Decoration of the wedding hall is an important stage in preparation for such a solemn event. The decoration of the room plays a primary role in determining the theme of the wedding, and also allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this wonderful holiday, not only to the newlyweds, but to all invited relatives, colleagues and acquaintances. How does the design of the hall begin? Who is engaged in decoration? And how to arrange the premises on their own?

Decoration of the wedding hall with your own hands

How to arrange a room with children in mind?

The wedding is a beautiful solemn event. It unites hearts and gives exclusively positive emotions to newlyweds, their relatives and other guests. Most of this holiday children are waiting for, as at this time they get a lot of sweets, money and other pleasant trifles. That is why, when decorating a room with your own hands, consider the young age of invited guests.

For example, the decoration of a wedding hall may include some sort of differentiation of guests by age. So, children's tables can differ in color (here it makes sense to differentiate the color palette according to the gender of children), to have a colorful design with famous cartoon characters and fairy-tale characters, and also to contain suitable children's attributes (children's dishes with favorite characters, napkins, ).

In addition, when planning the design of the room, pay attention to the zoning. In this case, we are talking about the delimitation of the zone for resting adults and places for children's entertainment.

How to highlight a festive hall with the help of color?

If you decide to get involved in decorating a festive room, but do not know how to decorate the wedding hall yourself, we will help you make the right choice. For example, the design can be done in a certain color scheme. What does this mean?

Suppose you decided to decorate the hall in purple. This means that in the chosen scale there should be not only tablecloths, but also napkins, curtains, decor and even glasses for the newlyweds.

How not to overdo it with color at registration?

Ideas for decorating the wedding hall can be different. But if you still got someone else's idea, for example, the design with the emphasis on one or several colors, do not be very zealous. After all, everything is good in moderation. Do not overdo it with the choice of palette. In this case, you need to consider the following points:

  • avoid overly screaming colors (too bright shades can simply annoy and distract attention from the event itself);
  • use one color;
  • if you use several, take your choice seriously (all shades should be harmoniously combined with each other).

About how the decoration of the wedding hall with balls is going on, we will tell further.

How to decorate a room for a wedding balloons?

One of the simplest and at the same time favorite ornaments for children and adults are balloons. Their advantage is obvious: they perfectly fit into any theme of the festive event, and their color scheme will complement the bright notes of any interior design. In addition, in addition to color, you can choose the size and shape of the balls, which will make a certain "highlight" in the entire process of decorating the hall. What is remarkable about this design?

Decoration of a wedding hall with balloons has a number of advantages. In particular, the balls can be used as single decor elements or combine them into whole colorful compositions. For example, it can be a huge arch of balls, inscription, figurines of newlyweds, heart, pigeons and much more. In this case, it makes sense to play with the color of the balls, choosing, for example, the original combination of white and pink elements, red and white, purple and white, etc.

Here is an example of decorating the room with balloons. For example, a Banquet hall can be decorated with dangling garlands of white and gold color. And over the table young it is possible to build the original arch using double weave.

How to decorate the hall with the help of volumetric balls of thread?

The simplest decoration of the wedding hall is thread. With their help you can make original three-dimensional balls. And most importantly, it's not difficult to do them. So, to create one such element you will need an air ball or a smooth rubber ball, glue, threads, scissors and a plastic cup.

Next, you need to make two through holes in the bottom of the cup and pour the glue. Then gradually poke a thread into the hole and, already covered with a sticky substance, wind on a round shape. After the ball of thread is ready, it remains only to blow off the ball or balloon.

How to arrange a banquet room for a themed wedding?

If the organization of a traditional festive celebration makes you sad, there is always an opportunity to arrange a luxurious themed wedding. Accordingly, the decoration of the wedding hall should coincide and as brightly as possible select the chosen theme of the event. For example, you chose a wedding in a gangster style. In this case, the walls of the room can be decorated with humorous posters "Wanted", and they can be depicted as newlyweds, honorary witnesses and other guests. On the walls can also be found models of weapons: pistols and knives. If you decide to decorate the room with garlands, then you can do them yourself from newspaper scraps. Also for decoration you can use feathers, sequins and balloons.

How to decorate the wedding hall, if the wedding in a marine style, you can understand from the very name of the subject. So, in the interior can be present balloons in blue, blue and white tones, decorative anchors, ribbons and capers, satin ribbons, shells and colored pebbles. For an Eastern wedding, you can put a pillow on each chair or replace it with a comfortable soft padded stool.

In a word, the elements of the decor and the design of the room are selected based on the established theme of the wedding.

How to decorate a room with flowers?

Live or artificial flowers - this is the most beautiful decoration of the wedding hall. Using them to decorate the room, you can achieve incredible results. For example, if you plan to celebrate a wedding on an open summer area, then you can decorate it with fresh flowers. For this, roses, lilies and curly varieties of flowers are suitable.

However, it should be remembered that living plants can not go without water for a long time - they fade pretty quickly. That's why decorate with a similar natural decor, the celebration hall is only a couple of hours before the event itself. If you still decided to use in the design of living plants, arrange them in beautiful vases and flowerpots, previously filled with water.

Another thing is the decoration of the wedding hall with flowers made of artificial materials of long-term storage. Such decorations will not spoil and will perfectly fit into any room. In the process of decorating, you can use single flowers, plants in vases and even large and weighty garlands.

How to arrange a room with a cloth?

Original look in the design of beautiful satin ribbons and neatly collected in the folds of sections of light and colorful fabrics. This is a wonderful additional decor, which does not involve large monetary investments. In this case, you can use snow-white lace, transparent tulle and tulle, air mesh and much more. For example, an unusual looking fabric loosely hangs from the ceiling.

What other decorations to use when decorating the hall?

When decorating the hall, you can use various decorations and decor items. For example, huge and smartly look huge wall fans and red Chinese lanterns. Stylishly look small and large lanterns, which can be attached over the hanging fabric garlands. The hall is beautifully decorated, decorated with garlands of colored and black-and-white or corrugated paper, colorful flags, origami figures and other tinsel.

In conclusion, let's say: show imagination, patience and discover your creative potential. And then during your wedding you will have the most beautiful design of the banquet hall.