In bathrooms and public toilets, where a large flow of visitors and maintain cleanliness is always quite difficult, the optimal solution will be floor toilet "Genoa". They first appeared in Turkey in public toilets and trains, and then in schools and production. The floor toilet "Genoa" is a special bowl with an internal drain neck. The design means squatting, so contact of hands, feet and open body parts with a toilet is missing. The only drawback - you need to learn the coordination of the body in this position.

Toilet bowl of Genoa: bowl

Advantages of toilet bowls "Genoa"

  • A perfect solution for a bathroom with a limited area.
  • They hide in the floor, so the useful height of the room is not lost.
  • Simple and reliable design, protection from vandalism.
  • The toilet bowl material is resistant to acids and alkalis.
  • Meets high sanitary standards.
  • It is easy to install, all the components of the toilet are quite cheap.

What do the toilet bowls "Genoa"

Given that the toilet should be strong, vandal-proof, easy to wash, then the materials are selected accordingly. In most cases, this is stainless steel, cast iron, if the toilet bowls are designed for public places with a large number of visitors. If the "Genoa" bowl is used in private construction, then it is better to buy stylish ceramic or porcelain products. The outer surface of the toilet is additionally covered with a special enamel. When buying a floor toilet "Genoa" you need to take into account the features of the bathroom, the thickness of the concrete screed, the presence of underfloor heating, and other technical nuances. Therefore, depending on the material of the design, the design can vary significantly in different models.

Types and features of the bowls "Genoa"

  • Bowl "Genoa" ceramic. This is a simple, easy to maintain toilets. Due to the material, are massive and weight. Have an attractive appearance, toilets covered with protective enamel, it is durable and does not wear off. They should be set carefully not to hit.
  • Bowl "Genoa" enamel. More durable toilets, but are much more expensive. Cast iron resistant to temperature, aggressive media, able to serve for decades. But you need to include the human factor because the expensive cast iron material. Therefore, the iron bowl is not recommended in public toilets.
  • "Genoa" – stainless steel bowl. This is the best solution for public toilets. They are cheap, easy to install, have low weight. But these toilets are prone to corrosion, so need to wash them very carefully and do not use a metal brush.

Installation of floor toilet bowls "Genoa"

You can install the toilet bowl on taffy or mount it on a tile. Fasteners practically do not differ from a usual toilet bowl.

If you attach a bowl to the taffeta, you need to choose a suitable beam or board. Nail into the beam nails so that the point protruded from the other side for 10-15 cm. Then pour the floor with concrete and drown the beam in the solution. Then the toilet itself is screwed.

On the tiles "Genoa" (bowl) is set otherwise. First put the tiles, then is the markup and fitting a toilet. In this case, you need to bring sewer drain pipe and try to see her the toilet. Then connect the bowl of the pipe and use rubber seals to connect the water supply.

Siphon selection

Siphon is used to remove waste water and prevent the penetration of unpleasant odors from the sewage system. Often, it is a curved pipe with a knee, in the lower edge there is a little water, which prevents the passage of air. It is manufactured with a vertical inlet and a straight or inclined outlet. If the toilet bowl "Genoa" is not used for a long time, the water in the knee evaporates and an unpleasant smell appears. The main types of siphons:

  1. Horizontal. Cost more expensive than vertical, used with limited thickness of the floor.
  2. Slanters have a drain neck with an angle of 45 degrees. Applied, if the "Genoa" bowl is installed close to the wall.
  3. Vertical.

The mounting technique is fairly simple, and if the cup is recessed into the floor, then only a horizontal siphon can be used. At installation it is impossible to forget about rubber seals, clamps. If the installation is carried out correctly, the floor toilet "Genoa" will serve with faith and truth for more than a decade without replacement.