Valgus deformity of foot is the most common pathology of the musculoskeletal system in childhood. The condition is a change in the shape of the foot, which appears due to the fact that the child does not focus on the entire surface, but only on the inner part of it. What can cause the lack of treatment of valgus feet and what therapies exist, read below. Also consider preventive measures you should read all parents wishing to have their child live a healthy and happy.Valgus foot in children: photo, treatment

The types of valgus foot

In the first case a violation occurs in the period of intrauterine development of the fetus.

Purchased form PLANO-valgus of the foot is the result of several negative factors.

Degree of development of the disease

Valgus foot in children have 4 stages of development:

1. A mild form. At this stage, the specialist will diagnose deviations in the range of 10-15 degrees. In this case, it is easier and simpler just to cure the disease.

2. In the second stage, deviations in the range of 15-20 degrees. To heal valgus of the foot, the child in this case may, however, be applied to this effort.

3. In the third stage of the disease abnormalities out 20-30 degrees. In this case, the disease is treatable, but it will be long.

4. The most severe degree of the disease is the fourth. A stop is characterized by the deviation from the norm by more than 30 %. In this case, if comprehensive treatment (wearing proper shoes, massage, exercise) does not work, you should get rid of this malady by surgery.

Complex therapy

For this disease, such as valgus foot in children, treatment should be literate. It is held together. Thus, a complex therapy of this disease consists of the following items:

Wrap stop wax.

Electrophoresis with the use of calcium.

– Wearing the right shoes.

The right shoes

When the diagnosis of “forefoot valgus” the child parents should think about what sandals, sandals or shoes should be put on his son. Shoes should definitely be the hard back cover, side panels and ankle boots, with good – dense and high – arch support. And the sole with a heel Thomas. What does it do? To keep the foot from the bottom and sides. In such shoes will involve weak muscles, and this will further prevent progression of the deformity. However, you should understand that they cannot wear sandals or sandals is not necessary. The fact that muscles need training, and the skin of the feet to rest.


In order for your kid has not been diagnosed with “hallux valgus of the foot”, you need to implement and follow these rules:

1. To plan their pregnancies. A woman should be ready to be a mom, through all nine months there should be no stressful situations, then no neurological problems in her unborn baby will not.

2. It is not necessary to burden the baby's legs before 7 or 8 months. Wanting to beat the children of other moms and accomplishments of his child, some women try to put your boy or girl feet, so he went alone. But to do it categorically it is impossible.

3. To prevent rickets. This means that the child's body should assimilate the necessary amount of vitamin D. Therefore, it is often necessary to walk in the sun (after all, this vitamin is produced by sunlight).

4. You need time to go for regular health examinations. And the sooner the doctor finds problems with your feet, the easier it will be to cure the valgus foot in children.

5. Wear the right shoes. It is not necessary to buy the most expensive brand of shoes, which, incidentally, can be sewn incorrectly. The right shoes in this case should look like this: a closed rigid heel, the presence of arch support. Also, shoes or sandals must be the same size as the baby's legs. Not allowed prolonged wearing of flip flops, sandals without a fixed heel and other shoes, which brings discomfort to the baby.

What happens if not treated?

Valgus of the foot, photos of which can be seen below, many parents don't even treat their children. Although they don't know what the result of such a diagnosis in their child. Thus, the PLANO-valgus deformity may be replaced by a valgus (X-shaped legs), which would lead to a wrong position of the pelvis, curvature of posture. And here – the pain, the early development of osteochondrosis, arthrosis. In 5 or 10 years, of course, this is unlikely to happen, but when the child was older, inattentive parents ' attitude to his health could end badly for the baby.

Gymnastic exercises

Classes run 2 or 3 times during the day. You can do the first 2 exercises in the morning, then the same day, but others, as well as in the evening. So, we bring to attention the following gymnastic classes:

– Walking along a narrow path. The path can be done from fabric or simply paint. Let the baby try to walk through it, not to intercede for. On the street you can walk on the curb.

– Pacing on the outside of the stop according to the type of "bear-toed".

– Walking barefoot on earth, sand, stones, grass. Also in specialized Shoe shops sell special children's Mat with attached beads of different size and shape.

– Grasping toes of various items, for example, pencil, buttons, handkerchief.

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Compression of tissue using the toes.

– Squats, during which you cannot tear off feet from a floor. First, you can help your child to complete this exercise. It's enough to keep his hands or armpits. Soon the baby will learn to squat without the help of adults.