The name of the person carries not only a set of sounds, but also code information. It gives emotional, affects the nature. There is a strong, hard sounding names. There are more soft, calm. Choosing a name for a boy, you should carefully examine its compatibility with the surname, first name. Find out what features it can give to a child.

What can tell Vadim? The meaning of the name reveal its secret origin. Will protect its owner, will make adjustments to the character.

The origin of the name Vadim

There are several versions of the origin name. But they all have Slavic roots.

In the first version, the name comes from the ancient word "vaditi". Which means to accuse, to argue.

In the second version the name is derived from Vladimir. "Driving the world", "Owning the world" transformed into Vadim.

The third option – the name comes from the word "vaditi". Which means to attract, beckon.

Vadim: name value

The origin of the name Vadim has ancient Aryan roots. It is possible that it was formed from a combination of the words "Vayu" and "Vata". Translation – a symbol of victory, the wind.

Diminutive, abbreviated forms of the name sound like Vadim, Madusa, Vadimchik, Vadya, Vadacca.

Feature name spell

Names carry with them emotional meaning. The value of each letter can affect personality traits. The mystery of the name Vadim is not only in its origin, influence on fate. Each letter is riddled with small touches that will give the boy the man complete image.

  • In – creativity. Focus on the future, communication skills. A great desire to live and work.
  • A – the symbol of the initial energy. The aspiration to harmony in everything, physical and emotional comfort.
  • D – the development of psychic senses, the ability to anticipate. Deliberation prior to the implementation of ideas. Easy moodiness, focus on the family.
  • And – a symbol of goodness, peace. Fine spiritual organization, covered with realism and practicality. Vulnerability and higher spirituality.
  • M – the desire to have everything at once. Caring for relatives. Shyness alternates with the desire to get more benefits of wealth.

Nature boy

Little Vadim restless, active. He seeks to learn more and explore. Ready to spend the whole day outside, climbing trees, running, playing. Vadim is not afraid of his emotions. He does not hide joy or grief. Able to shout loudly, to cry, to laugh. Parents should teach the child to behave more relaxed in public places, not to annoy others with her wild energy.

The boy easily learns. He quickly provides knowledge. The main thing – time to develop perseverance. Otherwise, the ease of learning will be replaced by a reluctance to go to school. For Vadim, it is important the parents ' opinion. He listens, draws conclusions, but not always ready to dialogue. It is more convenient to silently think about what they say mom and dad.

You should know that the harmony gives flexibility to the character. Therefore, the names for boys (Vadim and others) it is better to choose easy to pronounce, melodic. This will allow future men easier to relate to difficult situations calmly respond to them, adapt to any conditions.

The nature of man

Hardworking, determined and persistent Vadim. The meaning of the name, character, and destiny can tell that these men are well versed in the people. Thanks to his interest in life, Vadim quickly learns to understand, to analyze. He knows how to lead and can become a good boss.

Vadim always thinking about their decisions. He did not let go, not give in to emotions and feelings. Only weighted actions we should expect from Vadim. It is capable of solving the most difficult question or problem thanks to his hard work.

Vadim loves noisy parties, and have fun. Communicative, sociable, he is always full of new ideas. A huge circle of friends Vadim will support in any endeavor.

The mystery of the name Vadim is in his narcissism. He can blame everyone and everything, fully taking responsibility. Vadim is a master manipulator. He sees the weakness of the people and skillfully uses this.

Sexuality named

Vadim is a tireless, energetic man. He likes to experiment, is able to deliver partner pleasure. Women are gentle and careful, Vadim. The name value will add passionate, nutty nature of this man's duplicity, ambiguity. It can madly love a partner, and the next day to find a new passion and spin with her. Thus, the previous relationship will be forgotten forever.

The appearance of the partner has for Vadim is a great value. He prefers slender, well-groomed women. Creativity, aestheticism in the relationship make it unique man.

Family relationships are not always convenient. The name Vadim suggests amorousness, propensity for change. Such men are not ready all my life to devote to one woman. However, having met his true love, Vadim will become an exemplary family man.

In religion and numerology

In the Orthodox Church Vadim, a name value and its mystery associated with the date April 22. On this day remember the Holy, who lived in the IV century in the Persian city of Bythlapata. He left his rich family and became the founder of the monastery. Killed Vadim the Holy Martyr's death, betrayed his disciple.

In numerology, the symbol name is the number 5. This gives Vadim inexhaustible thirst for life, desire to try all. The unpredictability and resourcefulness will allow you to leave any situation with ease. Vadim prone to emotional outbursts, irritability. Quickly calms down, forgets the quarrels, conflicts.

Name the seasons

Winter Vadim cheerful and joyful, open to new experiences. Communicative, friendly. Does not tolerate betrayal. Very honest and noble.

Spring Vadim has a creative nature. Bright temperament, emotionalism lends artistry to his nature. Loves material goods.

Summer Vadim – altruist. Many cases Dating keep in a constant tone. He had no time to relax. Activity, energy is the Foundation of life.

Autumn Vadim – a realist and a pragmatist. Loves the risk of gambling. For the sake of their whims, interests can donate to the family budget.