More recently, Japanese scientists have proved that our hands are a projection of our entire body, and certain fingers are responsible for certain organs, as well as systems of organs. That is why an experienced doctor, just looking at the hands of the patient, can easily determine the presence of the latter of certain diseases. The color of hands, nails, flexibility of fingers, etc. also tells about it.

Self-treatment lessons: find out which finger is responsible for which organ

Due to the effect on certain points of the hand and fingers separately, it is possible to restore the health of certain organs. For this, many years ago, special methods of acupressure were created, but more on that later. First you need to figure out which finger is responsible for which body.

Correspondence of the internal organs to the fingers

1. Thumb.

This finger is responsible for the human respiratory system. Adjust the work of organs such as the bronchi, lungs, trachea can be acting on the thumb. He is in charge of which organ he is sorted out, now we can safely treat coughs with a point massage.

2. Index finger.

"Indicates" this finger on the human digestive system. However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that it is not enough to act on the entire surface of the finger, it is necessary to know certain points: the finger pad is massaged if it is necessary to act on the first section of the digestive system, in particular the oral cavity. Dentists claim that, knowing which finger is responsible for which organ, you can cure toothache by directly massaging the section of the index finger above the nail plate.

Slightly lower - at the middle of the finger - the area responsible for the small and medium intestines, and the lowest area is responsible for the work of the pancreas.

3. Middle finger.

It is very important to know which organ is responsible for the middle finger, since its responsibility is one of the greatest. The middle finger is connected with the human circulatory system both literally and figuratively. Namely, the cardiovascular system is located in the human body in such a way that the artery that goes straight from the heart approaches the middle finger. In addition, techniques of acupressure can affect the individual organs of this system.

4. Ring finger.

Probably everyone knows that it is the hardest to perform any manipulations with the ring finger. Equally immobile, subtle and complex is the human nervous system with which this finger is connected.

It is also one of the most immobile fingers, but it has a great influence - the little finger can affect the functioning of the large intestine. By acting on it, you can get rid of many unpleasant diseases, such as constipation and others.

What is the inner side of the hands responsible for?

Often, being in an uncomfortable situation, we begin rubbing our palms instinctively, and this is not accidental, because they also have an effect on our body. It is important to know not only which organs are responsible for the fingers, but also which points of the palm activate vital forces and energy in the human body.

On the palm there are bulging areas, massage which will help the work of the organs. The bulge near the thumb, called the tenor, is responsible for the functioning of the liver, and the bulge in the little finger, called the hypotenor, is responsible for the functioning of the lungs.

Useful massage techniques

Having figured out which finger is responsible for which organ, you can safely engage in self-treatment with the help of acupressure.

So, for ear diseases or hearing complications, do the following exercise:

  • Middle finger flex pad to the base of the thumb.
  • The thumb is pressed bent middle.
  • Straighten the rest of the fingers to the maximum.
  • Hold in this position for 2-3 minutes.

The technique is performed several times with both hands.

If there is pain in the back or joints, do the following sequence of actions:

  • Bend the index finger to the base of the thumb.
  • Big slightly hold the index.
  • Straighten and relax the rest of your fingers.
  • Wait 10-15 minutes, you can repeat several times.

With a cold, cough, pneumonia you need:

  • Connect the palms together.
  • To cross fingers.
  • Place the thumb of one hand and take it into the ring with the index and thumb of the other hand.

If there is a sharp pain in the heart, before the arrival of the doctor, you should try to perform the following exercise:

  • Bend the index finger to the terminal phalanx at the base of the thumb.
  • Connect the pads of the thumb, middle and ring finger.
  • Straighten the little finger.
  • Perform an exercise with both hands until the pain passes.

Self-treatment is not always bad!

Very often the incredible surrounds us in everyday life. The fact that there is a theory that tells which finger is responsible for which organ is another proof of the existence of the incredible around us, more precisely, in our body. It is very important to understand that a person can build his own destiny himself, bring his health to the desired level thanks to incredibly simple methods, and the method of influence with a point massage on the internal systems of a person is a confirmation of this.