Joseph Stalin had a strained relationship in the family. Moved it to children. Who is Vasily Stalin? Biography, personal life, children and many other items have always been objects of research because of the high status of his family and relationship with the father.


Basil was born in 1921. At that time Joseph Stalin was people's Commissar for nationalities. The country ended the Civil war, and in the echelons of power broke out, the hardware fight for a place in the dying Lenin. Actively participated in it and Joseph Stalin, which he didn't have time for family.

Nevertheless, Basil was sister Svetlana, born in 1926, and the eldest half-brother James, who remained from his first marriage. In addition, Stalin's adopted son Artem Sergeev remaining from deceased famous revolutionary and placed under the auspices of the Commissar. Vasily studied and was brought up with him.

In 1932, was tragically killed the child's mother Nadezhda Alliluyeva. She had committed suicide. In recent years she had a painful relationship with Joseph Stalin. After that, Basil was to live in the country of the father under the supervision of a large number of servants. Joseph almost stopped visiting this place, staying in Moscow for work.

After school the young man entered the aviation school. Despite a dislike for the theoretical lessons, he coped with the practical part. Became an officer after completing courses in Lipetsk in the state of the air force Academy. Zhukovsky. In 1939 he became a graduate.

When the Great Patriotic war, Vasily begged his father to let him go to the front. However, the first year he stayed at the headquarters of the air force of the workers 'and peasants' army and was a flight inspector.

Finally in 1942 he managed to get to the battleground. In one battle he managed to shoot down a FW-190. However, he was soon wounded in the leg, after which he was forbidden to fly because the father was afraid of losing the last son. In addition, the Germans, knowing that the front is Stalin, started for aim hunting. At this time the elder brother Yakov was captured, where he died in 1943.

Nevertheless, Vasily returned to the war, but as a staff officer. Led to the Baltic front where he was able to pass Minsk, Vilna, Grodno, the Republic of Latvia. In 1942, he became a Colonel. After the war he was promoted to major General, and in 1947, Lieutenant-General.

After the war

With the onset of the victory of Basil for a short time was in the group of Soviet forces in Germany. In 1948 he was appointed commander of the air force in the Moscow military district. Continued career, all the forces which put Vasily Stalin. Biography, personal life, and more was subordinated to his status as the son of the leader. However, despite this he was able to devote time to their Hobbies.

First it was sport. In particular, Basil oversaw the creation of community clubs, the air force on an army base. They did play types, for example, football, hockey and basketball. In addition, Basil was the head of the Federation of equestrian sports of the Soviet Union.

He remained in the Moscow military district as long as his lifestyle was not the reason for the dismissal. He drank a lot. One day in 1952 Stalin at a government reception in a state of intoxication caused a scene and insulted Pavel Zhigarev, commander in chief of the air force. Father guilty did not feel sorry for him and was immediately fired. This failure brought down the entire life of Basil. But then it was worse.

Death of the father

Senior Stalin died in March 1953. Basil summoned the Minister of defense Nikolai Bulganin and demanded that he left from the capital to a provincial post. He did not listen and was deprived of his military rank. However, the black strip is not over. Impulsive Stalin asked the Chinese Embassy to give him asylum, and assurances that his father was poisoned by the enemies.

The new leaders of the country could not stand. Stalin was arrested and sent to court. There he was given a sentence for anti-Soviet propaganda along the famous 58th political article. The famous prisoner was kept in Vladimir Central, where he got a secret surname Vasilyev and seriously ill, having a disability. In conclusion, was a mechanic. From prison Khrushchev and Molotov were the letters that he wrote Vasily Stalin. Biography, personal life and more did not give him a chance to be free.

Last years

However, he got the chance. Nikita Khrushchev personally called him and cancelled the date. It seemed that everything was adjusted, however, the chief's son again was in the KGB, where he was sent into exile to Kazan. It was a closed city, where they could not get foreigners.

To depersonalize exile, he was forbidden to bear the name of Stalin and issued a passport with a real father's last name Dzhugashvili. His health was undermined. Besides, the course was still alcohol, without which I could not Vasily Stalin. Biography, personal life, plans and everything else collapsed in March 1962, when he died of alcohol poisoning.

Personal life

In 1940 Vasily met with Galina Burdonskaya, who was a student at the polygraphic Institute. In addition, she was the daughter of Vladimir Menshikov – known hockey player with the ball. However, the status of the chief's son made his case. Soon, the couple got married, but the marriage was unhappy and short-lived.

Vasily Stalin, biography, personal life and children – all this is of interest now. The first wife bore him a son Alexander and daughter Hope. They broke up during the war when the family lived in evacuation. Daughter Hope when you grow up, will marry the adopted son of the famous Soviet writer Alexander Fadeev.

It is believed that the cause of the rupture was the violence that was perpetrated Vasily Stalin. Biography, personal life this man has continued to dramatically unfold. In 1946, he married Catherine, the daughter Seeds Timoshenko, Marshal of the Soviet Union. Their son Basil will die in my youth from a drug overdose while studying at the University. Also the couple had a daughter, Svetlana. The marriage lasted three years and ended in 1949

Kapitolina Vasileva became the third wife which was received by Vasily Stalin. Biography, personal life, his children remained under the eye of the authorities, however, he still adopted daughter from wife's first marriage. Capitolina was a famous athlete – swimmer, who became the champion of the USSR. They lived together from 1949 to 1953.

Last wife

There was another marriage, which is decided by Vasily Stalin. Biography, personal life, photos – all this is haunted by the researchers that not a bit surprising. His last wife was Mary Nusberg. Two daughters from his first marriage were also adopted by the Basil. The Union was registered shortly before the death of the pilot in 1962. All foster children receive the surname Dzhugashvili.

Soon Vasily Stalin died. Biography, personal life, wives, children - all this broke completely unexpectedly. His personality and to this day remains an object of study of the Stalinists.