Features of the dye

With wella brand well-known masters in different countries, including in Russia. All the products of the company are synonymous with quality and the latest achievements of science. Despite the fact that the dye is intended for professional use, many women use it even at home. "Vella Koleston" (the palette will be presented in the article) is a reliable and versatile tool that allows to achieve full coverage of gray hair, to achieve rich and bright nuances, to lighten hair by 4 tones. The basis of the dye is the technology of Triluxiv. It allows you to achieve a unique cosmetic effect, when shades on the hair are saturated, resistant and have a radiance of 69% stronger than natural curls. Specialists of the Wella laboratory use lipid molecules in the Koleston paint that strengthen the cuticle, protecting curls during staining.

Paint "Vella Koleston": a palette

A wide, varied and interesting palette of shades is divided into several groups:

  • basic, pure natural tones;
  • deep natural shades (suitable for working with gray hair);
  • rich brown tones;
  • red, copper, violet shades;
  • special blondes (some nuances allow for one step to lighten the hair and give them the right color);
  • Special Mix - nuances for obtaining unusual, bright colors (suitable for color highlighting).

The paint "Vella Koleston", the palette of which allows you to mix shades with each other, perfectly paints the gray hair. To get cool nuances, you need to connect one part of the desired tone and one part of a deep natural shade. If you need a warm nuance, then the same formula works, but instead of the basic natural take the tone of the golden scale.

Expert Reviews

As a rule, masters, once having tried the dyes from Wella, remain true to them for many years. "Vella Koleston" (the palette was presented above) is a modern product, carefully working with hair. Innovative technologies used in manufacturing make it possible to make the dyeing process comfortable for masters and customers: there is no sharp odor, burning, the possibility of manifesting allergic reactions is minimized. A unique formula of the product allows you to achieve clean and juicy shades on the hair of any structure. The dye Vella Koleston, whose palette constantly replenishes with new nuances, allows the masters to show unlimited creative abilities, create unusual creative solutions.

Coloring at home

Since it is a professional product, everything you need for painting should be purchased separately. In the package with the dye is a tube of 50 ml. The oxidant is purchased separately. Depending on the type of staining, its concentration is chosen - 3, 6, 9 or 12%. The product is applied to curls starting from the roots, then distributed along the length. The hair must be dry. After 35 minutes, the paint is washed off with plenty of water with shampoo and balm. "Vella Koleston", whose palette of colors does not disappoint even the most demanding women, looks after the curls in the process of staining, as a result they become soft and shiny. The product provides long-lasting nutrition and moisturizing to the hair, which persists for five to six weeks after the procedure.

The product received many positive reviews from women who color their hair themselves. They appreciate the remedy for beautiful shades and excellent hair care.