Exercise "plank", reviews, the results before and after which you can often hear and see, is a gym, aimed at the development of the muscular system. We are talking about the abdominal muscles, of course. The “plank” exercise, reviews of which were carefully studied before writing the article, allows to achieve good results in this area. But how to properly implement it, and then will be discussed.


More experienced people who work out in gyms and fitness clubs for half a year or more may notice the same tendency among newcomers who join the ranks of athletes from relevant institutions: they all begin to perform standard exercises.

Well, of course, we are talking about the fact that they immediately run to the Roman bench to do such exercises on the press, like twisting. Yes, this has a definite meaning. No one argues with the fact that the abdominal muscles are quite an important indicator, one might say, a representative muscle group. But after all, no one says that in order to develop and strengthen them, you definitely need to perform standard exercises. Why not try breaking patterns?

Here, as nothing else, the “plank” exercise is best suited, the reviews, the results before and after which prove its effectiveness. In general, in a few words about this lesson we can say the following: it does not belong to the group that allows you to quickly pump up the abdominal muscles, to make them noticeable. This is a formative exercise that strengthens the muscles and prepares them for subsequent, more massive loads.

That is why the exercise “plank” for weight loss, reviews of which a person can also study on their own, does not enjoy great popularity among newcomers coming to the gym. To begin with, one should consider which muscles at the time of execution, as it were, take the brunt. What we will do.


The starting position in which this exercise is performed is the emphasis lying on the elbows. At the same time the back is straightened. The pelvis should be kept in the correct position: it should not be raised above the body line, but also not lowered down. Otherwise, you will facilitate your exercise, which will reduce its effectiveness and efficiency.

Standing on elbows, you can clasp hands. This does not make it easier, but it will not make it harder. Perhaps it will be easier for someone to stand like this. In this position, you must be, this is the meaning of the exercise.

Beginners are recommended to do 5 sets of 1 minute each. If you think that you have moved to a new level, you can expand the amount of time per approach. For example, take a static position not for 1 minute, but by 2. Over time, the number of approaches can also be increased.

Muscle groups involved

Exercise "plank", reviews, the results of which will be given in this article as general information, can not be called insulating. The whole thing is that the appointment is to strengthen the upper and lower (as well as some other) sections of the abdominals.

That is why the exercise is considered to be basic, having a general strengthening effect on all the abdominal muscles. You can delve a little into the study of technical details. Then you will find out that the “plank” is representative of the isometric exercise class. This means that the movement of the joints during its implementation simply does not occur, they are in a static state.

The benefits of exercise

Earlier it was said that the exercise “plank”, the effect, reviews of which can be found now without difficulty, is gymnastics, strengthening the abdominal muscles. But, as it turned out, not only this group of muscles is involved.

At the same time, it affects the development of a whole range of physical characteristics of an athlete who performs this exercise.

Comprehensive load

“Planck” is a unique exercise of its kind, as it allows the executor to develop the muscles of different groups at the same time. The load falls not only on the abdominal muscles, but also to a certain extent on the back.

The primary load in this case takes the extensor spine. Also, a certain pressure is experienced by the transverse, rectus abdominis muscle. Often you can meet the question, exercise “plank”: how to do it. Feedback and advice is really important. Because proper execution allows you to work out the main muscle groups. They also include trapezoids and neck muscles.

Otherwise, it should be noted a certain effect of exercise, which it has on the posture. Of course, this effect is positive. An excellent option would be its implementation in the event that a person is forced to engage in regular work at the computer, sitting in front of the monitor. The “bar” will also be suitable for office employees who spend a lot of time sitting in the same place, keeping the neck in a position that is not very comfortable for it.

Top position

A certain proportion of the load falls on the shoulder muscles. In the course of performing the “bar”, the athlete gets an excellent opportunity to strengthen the shoulder girdle and increase its performance. The point is that after performing this exercise, the number and quality of possible push-ups from the floor will increase.

The body (or rather, the upper part of it) is held precisely by the work of the hands, which makes it possible to load the biceps muscle of the shoulder. This, of course, is not lifting a dumbbell for biceps, but the muscle will still be strengthened and developed. That over time will certainly give its result, agree. When lowering to the lower position, some more muscle groups are involved.

Down position

The load will fall, including the pectoral muscles. An important role is assigned to the participation of the lower back in the process of holding the position. Immediately another case of muscles is included in the case: hips, buttocks.


So we looked at which muscle groups are connected to work during the exercise of the “plank” exercise. It turned out that it is a kind of sufficiently wide spectrum that includes the neck and pectoral muscles, the trapezium, the shoulder girdle together with the biceps muscle, and the buttocks and the thighs. This is even without mention of the back and abdominals. So it turns out that the exercise “plank” can be safely called a universal strengthening.


It would seem that the psychological aspect is not the place. In fact, everything is completely different. When performing an exercise, it is important to concentrate on this process. That is, you need to keep in mind a specific goal (in its role it may be to keep the body in a horizontal position) and fulfill it.

It is almost impossible to do this only due to the work of the corresponding muscles, since some time after the start they are loaded. That is why it is important to show psychological qualities. They are often in sports called volitional. That is, when, it would seem, there is no longer any strength to continue execution, you need to concentrate all your attention and strength and direct it to extend the time: for a second, two, five - it does not matter (the more, the better). It is important that we managed to cross the threshold. Therefore, to become stronger, take a step forward.

Thus, the exercise “bar” allows you not only to pump physical strength and endurance, but also to increase the level of concentration. The ability to focus your thoughts on doing a certain business will give you an advantage not only in the sports field. This is a universal ability that is useful both in the performance of some tasks and, if necessary, in solving working tasks. In general, a successful concentration on a particular issue is already a half completed job.

If you work in the office, whether you like it or not, you still have to admit that working in a sitting position makes your adjustments to health. Muscles in the absence of an adequate load are compressed, bound. Which, by the way, was said earlier, when it was told about the static position of the neck while working at the computer.

In this case, the exercise "bar" will be an excellent way out. In addition to the general strengthening of many muscle groups, a small load on them and the development of concentration capabilities, a person gets an excellent chance to stretch muscles a little. That, in turn, allows you to relieve stress from them. And this is important.

If you feel the need to become a figure, you want to have an impact on the waist, then the “plank” exercise is more appropriate than ever. This is a great tool for impacting the abdominals. If the development of the biceps, the shoulder girdle goes, but it happens not very noticeably, the load on the abdominal press falls quite intensively.

With the help of the “plank” exercise, you can remove the excess, as well as make the primary shape of the press, or rather its cubes. Further more: by increasing literacy and time of completion, it is possible to achieve very good progress in this direction.

It is only necessary to remember, no matter how ideal any exercise is, it will not be able to change everything alone. Even performing the "bar", you must remember about proper nutrition and adhere to a certain lifestyle.

Reviews of the "bar": a general exercise

Before writing this article reviews of people were studied. I wanted to note that everyone who has achieved significant results in building muscle mass or simply becoming a figure, still do not forget about the exercise and regularly perform it.

Exercise "bar" for weight loss, reviews of which are positive, universal. In addition, many people emphasize the fact that after long work with the need to use a computer, the exercise becomes a kind of salvation for the neck and the corresponding muscle groups.