighting in the open air just draws on dark hair. How does the artist on the canvas. Here the paint is applied with a brush. And from the outside it looks as if the barber puts on bright highlights.

The birthplace of this procedure is ancient Venice. Then there was no dye for hair. Dark-haired women were tirelessly and very long sat with their heads open in the sun, so that at least a little curls could be burned out. And today, any of our contemporaries can get such a "multi-colored" head in 20-25 minutes. A few lighter strands smoothly into the main - dark mass. The hairstyle from this becomes thicker, the color of native hair is more prominent. And if you have a haircut on your head, then it is clearer and more playful.

Surprisingly and the following. The presence of individual blond hairs in the hair of a brunette looks as natural as if they had been in the sun for a long time. This is what Venetian highlights are. The photo presented to our readers most fully demonstrates this.

Advantages of Transformation

Many women would like to somehow improve their appearance, rejuvenate. But how? On drastic measures, few dare. And we are, of course, not talking about some kind of plastic surgery. Even parting with long hair, that is, haircut, is perceived hard. Fortunately, there was such a service as Venetian hair highlighting. It will help you look better, younger, more modern. This is the first. The second advantage - new technologies give a truly amazing effect.

The third plus is the graceful play of glare that causes the hair to “play” in the light, to attract attention. Fourth, this repainting does not harm the skin. After all, "chemistry" acts only on a few strands, separate. The rest of the mass is not involved in this.

The fifth point: Venetian highlighting does not at all require regular renewal, tinting, as it happens with ordinary hair dye. And do not do these actions at all often. Of course, hair grow back. But the effect remains. Since with such a change in color, there are no clear boundaries, then there is no need to rush to dye the grown hair.

And if you want to return your former shade, it is enough to use toning.

After all done, the hair is dried, they shimmer in the light, acquiring a unique shade.

What is fashionable?

Of course, in fact, Venetian highlighting is the usual change in hair color. Rather, some individual curls. This, as the professionals say, is nothing more than highlighting in the "open air". No hairdresser takes foil for work. In her component for the discoloration, as a rule, very aggressive. That is, it simply spoils the quality of the hair, and they, accordingly, lose their shine. And without it, the color turns into matte.

To get the most desirable result, the stylist mixes not one or two, but several colors. Takes 3-4 tones.

Are you interested in what is fashionable today? The trend of the season - beige. Then, here we put the "gold". Do not forget about the cognac and the entire coffee and chocolate range. Choose what you like best.

Not so easy

At first glance, everything is very simple. Anyone can! Women are painted at home themselves. However, despite the seeming simplicity, this is a difficult technological work. Therefore, contact a true professional.

To make this procedure quality, the master knows that it is best to take four kinds of paint. And, pay attention, by all means warm tones. Thin strips cause it, retreating from the roots. That is why the colors will pass one into the other very smoothly.

Highlighting "draw" is not any, but a special brush. Then the hair with dried paint is dried. Do not forget: without foil. If someone has an uneven color along the entire length (and this happens often), then first paint everything in a single and even color that would be very similar to the natural one. And only after that start directly Venetian highlighting of hair. Photos that we picked up this article will show the finished result.

Proper care

Well, it's over. Your dream has come true. Now it is important not to forget about the competent care of their hair. All shampoos choose those that help restore damaged hair. A couple of times a week feed them with masks, serums. This is extremely necessary. Hair must be protected. And yet: in the first days of 14-15 do not dry them with a hairdryer. Do not use pliers or ironing. And after some time you can return to your usual manipulations.

One more thing. It is contraindicated to do this to women who on the eve dyed their hair with henna or did a perm. Also, pregnant and lactating should be especially careful. It is better to delay such an update of your appearance at a later time.

Many girls who still want to make Venetian highlighting on their own should realize that this is still a rather complicated procedure. The help of relatives or girlfriends is required.

It is especially important to carefully choose different shades of colors. Suppose you have dark or black hair. Then either amber, or Venetian, also chocolate tones are just perfect. And in such a situation it is possible to do everything herself. But if a girl or a woman with blond hair wants to take on this business, it is better to entrust your head to professionals. Otherwise, such a result is quite real.

First option. You took a light shade, but the desired effect did not work. The second option. They chose dark colors and instantly spoiled the curls. And then you have to pay a lot of money to return the native color in several stages.

Venetian highlighting for dark hair is the best offer for those who are young from the time they think about their appearance. And in the case of a competent selection of curls, the whole face becomes fresh, younger, more fervent. Hair - very fluffy, voluminous.

Try it yourself. You can not like it.