Vessel problems on the feet can touch anyone. To avoid further complications, to get the right diagnosis and suitable treatment, you can perform ultrasound of the lower extremities, which gives accurate results. Pain in the legs can be a symptom of serious diseases. From this article you will learn how to do ultrasound of the lower extremities. The photos will illustrate the process.

What could be the reasons?

Ultrasound examination of the legs is currently in demand among diagnostic methods. Its essence is quite simple: ultrasonic waves are used for examination, helping to give an objective assessment of the state of the vessels of the lower extremities.Ultrasound of the lower extremities: how and where is it done?

Too energetic or, on the contrary, a sedentary lifestyle, uncomfortable shoes, bad habits - this all can become the beginning of vascular diseases. And this often brings a lot of discomfort. For this reason, one must fight diseases.

In what cases is it recommended to do ultrasound diagnosis of the legs?

Ultrasound of the lower extremities should be performed if there are any vascular disorders, namely:

  • detection of asterisks from small vessels or dilated veins on the skin of the legs;
  • flowing and a sense of runniness;
  • pallor of the feet;
  • muscular spasms of the posterior surface of the tibia;
  • depletion of the lower limbs due to stress;
  • contraction of the skin on the legs, its darkening and long healing trophic ulcers;
  • narrowing of the lower leg in size, change in muscle strength, tone, hair growth;
  • a feeling of coolness in the legs and their rapid freezing, despite the normal air temperature;
  • the appearance of pain in the shins with movements, any load and at rest, which often speaks of the need for ultrasound of the lower limbs;
  • blueing of the toes or of the entire foot;
  • swelling of the legs, especially one-sided.

Ultrasound Research Excellence

Ultrasound of the lower extremities makes it possible to examine the vessels with maximum clarity, without exposing the patient to radiation, as well as the doctor. Due to the non-invasive orientation, this procedure can be performed repeatedly with the same patient.

To date, in private modern clinics, ultrasound is performed not only on the outer veins of the legs, but also on the deep ones. The cost of such an inspection is higher, but with its help it is possible to prevent the formation of asymptomatic vascular diseases. And surely many are asking: where to make ultrasound of the lower extremities?

Ultrasound examination of the deep veins of the legs is not always carried out, as the manufacturers of the current technology have only recently introduced devices for such a survey into medical centers. When performing ultrasound of lower extremity vessels, the price of the event will be directly determined by the qualification of the serving medical staff, the level of depreciation and the cost of medical equipment, through which the procedure itself is carried out.

How do ultrasound of the lower extremities?

The process of examination of the vessels of the legs is no different from the usual ultrasound examination. A special gel is applied to the diseased limb, which is necessary for closer contact with the apparatus. The duration of ultrasound is not more than an hour. The event is absolutely painless. Only in certain cases, additional injections are needed.

Prepare for ultrasound examination of the blood vessels of the legs is also absolutely not required. The patient may not limit himself in food before the examination and do not stop taking daily medications.

Because the procedure takes a rather long period, the patient is allowed to eat something before the process, and this will not affect the results. You can wear a skirt or comfortable pants.

Appointment of such an event

Ultrasound of the lower extremities always adheres to certain goals:

  • to see the patency of the vessels, and also the viability of the entire venous system;
  • to examine the general condition of tissues and veins;
  • check the venous blood flow.

To ensure that the procedure for checking the vessels of the legs gives good results, the study should be carried out in three positions: lying on the back, abdomen and standing. You can observe how the ultrasound of the lower extremities. The photo below shows the procedure.

What kind of diseases can you learn after ultrasound?

The examination of the blood vessels of the legs contributes to the definition of a variety of various ailments:

  1. Constant venous insufficiency.
  2. Phlebotrombosis (formation of thrombi in an in-depth venous system).
  3. Varicose veins.
  4. Valvular insufficiency of hypodermic, perforating and deep veins.
  5. Thrombophlebitis (development of thrombi in external veins).

Where can I get a checkup?

In order to find out exactly where the ultrasound diagnosis of the blood vessels of the lower extremities is performed, you should contact a vascular surgeon. The doctor can independently conduct it in a specialized center or a multidisciplinary clinic or advise a specialist to whom he has confidence. It is also possible to perform ultrasound examination of the legs absolutely free of charge in the department of vascular surgery of the central public hospital.

For a fee you can go to the nearest phlebological center to find out the price for the event by phone. The cost of such diagnostics will depend on what particular blood vessels will be examined.

Now many have become aware of how and where ultrasound of the lower extremities is done. It remains only to determine the place of its holding.