Jeans were once just workwear American workers. Now they are very popular. They are worn by absolutely all segments of the population: from very young children to elderly and respectable citizens. They are versatile, convenient, practical. In the article we will look at several ways to quickly dry jeans, if you urgently need them after washing.

Jeans  wardrobe item

There are many styles and styles, their colors are huge. Pricing is also different. All jeans, regardless of the characteristics of the cut and fabric, need proper care. Only then can they serve for a long time. There are several ways to quickly dry jeans and not cause fabric damage.

In our fast paced world, mobility is important. We want to be in time everywhere. Sometimes something can happen unexpectedly. For example, we urgently needed our favorite jeans, but they were washed. What to do? How to quickly dry jeans after washing? Consider a few ways. And let everyone choose for themselves the most suitable option.

Precautionary measures

Always be aware of very important things while doing this work, use caution. How to quickly dry jeans? The time of the procedure will depend on how accurately and accurately you will perform the actions. Do not be distracted by other matters, do not neglect the safety rules. Everything related to the use of household appliances, in the case of careless and thoughtless handling of them, can lead to injuries and fire situations.

How to quickly dry jeans at home? Advice

You can use the iron. Just make sure that the working surface of the device is clean, and then misfortune will happen. For thin material it is fraught with irreparable consequences.

The temperature is important. If jeans consist only of cotton, you can choose the highest mark on the thermostat. If synthetic fibers are present, then be careful. Try to iron them on a small area of ​​fabric, gradually increasing the temperature. Only then can you work with the entire product.

Try using a hair dryer, putting a large terry towel on a damp cloth. By performing this procedure for some time, you can achieve the desired result. After that we suggest to iron them. So faster you will achieve the desired result.

How can you quickly dry jeans? The choice of method of exposure will also depend on the time that you have. You can hang them on the battery, near the stove, fireplace. The time of drying will depend on how high the temperature of the coolants is. You can combine this method with an iron when the fabric dries out a bit. This method has a lot of fans, because in the process of drying you also iron the product.

Think creatively

There are more extreme ways to solve the problem, if for some reason you cannot use a hairdryer and iron, and batteries, for example, are not hot enough. Here we will come to the aid of such a household appliance as an oven. It is important to consider: there should be no foreign aromas in the oven. Otherwise, the wet fabric will very well absorb the smell, from which it will be possible to get rid of it only after a new wash. Be extremely careful! The oven inside must be clean and dry. The thing should not be in contact with the walls of the device. May start a fire. Jeans should be hung near, but so that the warm air dried them. This way is good for woolen things. In addition, it is quite fast and convenient. Yes, and the oven is in almost every home.

Nothing is easier

Modern washing machines with different functions can help us. Spin mode is useful. The product is put into the drum and turn on this function with the maximum possible parameters.

This method has one “but”: if there are decorative elements on the fabric, this method is not always possible, since with a high speed of rotation of the drum they can easily bounce. Well, if the machine has a drying function, and it can be included separately. Note: the fabric of your product should not have any contraindications to high temperatures.

Now you know how to quickly dry jeans. Well, what is the way to choose, to decide, of course, to you, based on the possibilities and preferences. Just remember that the expediency of your actions and accuracy in work always influence the result. Good luck to you!