Not so long ago, rumors appeared in the media that the warp engine finally created in NASA. Official representatives of the organization had to refrain from stuffing, explaining that tests were actually conducted on a completely different device, EmDrive. But interest in a fantastic device that bends space does not subside. Futurists believe: somewhere in secret laboratories a warp engine is being developed. NASA, however, did not carry out tests, since in practice nothing of the kind had been created. At least, official sources do not provide any information about this. It remains to be content with theoretical information.

Warp engine: development and testing

American studies

Some scientists believe that spacecraft can fly, with a speed many times greater than the speed of light. In practice, the research did not bring the engine closer to its actual implementation. But, anyway, such statements are pleasant to the ear of science fiction and young romantics who dream of surfing the cosmic space.

Texas scientists Gerald Cleaver and Richard Obousi, who published their work on the Internet, consider the creation of a hyper-speed craft possible, since it does not contradict the theories of Einstein's relativity and strings.

The latter is confirmed in some recent discoveries (for example, the detection of inconstancy of world constants or the presence of additional spatial dimensions).

In their studies, the Americans repelled the work of the Mexican physicist, Miguel Alcubierre, who wrote it back in 1994 and called it “The Engine of Space Warping”.

How does it work

The principle of its operation is as follows. The warp engine forms a closed bubble around the spacecraft, separating part of the space-time. The drive causes it to expand from behind, and in front - to shrink. Due to this, the bubble acquires the ability to move forward with a speed exceeding the speed of light.

It is claimed that the condition under which the speed of light cannot be exceeded is fulfilled. After all, the beam next to the ship will fly forward with it.

But a bubble with a part of the space-time will arrive at any star much faster than another ship, as if it started simultaneously with the one on which the warp engine is installed.

According to natural laws, it turns out that he will generally remain motionless during the entire journey, and his kinetic energy will remain the same as before the start.

Together with the development of the universe

Is it possible in reality to allow the expansion of space-time? Physicists refer to the beginning of the development of the Universe, when not only matter expanded, but also spatial tissue.

Cleaver claims that behind the ship, they sort of recreate the processes of the young universe. In order for a spacecraft to be in such a bubble, an action of exotic negative energy is necessary (the same that is needed for a time machine). And researchers even know how to get it.

“Casimir effect”

They believe that they must rely on the "Casimir effect." It is argued that between two bodies, which are located at a short distance from each other in a vacuum, an attraction occurs. It is formed as a result of the difference of virtual photons created in a vacuum. Between their bodies will be significantly less than the rest of the vacuum. Scientists believe that this effect can help travelers in space. After all, translating into physical concepts, the very negative energy that is required arises between the bodies.

Source - in the "dark" energy

In addition, they believe that the negative is in the so-called “dark” energy, which in our days causes the expansion of the Universe. Scientists are confident that the warp engine will become a reality just when they understand this energy.

But how to make the space expand behind the formed bubble? It is proposed to use additional dimensions of space, the existence of which follows from string theory.

String theory

For easier understanding, you can mentally draw a line through space. We imagine that it consists of points. But if each of them is greatly increased, then they will turn into rings, which are a manifestation of these measurements.

Scientists believe that virtual photons having a wavelength able to resonate with a circle length are also born there. The rings here play the same role as the body-plates, the concept of which is present in the theory of the “Casimir effect”.

But how will everything be put into practice?

It is assumed that by changing the size of the additional dimensions, it is possible to calculate a part of the space-time in the bubble. The logic here is simple: when expanding additional dimensions, the space-time is compressed and vice versa.

To create a warp engine was successful, an energy of about 10 45 joules is needed. For comparison: so much it is contained in the whole mass of Jupiter, if we count on the well-known formula of Einstein. It used to be thought that an even colossal amount of energy was needed, comparable to the mass of the entire Universe.

Cleaver also theoretically calculated what the warp drive should have. It is 10 32 times the speed of light. The scientist immediately adds that the value is unattainable with neither existing, nor with all that you can imagine, technologies.

Practical implementation expect from here, in general, and not worth it. After all, everyone knows that Americans fly into space on Russian engines. By the way, does this mean that they flew to the moon on a Soviet engine? Well, based on such data, it seems that if a warp engine will ever be created, Russia will at least take an active part in its development.