The most favorite treat of Carlson is a fragrant jam! Who does not like a winter evening to treat yourself to a seagull with a portion of delicious dessert? Lemon jam (with a peel or with the addition of other fruits) has not only an interesting and pleasant taste, but also strengthens the immune system. Let's figure out what is its use and how to prepare a lemon treat.

Invaluable use of citrus fruits

The main custodians of vitamin C are, of course, citrus fruits! They are a natural remedy for raising and strengthening immunity. One of the most popular species of this family is the lemon, which is considered a real storehouse of antioxidant substances!

Lemon jam with peel: recipe

Few people know, but from the lemon, you can also prepare a winter treat that will surprise guests with a pleasant and unusual taste, and the household will be pleased with the bright color and decorate any festive table. Lemon jam with skin, cooked according to certain rules, has the following useful properties:

  • Protects against various viral diseases (for example, from influenza in the autumn-winter periods).
  • Helps to cleanse the body of toxins, in particular, reduces cholesterol due to the presence of pectin and a special fiber in the lemon.
  • With regular use prevents the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system and reduces the risk of cancer.
  • Strengthens immunity, struggles with beriberi, replenishing all stocks of necessary vitamins.

How to choose the right lemons?

You should carefully choose the fruit to get a delicate and tasty jam from a lemon (with or without skin - it is not important). The main criteria for the selection of citrus fruits is their aroma and juiciness. Lemons for cooking jam should be sweet and sweet. How is this determined? Very simply: they can be distinguished by a bright yellow color and a smooth peel. These qualities indicate that the fruit is ripe. From ripe lemons you get a fragrant treat, which can be combined with other fillers.

Lemon jam with peel: recipe

There is a huge number of different ways of making jam, because each housewife has a corporate recipe, obtained through numerous trials and experiments. The simplest version of the treat, which does not require much effort, is lemon jam with peel without cooking. With this method of cooking, all the useful microelements are stored in the lemon, because they do not undergo heat treatment.

The recipe is to prepare the fruits and to grind them with sugar. The first thing you need to wash lemons, cut into large slices and let them through the meat grinder. Then add sugar and mix thoroughly. The resulting mixture is spread over sterile jars and placed in a cool room. This recipe can be varied if you add additional ingredients.

Jam with lemon and ginger

For the next jam you need: a lemon - 2 large fetuses, lime - 1 pc. ginger - 80-100 g, pumpkin - 150 g, honey or sugar - 100 g. If you choose a method without cooking, then this jam of lemon with a peel will turn out to be more saturated and useful.

Step 1. Put the lemons and lime in a container, pour boiling water and leave for 2 minutes to remove excessive bitterness.

Step 2. Ginger and pumpkin peeled, finely chopped (if desired, you can pass through a grater or grind with a blender).

Step 3. Cut citrus fruits into medium pieces and get rid of pits, then pass through a meat grinder.

Step 4. Mix all ingredients, add honey and mix well. The billet should be moved to jars and stored in a refrigerator.

From such quantity of products it turns out approximately 800 g of aromatic and useful delicacy. You can serve with pancakes or pancakes.

How to cook lemon jam with peel?

The next method of preparation will come down for blanks of lemon jam, confiture or even jam. The main advantage of the thermal treatment of fruits or berries is that the finished food is stored much longer, and by taste, it is in no way inferior to those jams that have not been heat treated.

So, in the preparation of a lemon delicacy with skin, the most important thing is to get rid of that sour bitterness that is found in the fruit of the lemon. It is not so difficult to do this, it is only necessary to cut the fruit into several lobules, peel it and soak it in salted water for 1 day. During this time, water will have time to absorb all the undesirable enzymes, so that you will get a sweet jam from lemons with skin. Through the meat grinder, lobules are much easier to slip than to cut them with a blender, so we recommend that you follow this recommendation. So, a phased recipe:

Step 1. Finished slices of lemon peel, then skins and the pulp itself through the meat grinder separately.

Advice: in order to avoid getting into the body of unwanted chemicals, we recommend thoroughly rinsing lemons with soda solution, because it is not known what kind of wax was processed fruit (now it is practiced everywhere to give fruits a beautiful appearance).

Step 2. Thoroughly mix the ingredients in one container, using a kitchen scale to measure the mass of the resulting mixture. Then add sugar, a mass equal to the mass of the crushed lemon.

Step 3. Transfer to a saucepan with a thick bottom and cook over low heat until jam is full.

Step 4. Next we follow the tried and tested method: we put the still not frozen jam on sterilized jars, roll it up and put it under the blanket, turning the jars upside down. When the blanks cool down, they can be moved to a cool room.

Lemon jam without peel

Despite the rich and rather unusual taste of lemon jam, it is not liked by everyone: many are confused by the notes of bitterness. However, this can be helped by preparing jam from lemons without skin. The recipe will give a very delicate and soft to taste delicacy.

Step 1. Cut the peel from lemons with a vegetable peeler. Tip: if you do not have this device, it's worth trying to make it on a grater with a fine nozzle.

Step 2. Cleaned lemons cut into slices, get rid of pits and soak in warm water for half an hour.

Step 3. While the lemons are being poured, prepare the sugar syrup. In a saucepan, mix sugar and a little water, turn on the stove and cook on a medium heat until a liquid consistency is obtained.

Step 4. In a boiling saucepan pour out lemon slices and cook for 15 minutes. Then remove from heat, let it cool down, and then cook again for 10 minutes. Ready jam pour into jars, roll up and put in a cool place.

It turns out a very sweet jam, which is perfectly combined with crackers or biscuits.

Varieties of lemon jam

Lemon is a very versatile fruit that has won worldwide love. It is used as a marinade for meat, sauce for fish and seafood, as well as for a variety of desserts.

Lemon jam can be cooked with a variety of fruits and berries. Perhaps the most delicious combinations are obtained by adding ripe persimmons, sweet quince, aromatic mint or spicy ginger. Proportion of products should be based on personal preferences.

Whichever way you prepare a lemon jam, it will become a real decoration of the winter table, provide vitamins and will please your whole family with a pleasant and original taste!