Magnetic motors is a standalone device that can generate electricity. Today, there are various modifications, all of them differ among themselves. The main advantage of the engines is fuel economy. However, the disadvantages in this situation should also be considered. First and foremost, it is important to note that magnetic field can have a negative impact on human rights.Perpetual motion machine with magnets do-it-yourself (scheme)

Also, the problem lies in the fact that for various modifications it is necessary to create certain conditions for operation. Difficulties may still arise when connecting the motor to the device. To understand how to make a perpetuum mobile on magnets at home, it is necessary to study its design.

Simple motor diagram

A standard perpetual motor with magnets (the diagram is shown above) includes a disk, a casing, as well as a metal fairing. The coil in many models uses electric. Magnets are mounted on special conductors. Positive feedback is provided by the operation of the converter. Additionally, in some designs reverb is built in to enhance the magnetic field.

Suspended model

To make suspension perpetual motion of the neodymium magnets with your own hands, you must use two disks. The casing for them is better to pick up copper. The edges should be carefully sharpened. Further, it is important to connect the contacts. All of the magnets on the outside of the disk must be four. The dielectric layer is required to pass along the fairing. To exclude the possibility of negative energy, used inertial transducers.

In this case, positively charged ions are required to move along the casing. For some, the problem often lies in a small cold sphere. In such a situation, the magnets should be used rather powerful. Ultimately, the exit of the preheated agent should be through the fairing. The suspension is installed between the discs at a short distance. The source of self-charge in the device is the converter.

How to make the engine on the cooler?

How does the perpetual motion of the permanent magnet with their own hands? Using a conventional cooler that can be taken from a personal computer. The discs in this case, it is important to choose a small diameter. The casing at the same time is fixed on their outer side. The frame for the design can be made from any box. Fairings are most commonly used with a thickness of 2.2 mm. The output of the preheated agent in this situation is carried out through the converter.

The height of the Coulomb forces depends exclusively on the charge of the ions. To increase the parameter of the cooled agent, many experts advise the use of insulated winding. Conductors for magnets better to pick up the copper. The thickness of the conductive layer depends on the type of fairing. The problem with these engines is often a small negative charge. In this case, the wheels for the model is best to take a larger diameter.

Perenade Modification

With the help of the stator of large capacity can be folded this perpetual motor magnets with your hands (shown below). The electromagnetic field strength in this situation depends on many factors. The first thing to take into account the thickness of the fairing. It is also important to pre-select a small casing. Plate engine it is necessary to use a thickness of not more than 2.4 mm Converter in this device is low-frequency.

Additionally, it should be noted that the rotor is selected only sequential type. Contacts are installed on it most often aluminum. Magnet plates must be pre-cleaned. The strength of the resonant frequencies will depend solely on the power of the converter.

To enhance positive feedback, many experts recommend using an intermediate frequency amplifier. It is installed on the outer side of the plate near the converter. To enhance the wave induction used spokes of small diameter, which are fixed on the disk. The deviation of the actual inductance occurs when the plate is rotated.

Linear Rotor Device

Linear rotors have a fairly high voltage model. A plate for them it is more expedient to pick up the big one. Stabilization of the conductive direction can be carried out through the installation of conductor (drawings of perpetual motion magnets shown below). Spokes for the wheel, use steel. Inertial amplifier it is advisable to install the transducer.

In this case it is possible to strengthen the magnetic field only by increasing the number of magnets on the grid. On average there are about six of them. In this situation, much depends on the speed of aberration of the first order. If some discontinuity of the disk rotation is observed at the beginning of work, then it is necessary to replace the condenser and install a new model with a convection element.

Shkonlin engine assembly

The perpetual motion machine of this type is rather difficult to assemble. The first step is to prepare four powerful magnets. The patina for this device is metal, and its diameter should be 12 cm. Next, you must use conductors to fasten the magnets. Before use, they must be completely degreased. To this end, you can use ethyl alcohol.

The next step plate installed on a special hanger. It is best to pick with a blunt end. Some in this case, use the brackets with bearings to increase the rotational speed. Grid the tetrode in perpetual motion by powerful magnets attached directly through the amplifier. To increase the capacity of magnetic field is possible due to the installation of the transducer. The rotor in this situation the only convection. Thermo-optical properties of this type are pretty good. To cope with the wave aberration in the device enables the amplifier.

