The bike began to win the hearts of a very long time. At the moment, this is no longer just some kind of movement, but a sport. How many riding styles, so many types of bicycles. Everyone is made for something special. That is why it is necessary to take the choice of a bicycle very responsibly. Those who like to ride on the road, you need a reliable iron horse. That is - Stels Challenger bike. It is about him now and we'll talk.

What is “Stealth Challenger”?

Bike Challenger - another development from the Russian firm "Stealth". This model is completely new. She began to be produced in the middle of the two thousandth. There are many variations of the Challenger, but the most common one today is the “Challenger Genesis” bike. It is on its basis that all features and characteristics will be considered.

Bike Challenger: description, reviews, specifications

What are the bikes?

Iron two-wheeled horses are different, each type is unique. There are several main classes to which all other subspecies belong.

Mountain bikes

Mountain, or, as they are also called, mountaineering - one of the most popular. This is due to a very important factor - universality. The bicycle can also be used to get around the city as a city-road, for racing along roads as a road race and, of course, to conquer peaks. It is because of its versatility that it is often chosen. What are the features of this class?

First of all, it should be noted that the mounts are divided into two main classes (in fact, there are many more): hardtails and double hangers. As the name implies, hardtails have a solid back, seatpost. Such bikes are commonplace, which can often be seen on the street. Their features are a sturdy frame that can withstand heavy loads, wide tires that give a good grip, a large number of speeds, a front suspension fork, which somehow softens uneven terrain, and 26-inch wheels.

There is also a second type of burners - this is double suspension. They also have all of the above advantages that each mountain bike is equipped with. But, above all, he has an additional suspension. The Challenger bike belongs to this class. The second suspension, respectively, is designed for the rear wheel.

What riding style is the “Challenger” for?

There are many styles of riding. Manufacturers of bicycles specifically develop each under certain conditions and the environment in which they will be used.

So, Stels Challenger bike is designed for cross-country. What it is? Cross-country is a style of skiing, where the route is rugged terrain with natural obstacles in the form of roots, holes, hummocks, mud, puddles, height differences and a lot of other things. Obstacles and tracks can be created by man to increase the level of complexity. Special tournaments and cross-country races are also held at the regional, European and global levels.

Challenger Bike: Specifications

Technical characteristics of the bike - this is the main indicator that affects the choice when buying. The “Challenger Genesis” bicycle was put into production as early as two thousand and seven, a rather long time. That is why finding a new one will be quite a difficult task. It is intended for adults, but for mountain bikes, especially dvuhpodvesov, this concept is extensible. Since its “habitat” is nature with its harsh conditions and relief. Rama make a low profile. So the iron horse becomes more stable, and therefore safer.

Let's go to the bike itself. Its frame is made of steel. It is inferior to aluminum in weight, but it is much cheaper. Also, steel frames are stronger, so they can withstand heavy loads, which is very important for two-suspension. By the way, the frames are available in three sizes: sixteen, eighteen and twenty inches - you can choose the right height for yourself. As already mentioned, the Challenger mountain bike belongs to the class of fulls (another name for two-suspension). The front fork works on a spring-elastomer system, so you should not expect anything good from it.

On the bike, the Challenger is installed, as on all mountain, standard 26-inch wheels. The tires on them are wide and have a pronounced aggressive tread. The rims are made of aluminum alloy, strong enough by themselves.

Also on a two-wheeled horse there are disk mechanical brakes. They are much better than their “B” -shaped brethren. Of course, the mechanism is cheap, so this is not the best option. Transmission is an important part of every mount bike. The Challenger bike has a total of eighteen speeds. By modern indicators it is very small.

Challenger bikes: reviews

Oddly enough, but this bike is pretty good reviews, unlike other models of the company “Stealth”. That is, it normally copes with its tasks, although it is not the most expensive equipment installed on the Challenger bike. The price is very happy buyers. Since the models differ from each other (brakes, frame material, and so on), the cost may vary depending on the components present in the kit. But on the average “Challenger” costs nine - ten thousand rubles.

Many cyclists are very pleased with them and recommend to others who have not yet decided on the choice. The only negative model is the wings: the mud flaps should be immediately removed, because they are completely useless, do not perform their basic functions. But they fit well into the overall design concept of a bicycle and serve for aesthetic purposes.