What is the thermos, everyone knows, just hearing this word, we imagine a warm tea away from home in any weather. But beyond that the dishes intended for heat, able to avoid warming the chilled liquids. In addition to the universal containers designed for beverages and food, today you can buy a special thermos for baby bottles. What is it, and how to choose the right accessory?

When useful children thermos

In what situations will come in handy thermos for baby bottles and how to choose it correctlyIn the first years of life the health of the child largely depends on the mode and quality of its food. A first grader you can always take in the nearest cafe or ask to wait half an hour before lunch, but the baby to feed outside the home is not easy. Even if your child's diet consists of formula milk and liquid cereals instant food, you will need warm water for dilution of the powder. This problem is solved by thermos for baby bottle – simply prepare food at home as usual and take it with you wherever you go. Attention: please read the instructions of the manufacturer of the mixture or Kashi relative to the shelf life of the cooked product. Sometimes it is more convenient to put in the thermos bottle with warm water, and the powder for the food to fall asleep just before feeding. With this small helper, you can always maintain the desired temperature of juices, fruit drinks and compotes. Thermos for baby bottle will not allow the drinks to spoil in the heat or cool of in the cold.

A thermos or thermal bag

If you are traveling with a small child, often a long walk or like to visit, you will help a special container that maintains the food temperature for several hours. For baby bottles manufactured two types of products: thermal bags and thermoses. In the first case we are talking about the case, made of synthetic fabric, special insulation material, and the second about a steel box, consisting of the outer casing and the inner bulb, between which there is a vacuum layer. So what to choose: a thermal bag or thermos for baby bottles? In fact, both products are interchangeable. However hard thermoses often considered more reliable in the majority they are more expensive termosolar. Fabric covers for baby bottles attractive low weight and compactness, if the gasket is thick enough, the food will start to cool only after 5-6 hours.

Principle of temperature preservation

The products inside the thermos is not cool because its internal space reliably isolated from the outside temperature conditions. Keep warm (or keep cold) allows the vacuum created between the outer and inner contour of a product. Slightly different the principle by which do the job bags. Temperature is maintained by a layer of special insulating material. The thermal bag can have a soft-sided or rigid, but in the second case, their weight and cost approaches thermoses.

Thermos for baby bottles: photos and tips for choosing

Going to shop for a thermal container for baby food, you must accurately represent yourself as and when you use it. Every family has their own needs: some thermos will come in handy during a visit to a health clinic or a 2-3 hour walk, and someone to present their life can't without an active camping and long trips by car. The more expensive the product, the higher the quality and greater the likelihood that it will be able to maintain a temperature for an extended period of time. When choosing termosolar and thermoses price matters, if you want to buy a reliable assistant, who will delight you for years. Important point is the compatibility of the container with specific bottles. The easiest option: to buy products of famous brand. If the bottles you already have, go in search of a thermos with one of them and do a "fitting."

If you need the thermos for baby food? Owner reviews

Today in the category of goods for children is offered too many different accessories and necessary things. However, many of them find practical use after purchase and are a waste of money. And whether a freezer bag for baby bottles, really? The cost of the container to maintain the temperature of baby food varies in the range of 300-1500 rubles. This significant price difference is due to the quality of the products, brands, manufacturers and structural differences thermoses and termosolar. Owners of high-quality containers for the most part satisfied with their acquisitions. Of course, the thermos is a specific accessory designed for use outside the home, but sooner or later it is useful for every family. Negative emotions often cause products of unknown manufacturers, low price. Sometimes they do not perform their function at all, in other cases, the holding temperature is too long. But quality thermos baby bottle warmer reviews have a bad just can't. Purchase a container for your baby, if you often take with him out of the house for a long time.