Many people know that the Kingdom – a Kingdom. But not everyone is aware of who the members of the Royal family and how many members it has. Also starts the confusion with the titles. Why the husband of the British Queen is called Duke? And how much on the Royal house spends the money the state United Kingdom? The Royal family has certain privileges and responsibilities? Read all about it in this article. We will try to explore the family tree of Windsor, light some interesting facts occurring in this family for centuries. We will also talk about the order of succession to the British throne. Who will rule the monarchy after Elizabeth II?
UK: the Royal family as a brand of monarchy

History of the British Royal family

The tradition of monarchy originates from Alfred the Great. He ascended the throne in the distant year 871. And though since then has passed many years and changed many dynasties, maybe that is why the citizens of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland are not in a hurry to abandon the monarchy and go to a Republican form of government. After all, for a rich country like the UK, the Royal family is to some extent a brand. And worth a tidy sum 44.5 billion pounds (69,8 billion US dollars). Because the Board of different types, branches and representatives of the Royal family covers about two hundred thousand years. From the time of Alfred the Great, had already had thirty-seven generations! The most striking rulers of the British monarchy are Elizabeth I and Henry VIII. During the reign of the first England was the epoch of the so-called Golden age, and the second created the Anglican Church and gained fame Bluebeard, since beheaded two of his six wives.

Why do modern monarchs last name Windsor?

But let's move on to the Royal family, which reigns today. It has its own peculiarities. At first, in a country such as the UK, the Royal family wore no name. We all know it was only the name of the dynasty Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. This continued until 1917. When in 1914 outbreak of the First world war, the ruling monarch, George V, who did not want to be associated with Germany (with which he had fought), decided to change too, the German name of the dynasty to a more Patriotic, English. He renamed himself and his descendants to the House of Windsor. In the mid-twentieth century, the Royal family has experienced another radical change in the old traditions. Earlier in the genealogy (and therefore the succession to the throne) were taken into account only the male line. Under this rule, the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha dynasty was to end on Elizabeth. King George VI had no sons, theoretically, the throne was supposed to inherit the Duke of Gloucester. But Elizabeth II, the reigning this day, published in 1952, by proclamation, according to which her son and descendants continue to belong to the genus of Windsor. Thus, spouse of Elizabeth, the Duke of Edinburgh Philip, was denied the right to pass their name to their children.

Who is part of the royal family of Great Britain

Despite the high social status of a member of the Royal family are difficult to describe in precise legal terms. Traditionally it is believed that this Queen and her husband, their children, grandchildren in the male line, spouses and widows children and grandchildren. Thus there is a strict rule: the types to the throne can only be the Protestant. Even marriage to a Catholic can deprive a member of the house of Windsor's inheritance rights. Thus only about fifty people has the Royal family of great Britain. Photos of monarchs, constantly appearing in magazines, show Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Charles second wife Camilla and his sons William and Harry. As you know, the eldest grandson of the Queen is married to Catherine, who received the title Duchess of Cambridge, and this couple was born in Prince George. Also, the family included sons Elizabeth – Andrew and Edward with their spouses, children and grandchildren.

Who will inherit the throne

To understand this delicate issue, not only to explore the family tree of the British Royal family. The bill of rights (1689) and the Act of succession (1701) argue that persons claiming the throne, must be descendants of a granddaughter of James I, Sophia of Hanover. This lady suddenly found himself second in line to the British throne. Helped her in this anti-Catholic act, according to which rule the monarchy was allowed only Protestants. In accordance with the law of 1772, the marriage of royalty should be only with the permission of the monarch. Otherwise the children of such a Union are considered illegitimate. And finally, most recently, in 2012, the law on succession was changed. Now, the throne passes to the eldest child, regardless of gender. So, the first contender for the throne is Prince Charles, followed by William, his eldest son. The next contestant is that while the baby George of Cambridge, grandson of the Queen. In which case, there is a chance and Prince Harry, younger brother William.

The costs of the yard

This amount is included in the state budget. Every year the Parliament approves it. The Royal family receives their own needs about thirteen and a half million pounds. In addition, twice as much amount is allocated for the maintenance and repair of palaces and residences, on the safety of family members, and also to cover expenses related to overseas official travel. However, the Windsors are trying to alleviate the financial burden of his people. The brand "Royal family" annually brings the budget of the monarchy about a billion pounds.

The Royal family of great Britain: interesting facts

The prohibition of marriage to Roman Catholics is valid and in our progressive age. Earl of St Andrews, son of Edward Duke of Kent and grandson of the current Queen Elizabeth, was because of this deprived of the right to the throne.

Most long on the throne was Victoria from 1837 to 1901. It is named after a whole era.

Interesting fact also is that the current Queen with her husband are distant cousins. And Camilla, the second wife of Prince Charles, is a descendant of the mistress his grandfather Edward VII.

Elizabeth II in his youth he served in the army. And her only daughter, Anne, in 1976, participated in the Olympic games (equestrian).