Every year the popularity of this type of transport, like a bicycle, is growing at a tremendous pace. This is facilitated by a number of obvious advantages of this method of transportation:

  • makes it unnecessary to stand in traffic jams;
  • improves health;
  • reduces the likelihood of harm from physical inactivity;
  • improves the shape;
  • helps to reduce the number of extra pounds.

A huge number of different models of bikes allows you to choose the most convenient option.

When a child appears in the house, many parents take the bike away, sighing heavily about lost mobility opportunities and long bike rides.

But do not give up your favorite pastime. From the moment when the child has learned to sit, it can be transported using a child's bicycle seat.


This acquisition has a number of advantages:

- First, parents do not need to deprive themselves of the pleasure of riding a bicycle.

- Secondly, the child is in the fresh air, which is very good for health, while he is constantly in sight of his parents.

- Thirdly, such walks favorably affect family relationships, they strengthen the sense of cohesion.

- Fourth, the kid from childhood gets used to sports.

What is the bike seat for?

Some parents ask the question about why you need to buy a child bicycling chair. After all, they remember well that in their childhood they did very well without him. Parents or older friends rolled the kids on the trunk or on the frame. In fact, this method also has a place to be, but it is necessary first of all to think about which option will be most pleasant for a child. Security is also an important aspect.

The modern children's bicycle seat is thought out so as to provide the child with maximum comfort and at the same time to prevent the possibility of a fall during movement.

Security conditions

Like a car seat for children, this type of product must undergo certain types of testing. It is advisable to buy only the products of companies that you know and trust.

This product must have belts. In this case, the child is fixed, and there is no chance that the baby will stick his foot into the wheel with the spokes.

It is necessary to buy a model in which the child is as closed as possible. Great attention should be paid to the sides of the product. The best is the option in which the legs are closed as much as possible.

Types of bicycle seats

Today, there are many models for children. They differ in the place of attachment, design, price. In the face of serious competition, each of the manufacturers is trying to surprise the buyer.

All types of this product are divided into two groups at the place of attachment:

  • seat, which is mounted on the front frame;
  • seat, which is attached to the trunk.

Each species has its advantages and disadvantages.

Seat-mounted armchair

The children's cycle chair on a frame most of all will suit parents, whose kid is still very small. Its height is small enough to not interfere with the management of the bike. This child bike seat is suitable for children up to 3 years.

Its main advantage is that the baby is constantly in sight, and parents can easily control it.

This type of attachment has disadvantages:

  • after a short period of time, you will have to buy another option, since this is designed only for small children;
  • this installation makes driving a bike less convenient;
  • if the child is tall and in a helmet, the parent may hit his chin;
  • backrest can cause discomfort to the driver.

In addition, the children's bicycle seat in front is not suitable for all types of bicycles.

Armchair with trunk mount

The children's cycle chair on a trunk fastens behind. Its feature is the high back. This product is designed for children weighing from 9 to 25 kg. The instructions usually say that this product is intended for children whose age is not more than 6 years.

The advantage is that the height of the bicycle chair can be adjusted depending on the age and height of the child.

This children's bicycle seat has a back with adjustable tilt. This characteristic is very important, because thanks to this the child can sleep while walking.

What chair to choose?

When choosing a child’s cycle chair, you must first take into account the age, weight and individual characteristics of the child. However, it is generally accepted that very young children get products with fastening in front.

The children's cycle chair on a frame allows parents to constantly control the kid. Moreover, in this position, he is better visible road.

For long trips, it is better to choose a children's bicycle chair on the trunk, so that if necessary, the baby can relax while walking.

If the price factor plays a decisive role, then you need to know that the product with mounting on the trunk will last longer, as it covers a larger age range.

Children's cycle chair Bellelli

The main feature of this manufacturer is high quality and a wide range of products. Here you can even find a bicycle seat for children whose parents love extreme conditions. This product will be equipped with a cape, which will help protect the baby from gusts of wind, drops of dirt from under the wheels and rain.

Children's cycle chair Hamax

The products of this company occupies a leading position in the quality of goods in the world. Chairs of this manufacturer combine safety and maximum comfort. The only downside is the high price.

Useful tips when buying

It is best to make a purchase, having a bicycle at hand, on which the bike chair will be mounted. This is necessary because there are a number of bicycles for which this mount is not suitable:

  • for women (differ in special geometry of a frame);
  • for extreme riders;
  • bicycles with a small size of the frame.

For long walks, an option is needed where the back is reclined.

If the children's bicycle seat was installed in the store, then at home, before the trip, you should carefully inspect the tightness of the connections. It is desirable that this procedure was carried out before each trip. Thus, concern for the safety of the child.

Products, where holes are made in the case, contribute to better ventilation in the hot season.

Seat belts must be three-point or five-point. It is important that the clasp that fixes them is out of reach for the baby.

For young children, it is better to choose a model in which there is a handrail for hands. Usually, children love to hold on to it, and in order for them not to get bored, they can hang small toys on the rail.

An excellent option is a chair in which the height of the steps is regulated. This allows you to change the position of the child's feet.

Making a purchase, you must also ask the opinion of the child. This, firstly, will help you choose the option he likes the most. Secondly, the fact that they consult with him and provide the opportunity to choose for himself will increase his interest in cycling.

Going for a walk, you must not forget about the protective helmet, as well as clothing that protects from rain and wind.