Until recently, humanity was no doubt that it is thoroughly studied its history. But as it turned out, there were still many gaps, and the largest of them is Great Tartary. By studying ancient maps, the Russian scientists came to an unexpected discovery: it turns out that in the past century on the territory of Russia and neighboring countries was a large state Association, of which today there is no mention in any scientific book. We are talking about the mysterious Tartary, and information about her for reasons unknown he was removed from world history.

Great Tartary: just the facts

The origin of the name

When a person hears the word "Tartary", it immediately raises the Association with the Greek Tartarus – the abyss located under the Kingdom of the God of the dead Hades. Exactly hence the popular expression "to fall to hell", that is to disappear. Of all the peoples living on the territory of modern Russia, only Tatars are reminiscent of the sunk into Oblivion of a huge country. Some scientists believe that the so called only Muslim part of the population is wrong, because in the past the Tartars were called by different peoples, regardless of their religion.

There is a version that the name of Tartary received the names of Slavic deities Tarkh (custodian of ancient wisdom) and Tara (patroness of nature). They were the son and daughter of the God of thunder, lightning and war Perun. It was believed that Tarkh and Tara guarding the vast land, inhabited by clans of the Aesir, that is, people living in the Ural mountains.

Studying old maps

Great Tartary was the oldest state. The famous traveler Marco Polo in the XIII century, marked it on his map. Even then, the state surpassed its territory the largest country in the world.

According to the later sources, it became known that Muscovy was not part of Tartary, it was a separate Principality, having with her a common border. The surviving map, Dating from 1717 year, you can see that the Russia of Peter the Great occupied much less territory than is commonly believed today. Its border on the Western ridge of the Ural mountains, followed by Great Tartary. Photos of ancient European maps have survived to this day and demonstrate to us the boundaries of the state at that time.

Europeans in ancient times was called Tartars of people inhabiting the vast territory from the Ural mountains to the Pacific ocean, and it wasn't just the lands of modern Russia. As stated in the published in 1771 the encyclopedia Britannica, the mysterious state in the North and West borders with Siberia and occupied most of Eastern Europe and Asia. On its territory was home to Astrakhan, Dagestan, Circassian, Kalmyk, Uzbek, Tibetan Tartars. From this we can conclude that the land of the great Tartary was inhabited by various peoples, United by a common government. It is noteworthy that in the next edition of the encyclopedia mentions about this country was gone.

Sadly, the history of the great Tartary was not preserved. Individual information available to us today only through the surviving ancient sources. On the cards of the XVII century shows that the East of Tartary were China, sea of Sin (Pacific ocean) and the Strait of Anian. The Western boundary of the Empire was held at the Himalayan range and to the South its neighbors was the Indian subcontinent, the Caspian sea and the Great wall of China. The Northern part of Tartary washed Icy (Arctic) ocean and this area was so cold that nobody lived here.

Regions Of Tartary

Some researchers believe that the Great Empire of Tartary consisted of five large provinces.

  1. Ancient Tartarus – the place where life began, people settled in the whole of Europe and Asia. The region stretched to the icy (Arctic) ocean. Most people lived here in tents or under their own carts. In the province there were 4 major cities. In one of them, Horace, were Khan's tomb.
  2. Small tartare – region, located in the area called Tauric Chersonese. Ancient travelers noted that there were 2 big cities. One of them was the ruler and was called the town or Tartar Crimea Perekop. The population of this region was closely associated with the Turks.
  3. Asian (Desert, Muscovite) Tartary was on the Volga. In this region lived the warlike people called the Horde. They lived in tents and changed their place of settlement whenever the pastures ended the feed for their cattle. The Horde was ruled by a Prince paying tribute to Muscovy. Major cities have been the Astrakhan and Noghan.
  4. Margiana was situated between Hyrcania (a territory located in the basin of Artek and Gurgan) and Bactria (adjacent lands between Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan). The population of this region wore large turbans. In Margiana were several cities of Oxiana, Sogdiana Alexandria and Kiropol.
  5. Chagatai – the area adjacent to Sogdiana (Central Asia, the area between the Jaxartes and Oxus) in the North-East and with Aria in the South. The capital of the province was the city of Isthis is one of the most beautiful cities of the East.

As you can see, the Great Tartary was a huge country, which was known throughout the world. On the maps of different centuries the boundaries of this state occupied a vast territory and reached the ocean coast. Many people today are confused about how the history of the whole Empire were buried under the debris of centuries.

Despite the increased interest in this topic, today, as before, remains a great mystery of the Great Tartary. Putin does not deny its existence, and it gives hope that the Russian people eventually finds out the real story.

Research Levashov

Where did the Tartars?

Levashov interesting opinion about the origin of the Slavic tribes that inhabited the Great Tartary. Academician was convinced that the ancestors of mankind came to this planet from outer space of about 40 thousand years ago. The ancestors of white people came to Earth from the star system of the great Race. They had become the main on the planet. Yellow people are descendants of immigrants from the star system of the Great Dragon, the red Fire Snake, and black – a Bleak Wasteland. Among the alien immigrants were a small group of highly developed beings who arrived to Earth from the planet Urai. Thanks to their origin they are called "URS". These beings possessed unlimited possibilities and become teachers to all of humanity. Wards level was blonde, and they gave a considerable part of their knowledge. Asian peoples called the Slavic tribes, inhabiting the land of the Slavic-Aryan Empire, urusai. In this title they United together Rus and URS.

