To download the press considered a class grateful. Judge for yourself — the figure of a slender and it is possible to enjoy as yourself, and give other people to do it. To download Pres just good for your health if done in moderation. In General, all should comply with the measure. As for the swing press.

In this article, we consider in more detail how to the abdominals with the exercise “Bicycle”, what you need to do in order to maximize its effectiveness. You should also pay attention to the use of a swing press (rectus and oblique muscles) by itself, without regard to such exercises as “Bicycle”.

The use of a swing press to shape

Exercise bike

To download the press — this activity is very useful for the figure. Slender forms and tight stomach you want to have both males and female. Naturally, the cubes on the body women will look not as good as men, so it is important to observe moderation. If this is not done, then there are two possibilities. In the first case, the efficiency will be maximally reduced. If you download the press excessively, it may or pumped body (especially if used with some drugs) or injury of the muscles responsible for bending the torso forward and sideways.

However, not only for inclinations intended Pres, obviously. Another important function is to protect from negative external influences. So, the dog will just die when hit in the stomach, as it doesn't have this muscle. If a person with a strong pressure hit, then nothing will happen. The shape is great.

The use of a swing press for singers

Press okay to rock singers, since strong abdominal muscles are very largely associated with the diaphragm is the special muscle that is designed to control the breath. When the press is swinging, the diaphragm also trains, resulting in a smoother exhale. And it is very necessary to vocalists as the main reason why most people can't sing, is just too strong exhale.

And all this happens just because of a weak diaphragm. So if you want to sing Opera arias, there are also recommended to strengthen the abdominal muscles. They also help you to economize more air and to breathe so to cause a health effect. So in that aspect, the bench press can be useful not only to singers but to all the people who want to learn how to breathe correctly.

The benefits of a strong press for the spine

Right now try to involve the stomach. Once you have leveled off, and the posture was just gorgeous, isn't it? And the reason for this lies in the fact that the abdominal muscles take a direct part in the formation of posture.

Naturally, this process involves not only the abdominal muscles, located in the lumbar spinal muscles with the back side of our body. But AB workout is a way to improve the functioning of those muscles, as specific exercises designed to achieve this effect, no. It turns out that if you download the press, that simultaneously strengthens another muscle in the back. And this is another advantage.

The Exercise “Bicycle”

If you don't have much time to swing a press, it is possible by their lower extremities to simulate the Cycling. It is also useful to do exercises for your leg muscles, so “Bike” is really good exercise, is able to provide the most uniform and high-quality impact on our “meat.”

Also, many people would like to lose weight on stomach and eliminate the fat from side part. It is not necessary to exercise for weight loss belly and sides. It turns out a complex effect on the different muscles in our body with this simple effect.

It provides time savings when performing this exercise?

Sometimes a person has to waste time when you search normal exercises for the muscles of the legs and some other for the above-described muscles. In addition, you need to find them, also needs to comply with them. Not everyone has the opportunity, when you have to sit at work or engage in with young children. Still, even the short training times and takes 15 minutes. But seconds consist watch.

And one minute is already quite a long period of time. During this period, for example, the universe is expanding at several thousand kilometers. One should not underestimate the small periods of time. Therefore, it is desirable to perform complex exercises for weight loss belly and sides, build beautiful press, and muscular development in the legs. And time-saving to perform all of these tasks is provided in this exercise.

How to do the exercise “Bicycle”

To accomplish it easy. Simply observe these steps and you will be happy. So, the exercise “Bicycle” crunches and legs (instructions).

  1. You from the start, you should lie on your back and bend your knees.
  2. Then the hands should be to cast over the head. Thus it is necessary to ensure that the fingers to the head was not touched.
  3. Move the left knee to the right elbow. Do the same with the right knee. It turns out that the motion you need to perform a mirror — from right to left.
  4. Straight leg should not touch the floor, even hanging in the air. Thus, also involves the muscles of the abdomen.

Exercise “Bike” you need to perform three approaches for 15 times. Then this number can be increased. If you from the start is hard with so much to do, you can decrease this number. In any case, do not overdo it. Would not be good, but to suffer your body may well be.

And might not want to do it every day. The exercise “Bicycle” can be done only 2-3 times a week. Moreover, most don't have to, so as to form muscle mass need their rest. The same applies to all the other organs in our body.

Thus, the brain remembers information, not in a moment when we are trying to do, but much later. Everything should be in a natural way. If you will perform this exercise every day, you may or find it boring, thus nothing will come of nothing. But time is precious spend.