Rocking press is considered a grateful occupation. Judge for yourself - the figure is slim and you can enjoy it yourself, and let other people do it. Also swing the press is just good for health, if you do it moderately. In general, everything should be respected. As for the swing of the press - so much the more.

In this article, we will look in more detail on how to properly press the press with the exercise "Bike", what you need to do in order to maximize its effectiveness. Also, attention should be paid to the benefits of swinging the press (the rectus abdominis and oblique muscles) in itself, without taking into account such an effective exercise as "Bike".

The use of swing press for the figure

Exercise Bike

Download press is a very useful exercise for the figure. Slender forms and a taut stomach want to have both male and female representatives. Naturally, the cubes on the body of women will not look as good as those of men, so it is important to observe moderation. If you do not do this, then there are two options. In the first case, the efficiency will be maximally reduced. If the press is excessively pumped, then it is possible or pumped up the body (especially if some drugs are used at the same time) or traumas of the muscles responsible for the torso inclinations forward and sideways.

However, not only for the slopes designed by the press, it's obvious. Another important function is protection from negative external influences. So, the dog will simply die if it is hit in the stomach, since it does not have this muscle. If a person with a strong press is hit, nothing will happen to him. In this case, the figure will be excellent.

The use of swing press for singers

The press is good for rocking singers, since strong abdominal muscles are very much associated with the diaphragm - a special muscle that is designed to control breathing. When the press swings, the diaphragm also trains, which provides a more smooth exhalation. And this is very necessary for the vocalists, since the main reason why most people do not know how to sing is just too much exhalation.

And all this happens just because of a weak diaphragm. So if you want to sing opera arias, then it is also recommended to strengthen the abdominal muscles. They also help you to more economically spend your air and breathe so that the healing effect takes place. So in this aspect, the swing of the press can be useful not only for singers, but for all people who want to learn how to breathe properly.

The use of strong backing press

Right now, try to draw in your stomach. You immediately aligned, and the posture was just magnificent, was not it? And the reason for this lies in the fact that the muscles of the press take a direct part in the formation of posture.

Naturally, in this process not only the abdominal muscles participate, but also the muscles located in the lumbar spine of the back of our body. But at the same time, the training of the press is a way to improve the functioning of those muscles, too, since there are no specific exercises designed to achieve this effect. It turns out that if you press the press, then at the same time one more muscle of the back is strengthened. And this is another advantage.

Exercise "Bicycle"

If you do not have a lot of time to swing the press, you can imitate cycling by your lower extremities. It is also useful to perform exercises for the muscles of the legs, so the "Bike" will be a really good exercise, capable of providing the most uniform and qualitative impact on our "meat".

Also, many people would like to lose excess weight on the stomach and eliminate fat from the side of it. It is not necessary to perform exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides. It turns out a complex effect on the most diverse muscles of our body with the help of this simple effect.

How is the time saved during this exercise?

Sometimes a person has to spend time in vain when looking for a normal exercise for the muscles of the legs and a number of others for the muscles described above. In addition, that you need to find them, so in addition to all you need to fulfill them. And not every person has this opportunity, when you need to sit at work or deal with young children. Still, even the most short training sometimes takes 15 minutes. But seconds consist of hours.

And one minute is already a fairly long period of time. For this period, for example, the universe expands by several thousand kilometers. Do not underestimate the small stretches of time. Therefore it is desirable to perform complex exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides, the construction of a beautiful press, the development of musculature on the legs. And saving time for doing all these tasks is provided by this exercise.

How to do the exercise "Bike"

It is not difficult to do it. It's enough just to follow this sequence of actions, and you will be happy. So, exercise "Bike" for the press and legs (instruction).

  1. From the very beginning, you should lie on your back and bend your knees.
  2. After that, you need to throw your hands behind your head. In doing so, you need to ensure that your fingers do not touch your head.
  3. Move the left knee to the right elbow. Do the same with the right knee. It turns out that the movements must be performed in a mirror manner - from right to left.
  4. A straight leg should not touch the floor, let it hang in the air. Thus, the musculature of the abdomen is also involved.

Exercise "Bicycle" must be carried out in three approaches 15 times. Then this figure can be increased. At the same time, if it is hard for you to do so much from the very beginning, you can reduce this figure. Do not overexert yourself. Benefits will not be, but your body can suffer completely.

And it is not necessary to perform it every day. Exercise "Bike" can be done only 2-3 times a week. Moreover, more often it is not necessary, since for the formation of muscle mass, their rest is needed. The same goes for all other organs in our body.

So, the brain also remembers the information not at the moment when we are trying to do it, but much later. Everything should be natural. If you do this exercise every day, then you can either find it boring, and there will be no sense in it. But you will spend precious time.