Since time immemorial, the Empire of the Rus were located in almost all habitable land. Her tenure occupied Eurasia, North Africa and America. The other races were few and settled on limited areas. Over the history of enemy tribes gradually pushed the Slavs from their lands. The only territory where they were to live, was Tartarus. But her enemies were crushed, so soon to destroy. The film "the Great Tartar Empire of the Rus" was perceived by society is ambiguous, because it covered a completely different story of humanity rejecting completely all that is written in modern textbooks.

A new film about the great Tartary: all information in one source

After research Levashov, many people could no longer look at its history in the old way. Most recently, Russia produced a three-part documentary "the Great Tartary. Just the facts." It available to common man way provides evidence for the existence of the forgotten state. The first series includes mentions of Tartary, found in old encyclopaedias and maps. The film also demonstrates the image of the flag and emblem of the country, information about its rulers and the other no less interesting information. View the first series of the cycle is enough to forever change your view of the history of Russia and understand how it has been distorted.

The main symbol of Tartary

About ancient history

The third part of the documentary is called "the Roman Empire". Here are a whole new perspective on the history of mankind. The filmmakers quite rightly argue that any of the great Roman Empire actually existed, and the ancient villas, aqueducts and other historical monuments assigned to the ancient inhabitants, was created by Russ – princes and warriors, of Aryan descent, inhabiting Europe, Asia, North Africa and America. Having seen the movie, you can learn about the true meaning of the swastika symbol of Nazi Germany. Turns out she has Slavic origins and in ancient times was endowed with an extremely positive sense. This series also highlights the Russian version of the origin of the Etruscans – the ancient people who lived on the territory of the Roman Empire and left behind a rich cultural heritage.

"Great Tartary. Just the facts" is a completely new view of our past. The filmmakers have done a huge research work in order to prove that adopted in the world the official story is completely fabricated. In past centuries the greatest nation in the world was the Great Tartary. The Roman Empire was not the cradle of civilization, because most of the achievements of mankind created the tribes of the Rus. Their descendants began to populate the land of Tartary.

The population and the capital

What is today known about the inhabitants of Tartary? She was a tall, white-skinned people with blond hair and blue, green, hazel, or grey eyes. They were called the Rus and Slavs-Aryans. They were good-natured and peaceful, but when they attacked the enemy, fought bravely and relentlessly. These people had high morals and respected the faith of their ancestors. The capital of the great Tartary was in Tobolsk, a city located not far from Tyumen. It was founded in the late XVI century and for 200 years was the administrative, military and political center of the Siberian lands. In Tobolsk came the ambassadors from all the neighboring States, and even the Red gate in Moscow were aimed in his direction.

The Death Of Tartary

Why the biggest country in the world dissapeared? Some researchers suggest that it disappeared from the face of the Earth as a result of some political crisis or military conquest. But then where disappeared people inhabiting this state? And why in the later historical books and encyclopedias about the great Tartary is not remembered, as if it never happened? There is a theory that the country has disappeared as a result of the disaster, on a scale reminiscent of a nuclear explosion, and it happened in the early nineteenth century. It was then the territory of Siberia covered the largest fire, which destroyed all the forests (and with them, and Tartar). In their place appeared a large number of lakes and valleys. To settle empty lands began only half a century. Despite the fact that 200 years ago mankind was not yet familiar with nuclear weapons, the researchers believe that the Great Tartary disappeared as a result of massive nuclear bombardment. It is likely that the Slavonic-Aryan Empire was destroyed by the ones who created, then there is an extraterrestrial civilization.

Of the recent “opening of TARTARY,” and that means English saying “ to catch a Tartar" and something else important.
A lot of articles, works and popular films appeared in recent years – once in the books of independent researchers published a map of the great Tartary, many centuries hidden from the public at large.
In articles and films, much of the “scientific” course of official Pro-Western and Pro-Chinese history is rejected, which is good. Here, for example, the notorious “Mongol-Tatar invasion and yoke” is also in these films, Yes the works rejected.
But along with this the yoke of the Tatars in the history of the Fatherland (though not only ancestors of modern Tatars, but also of many contemporary Russian and many representatives of the modern Turkic peoples of Eurasia) reject these "innovators" Russian history", and yet reject and a very important part of the true History of the Fatherland. Here's the thing. Type "Tatars was not, and had the TARTARS", and the country that existed up to XVIII century and included the territory of modern Russia, which occupied almost half of the Eurasian continent, called, say, "Tartary."
But not together with water and to throw the baby out, gentlemen, Countrymen, and we will understand. `
Reached the same to us words of Russian and other ancient chroniclers that Western and Eastern us, from of free Russia and Eurasia-Tartary, despots – the enemies of our ancestors-Horde – exceedingly afraid of the word "Tatar", and now, you see, it does not give them rest...
And here are many, followed by some Great Tartary started in the West.European (Latin, French, English) manners to rename – "Tartarus."
Here fashion took, or what the special campaign is gone – now the Tatars are trying to replace everywhere by "Tartar". Like "this was such a people, "Tartar", not related to the Tatars". In fact it is not. Tartar (Tartar) is a word in Latin (at

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