Any professional athlete will agree that dumbbell exercises are the most effective strength training for beginners who want to make themselves a beautiful figure. After all, the shoulder girdle is not only indicative, but also serves as a basis for the development of the muscles of the arms and torso.

Security - first of all

The shoulder joint is considered to be one of the most complex in the human body. The fact is that the muscles that are included in its composition (anterior, posterior and middle head of the deltoid muscle) are not independent, but only participate in a well-coordinated work with others. Many beginners, performing exercises with dumbbells for the shoulders, try to hammer the muscles with isolated workouts with the use of large weights. This can not be done. Even professional athletes treat the shoulder joint very carefully, developing it not by strength training, but by ordinary pumping.

Exercises with dumbbells, along with their accessibility, are considered more traumatic than barbell exercises. The fact is that when working with dumbbells, the shoulder joint performs also the role of the stabilizer, keeping the dumbbells in such a position that they do not deviate from the intended course of movement.

Orientation to the weakest muscle

In any sport, training begins with lagging muscles. In bodybuilding, most athletes have problems with an undeveloped delta or a non-developed posterior deltoid muscle. Exercises with dumbbells for her are isolated, that is, work should be performed without the help of secondary muscles. Accordingly, attention should be paid to the technique of implementation. It is possible that at first you will have to do shoulder exercises without dumbbells to develop the right technique.

The arrangement of dumbbells in the inclination of sitting obliges the athlete to keep his flat back constantly, avoiding stoop. Hand-to-hand is not carried out by the wrist joint, but by the elbow joint. It is very important that the elbows work parallel to each other.

Dumbbell cultivation in the standing tilt is more like a weight pull to the chest, but instead of the back muscles, the athlete's task is to move the focus of the load onto the posterior deltoid muscle. To do this is not difficult, it is necessary, as in the previous exercise, to take back not the wrists, but the elbows. The back should always remain flat.

Features of the load of the rear delta

Exercises for the shoulders with dumbbells, focused on the development of the posterior deltoid muscle, require attention. Along with the quality load, you can not use large weights. The newcomer can be indignant that it is unrealistic to achieve a load without an increase, and it will be wrong.

To perform one exercise it is necessary to make 3-4 approaches 12-15 times. Weight should be chosen so that the last three repetitions were very difficult to perform. If the exercise can be performed more than twenty times, the weight must necessarily be increased.

To exercise a decent load on the muscles of the posterior delta, an obligatory condition is a short rest time, which should be 40-60 seconds. This will keep the muscle in a tone, not giving it time to cool. Possible weight loss in subsequent exercise approaches. In this there is nothing to worry about.

Unloved flies

Exercises for shoulder muscles with dumbbells for front deltas are very often ignored by beginners. The fact is that the front head of the shoulder girdle is the most developed muscle, and for its elaboration you need a rather big weight. However, the use of large dumbbells creates the inconvenience of the exercise itself, because when stretching the arms forward, a huge load is applied to the muscles of the back.

The problem has long been known and easily solved. First, you can perform the exercise while sitting. In this position, the athlete will not be able to throw dumbbells up, swinging the body, and therefore, have to take a smaller weight, and the burden on the back will be less noticeable. The second option suggests performing alternately raising hands in front of you. Such a decision will move the center of gravity back, reducing the burden on the spine.

The technique of execution is simple: take dumbbells with a grip on top and carry out the ascent of the arms slightly bent at the elbows in front of you. The upward movement is carried out, of course, by the elbow, and not by the wrist joint, and it is not recommended to lift the dumbbells above the chin. To think of beginners is necessary about the right foot rest in the sitting position. Let and develop this exercise with dumbbells shoulders, legs still play an important role here. If you do not fix them exactly in front of you, then during the exercise the body will constantly fall forward, giving a huge load on the spine.

Favorite athletes all-rounder

Many professional athletes note that it is the developed middle head of the shoulder belt that underlines the beauty of the figure in female representatives. Streamline is practically not noticeable in the profile, which excludes the masculine appearance of the figure. However, routing through the sides is not only the best shoulder exercises with dumbbells for women. The wide back begins with the width of the shoulder girdle, which directly depends on the volume of the middle deltoid muscle.

Exercise can be performed in a standing or sitting position. However, in the latter case, the help to the muscles of the swinging of the body is completely ruled out. For all mahs the technique is uniform: the back is flat, the arms are lifted by the elbow joint, and not by the wrist. The elbows are bred parallel to each other. Brushes with dumbbells should be 15 or more degrees below the elbow joint.

Basic bench for a set of muscle mass

Lifting dumbbells up can be performed both standing and sitting. In the standing position, it is recommended to use an athletic belt that will keep the spine of the beginning athlete from injury. If the exercise is carried out in a sitting position, then it's worth taking care of the bench with the back. Ideally, the angle of inclination of the backrest is recommended to be set at 70-80 degrees from the horizontal. During the exercise for the shoulders with dumbbells make sure to make two touches of the back of the bench: the pelvis below and the shoulder blades at the top. This position completely removes the load from the spine. Take care of the leg rest. It is very important that they do not slip on the floor, because at the end point of lifting dumbbells, the hands tend to bend backward, pushing the pelvis out of the bench forward. In no event should this be allowed.

Technique for performing the basic exercise

Exercises with dumbbells for the shoulders in the base bench are considered the most effective among professional athletes. The fact is that only dumbbells allow you to perform the full amplitude of the hand movement. However, do not forget that bodybuilding is still not a choreography, and too much muscle stretching with the establishment of limbs for a break here is clearly not welcome. Yes, even to injury can lead very easily.

The technique of performing the exercise requires the obligatory arrangement of the elbow joints parallel to each other and the sex in the initial position. The angle between the biceps and forearm should be equal to 90 degrees. Lifting dumbbells up is carried out simultaneously with two hands, and at the end point of the exercise it is forbidden to fully extend the arms in the elbow joint. Violation of the technique of execution leads to inevitable injuries, which are incurable and will continue to be constantly reminiscent of themselves.

Classics of the genre

This is probably the only exercise that really came up with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Indeed, over the past decade, it has become very fashionable among athletes to add the bodybuilding star to the name of the exercise. Arnold's wrestling will be of interest to those athletes who are looking for exercises with dumbbells for the arms and shoulders. The fact is that in the press there is supination, which involves not only the muscles of the deltoid belt, but also the forearm, biceps and triceps. This exercise is better performed on pumping - more repetitions with a low weight, as supination effectively disables the stabilizer muscles, negating the work with a lot of weight.

Sitting on a bench, as with a normal bench press of dumbbells, you need to put your hands to your chest, bringing together the elbows of your hands and placing them on your stomach. Pushing hands up, when reaching a corner in the elbow joint, equal to 90 degrees, you need to spread your arms to the sides, fully opening the chest. Continuing to push your hands up, you must continue turning your wrists away from yourself. When dumbbells are found above the head, the brushes must be fully deployed. Squeeze the dumbbell as much as possible and return to its original position, performing the reverse action of the press.


The above exercises with dumbbells for the shoulders can be performed in this order in a complex of training for the development of deltoid muscles - both in the gym and at home. The main thing is not to forget about the correctness of the technique, the purpose of which is not only the correct development of the right muscle, but also the avoidance of trauma to the shoulder joint that is highly prone to it.