Every person has hair. Someone is blond, someone is black, and someone is bright red, like a ray of sunshine. We are all different. Regardless of the type, length and color, hair needs care. They should be shortened periodically, trim. What days is better to cut hair? People asked this question many centuries ago. This will be discussed in our article. Let's try to uncover all the secrets and find out the reasons why it is recommended to cut hair at a particular time.

What days is better to cut your hair so that it grows faster?

Special features

Many people do not know, but our hair has some peculiar features that are peculiar only to them.

1. In spring and summer they grow better. Mages believe that this is due to sunlight, as hair connects us to the other world. They are our antennas, which, according to occultists, we do not use.

2. Faster growth of hair occurs during sleep.

3. There are long-lived hair that can live up to seven years.

4. The peak of hair growth is between 16 and 24 years old.

An important point: in order to quickly grow braids, you need to monitor your rhythm of life. Sleep should be complete.

Magic haircuts

Many people are unaware that the process of cutting hair is a magic ritual. Both in church and in magical rites, this action is filled with secret meaning, endowed with tremendous power. You can improve a person’s mental or physical well-being, cheer him up, add strength, inspire him very easily and quickly. Need to trim hair. This fact is confirmed by psychologists.

What day is better to cut hair? Even our ancestors knew it. But we tried to keep such information secret. With the help of a haircut, you can relieve a sufferer or a sick person, save him from negative energy by changing the biofield. But you can, unfortunately, and bring the disease. Our ancestors never allowed to touch their hair to strangers. They were afraid of it and kept away from it. This would be nice to listen to us contemporaries. The ritual of cutting hair, which dates back several centuries, is still practiced.

Special calendar

What days is better to cut hair? Many of us asked these questions. There is a so-called haircut calendar. It is treated differently. You can not believe in the information that is written there. But life often confirms that he is right. Accordingly, it would be nice to know him, follow the available recommendations. What days is better to cut hair or dye it? Answers to these questions can be found by looking at such a calendar. It also covers the process of cutting the hair relative to the day of the week.

Can I cut my hair myself?

This question is also often we hear from others. Hair is our continuation. They connect us with the world of the mysterious and magical. The answer is ambiguous. If you dare to trim your hair, then proceed to this only in good spirits. Otherwise, you will only make your hair hurt.

From monday to friday

What day of the week is better to cut hair? It is necessary to consider in more detail.

Monday has always been considered a good day for such manipulations. It has long been said that by changing your hairstyle during this period, you can get rid of negative thoughts, energy, attract the good fortune and blessing of higher powers into your life.

And what they say about Tuesday? The day is also good for these operations. This is a period of change that can add bright colors and events, make people spin in a whirlwind of events and affairs, very exciting and positive. Courage and determination will enter the house, become its faithful companions. Such a prospect is bound to be tempting.

Wednesday is the middle of the week. Also quite auspicious day for hair cutting. He will remind you about pleasant moments of communication with friends and relatives. Perhaps there will be new friends. Countries, near and far, will begin to attract, beckoning unexplored distances.

What day of the week is better to cut hair? The choice is wide enough. Thursday is also a good option for this. Well-being and success of this day of the week will help you attract into your life.

Friday is a special day in all cultures and religions. A period endowed with a special meaning is mysterious. Before changing your hairstyle on this day, it is better to think and not rush. A haircut can wait. Our ancestors, if they did not know how to do the right thing, always consulted with the lunar calendar. This is especially true Friday.

Weekend: Is it possible to fix the hair?

Saturday is the sixth day of the week. Since ancient times, it was considered the day of purity. The bath for the Russian man has always been a magnificent, sacred ritual. On this day, the whole family steamed, regardless of the weather and the season, in all immense corners of our country. This is the day of the beginning of a new life, getting rid of earthly things, vanity and worries. In the bath cleansed the soul and body. Therefore, the day for cutting or trimming hair is favorable. Man gained spiritual and physical health, and his hair - shine and strength.

Sunday is a magical day, the end of the week, the completion of the microcycle. After it comes Monday - the eve of the new. All cultures have a special relationship to this day of the week. On Sunday, the Orthodox went to church, prayed, and turned their souls to God. This day, free from work, had to be devoted to prayer, meditation, spiritual life. Sundays often have big holidays. To quarrel and swear in this period was considered a special sin. Hair trim on this day is always forbidden. What days is better to cut hair? There is a choice, and of course, it is yours. But on Sunday it is better to refuse this occupation.

What lunar day is better to cut hair?

More and more, our compatriots are listening to the advice of the lunar calendar. There are recommendations in it concerning almost all aspects of life. In it you can find out and on what lunar day it is better to cut hair. Considers the calendar of all the cases, the possibility of any action on the moon, its state. Whether it grows, decreases, or is the full moon now. These are fundamental points.

So, a haircut on the growing moon can accelerate hair growth. This procedure can make the hair stronger and thicker. But a haircut on the waning moon can slow down hair growth, will allow the hairstyle to remain in its original form longer. These days the night light can change the curls, their structure. They will become stronger, less tangled, will gain smoothness.

Hair: due to season

Summer and spring are periods when nature comes to life. Everything is moving around, the birds are singing, all life is happy for life. The most favorable months for haircuts are June and July. So tells us the wisdom of the people.

Take care of the little ones

What day is better to cut the hair of a child? Previously, our mothers and grandmothers always remembered this and considered this moment to be extremely important. Children's hair took care of and hid from prying eyes. It was believed that through them you can harm the baby, even destroy it. Even now, many parents after the first haircut of a child store his infant curls with special tenderness. This custom has an ancient origin.

Treat your hair with due attention, and they will help you. Take care, keep it clean, respect them.

Maybe some of the people will say that it doesn’t matter on which day it is better to cut their hair. However, even scientists do not deny the influence of the moon on all living things. Therefore, it is advisable to assume that the centuries-old wisdom collected, for example, in the lunar calendar, has a special value.