Antigravity engine modification

Anti-gravity perpetual motion magnets is the most complex device among all the above. All of the plates it uses four. On the outer side of the fixed disks are magnets. The entire device must be installed in the housing in order to align the plate. Further, it is important to consolidate on the model Explorer. The connection to the motor is through him. The wave induction in this case is provided by achromatism resistor.

Converters for this device are used exclusively low voltage. The phase distortion rate can vary quite a lot. If the discs rotate intermittently, it is necessary to reduce the diameter of the plates. In this case, disconnecting the conductors is not necessary. After installing the converter, a winding is applied to the outside of the disk.

Lorenz model

To make a perpetual motion machine on Lorentz magnets, you must use five plates. They should be placed parallel to each other. Then along the edges conductors are soldered to them. The magnets in this case are mounted on the outside. For the disc to rotate freely, it is necessary to install a suspension for it. Next, the coil is attached to the edges of the axis.

Control thyristor in this case is installed on it. To increase the strength of the magnetic field, a transducer is used. The entrance of the cooled agent occurs along the casing. The volume of the dielectric sphere depends on the density of the disk. The Coulomb force parameter, in turn, is closely related to the ambient temperature. Last but not least, it is important to install the stator above the winding.

How to make a Tesla engine?

The operation of this engine is based on changing the position of the magnets. This happens due to the rotation of the disk. In order to increase the Coulomb force, many experts recommend the use of copper conductors. In this case, an inertial field is formed around the magnets. Non-chromatic resistors in this situation are used quite rarely. The converter in the device is mounted above the fairing and is connected to the amplifier. If the disk movement is ultimately intermittent, it means that you need to use a more powerful coil. Problems with wave induction, in turn, are solved by installing an additional pair of magnets.

Reactive engine modification

To fold the jet perpetual motion magnets, it is necessary to use two inductors. The plate in this case should be selected with a diameter of about 13 cm Next, you need to use the Converter to low frequency. All of this ultimately will significantly increase the strength of the magnetic field. The amplifiers in the engines are quite rare. Aberration of the first order is due to the use of Zener diodes. In order to securely attach the plate, you need to use glue.

Before installing the magnets, the contacts are carefully cleaned. The generator for this device must be selected individually. In this case, much depends on the threshold voltage parameter. If you install overlap capacitors, they significantly reduce the threshold of sensitivity. Thus, the plate acceleration may be intermittent. Disks for the specified device must be cleaned at the edges.

Model using a 12 V generator

The use of a 12 V generator makes it quite easy to assemble a perpetuum mobile with neodymium magnets. The converter for it is necessary to use chromatic. The magnetic field strength in this case depends on the mass of the plates. To increase the actual inductance, many experts advise the use of special operational amplifiers.

They are connected directly to the converters. The plate must be used only with copper conductors. The problems with wave induction in this situation are rather difficult to solve. As a rule, the problem most often lies in the weak slip of the disk. In this situation, some people advise installing perpetual motion bearings on neodymium magnets that are attached to the suspension. However, this is sometimes impossible.

Using a 20 V generator

Using a 20 V generator to make a perpetual motor on magnets with your own hands, you can have a powerful inductance coil. Plates for this device it is more expedient to choose a small diameter. In this case, it is important to secure the disk securely on the spokes. To increase the strength of the magnetic field, many experts recommend installing low-frequency transducers in a perpetual-magnet permanent magnet motor.

In this situation, you can hope for a quick exit of the cooled agent. Additionally, it should be noted that to achieve a large Coulomb force, many get through the installation of a dense fairing. The ambient temperature affects the speed of rotation, but only slightly. The magnets on the plate should be installed at a distance of 2 cm from the edge. The needles in this case must be secured with an interval of 1.1 cm.

All of this ultimately will reduce the negative resistance. Operational amplifiers in the engines are used quite often. However, they need to pick up the individual conductors. It is best to install them from the Converter. To avoid wave induction, strip, use rubber.

The use of low-frequency converters

Low-frequency converters in motors can only be operated with chromatic resistors. You can buy them at any electronics store. The plate for them should be selected with a thickness of not more than 1.2 mm. It is also important to take into account that low-frequency converters are quite demanding to the ambient temperature.

To increase the Coulomb forces in the current situation will be achieved by installing a Zener diode. It should be attached to the disk so that wave induction does not occur. Additionally it is important to take care of the isolation of the converter. In some cases, it leads to inertial failures. All this happens due to changes in the external cold environment.