Tanned, smooth skin is an ornament of any body. Both women and men want to get a uniform, beautiful tan. But to achieve a good result is not so easy, you need to know some rules for sunbathing, and also at what time it is better to sunbathe in the sun. Without such information, you can get terrible burns and then long to be treated.

The Right Vitamin

After long cold months, our body needs sunlight, namely vitamin D. But you should start taking it in moderation. To small children pediatricians prescribe to regularly take vitamin D in drops. After all, if this substance does not reach the body, serious pathologies can develop. Adults also need this important vitamin. But before you go out into the sun, you need to know when to sunbathe. Observing the correct mode, you can easily avoid redness of the skin and blisters.

Caution first


Those who carefully and scrupulously treat their health, know that the skin for sunburn needs to be prepared in advance. The first sunbathing can begin to receive in the middle of April. Come out under the warm rays of the sun for an hour. The skin will gradually become accustomed to UV rays. Throughout May, you can substitute your body for the affectionate sun. No burns and redness will occur, because it does not yet bake with such force, as in the summer. In early June, you can already connect a tanning cream with a low factor. This is a mandatory condition in a hot period, otherwise you have to take off your skin pieces. For the first month of summer, a cream with a factor of 15-20 for an adult person, but for children it is recommended to use the factor 30-50 all season. June usually is not very hot, and you can spend time on the beach from eight in the morning to noon. But no more, you can return to the warm sun after lunch.

High season

At what time it is better to sunbathe in July, the issue is very controversial. The sun is at the peak of activity, and the chances of getting burned are doubled. The use of sunscreens is simply necessary. Sunglasses, headgear, sunblock are mandatory attributes of those who want to have dark, tanned skin without harm to health. The umbrella or canopy will not prevent too pale-faced individuals. After all, under cover, the sun will still put its "imprint" on you, only less intensively.

People, only arriving at the seashore or the lake, throw off their clothes and lie down under the scorching rays. These rash actions lead to disastrous consequences. The first day must be done in the shade, and then dosed substitute the body for open rays. If you know when to sunbathe in the sun, get a bronze tan on everyone's envy.

Sun Sea Beach

You can burn on the beach in a few hours, the vacation will be spoiled. Whatever means you use then, folk or super-modern, the result will be one - pain and discomfort. Therefore, do not neglect beach accessories and cream with a high protection factor. In addition to banal burns, there are problems and more serious. People who have a huge number of moles on their bodies are categorically forbidden to go out in the open sun. The risk of developing cancer is very high. Such an ailment of ointments and lotions can not be cured, so be very careful. It is not worth it because of one week spent on hot sand, to spoil the rest of your life.

Double punch

Children do not need to stay in the sun for long. Heat stroke is an unpleasant story with consequences. A headdress on the beach is mandatory. Of course, in the city not every adult person wants to walk in Panama, but on the beach it is very relevant. Children can only remove their headdress when the sun is hidden behind the horizon.

If you do not know when to sunbathe in the sun, a heat stroke is provided. Symptoms of a heat stroke are dizziness, vomiting, nausea, fainting. It is necessary to immediately consult a specialist to avoid further health problems. The doctor will prescribe peace, a plentiful drink and no sun in the next few days. Therefore, do not get excited and spoil your vacation.

Simple scheme

If the dosage of sunlight is incorrect, even the mug may burn. A simple scheme will help tanners avoid troubles and keep the skin in excellent condition. After drying, it grows old faster, it becomes unpleasant to the touch. Not every girl dreams about this. Approach the issue of tanning with the mind. You should clearly know when to sunbathe in the summer:

  • the first day - in the morning 1 hour, in the evening 1 hour;
  • the second day - in the morning 2 hours, in the evening 3 hours;
  • the third day - in the morning 2,5 hours, in the evening 4 and more hours;
  • if the skin is too white, reduce the first time in the sun to fifteen minutes. In the evening, you can leave for half an hour. Going to the sea is best for two weeks, the body adapts to the climate and the sun, as it should. But this is not everyone's option, five to seven days is the standard time for people to stay on the coast. Therefore, they rush into the pool with their heads, or rather for the whole day on the beach. As a result - spoiled vacation, pain, wasting money on ointments and medications.

Happiness for children

Parents try to take their children to the sea once a year. Sea air, water, sun have a positive effect on the physical and mental development of babies. But only when observing the rules of staying in the sun. Children on the first day of arrival it is better to show up on the beach after sixteen hours. The sun is not active, the water is warm, what can be better for your beloved baby? Well, like a patty with butter, having smeared the baby with cream, you can send it for half an hour into the water.

On the beach you can see many pregnant women. Of course, in such an interesting situation it is very risky, especially in the last trimester. The opinions of doctors on this issue are divided. Someone recommends that future mothers go to the sea and get a charge of solar energy and the necessary iodine. And someone, on the contrary, is opposed to such trips. But if a pregnant woman decides to rest on the beach, you need to study in detail what time of day it is better to sunbathe. The rounded tummy is best hidden under a pareo or cloak, and the head - under a wide-brimmed hat! Sunblock can be used for children to avoid an allergic reaction.

Memo to fans of sunburn

Of course, you do not need to miss the sunny days of the summer. In moderate amounts, warm rays are very beneficial to the body. But sticking to simple rules is a must. Observe the mode:

People who have dark skin, you can slightly increase the time. Now you know what time it is better to sunbathe in the sun.

Some skin diseases do not tolerate direct rays. Therefore, before planning a vacation on the coast, consult a doctor. It is not recommended to sunbathe:

  • pregnant women and infants up to 2 months;
  • people with birthmarks and a lot of small birthmarks;
  • patients with oncological diseases;
  • when taking certain medications.

Once on the seashore, vacationers usually forget about everything. I want to enjoy the unity with nature and lie on the beach with a book. But everything must be within reason. Remember when to sunbathe on the sea. Carefully prepare for the holiday, not missing a single moment. Get everything you need in advance. Headgear, umbrella, tanning agents. Such a thoughtful and safe holiday will be remembered for a long time!