According to statistics from the physicians, over the past ten years, cases of occurrence of dermatological diseases. Help treat people of different age groups, the disease does not spare even young children. One of the reasons is poor environment, poor diet, hereditary diseases.

The backhand was covered with a rash: what to do? Predisposing factors

If the backhand is covered with red spots or bubble rash, you should not rely on chance and their own. This problem requires the intervention of an experienced dermatologist. Notice the key word here is "experienced". Banal because the rash may have infectious or bacterial origin, only a qualified doctor can determine the true cause of skin rashes.

Characteristic rash

The appearance on any part of the body unusual items should alert the person and lead them to appeal to the medical center. Red spots on the back of the hand indicate problems in the body. Rashes differ in structure, localization, severity and color. The person who has no special education, not under force independently to diagnose myself and even more so to prescribe therapy. Find out what are the rashes:

  • papules — formations resembling small nodules
  • blisters — bumpy elements, towering above the skin, filled with clear or purulent fluid
  • the bubbles are different in size, color and structure clusters
  • spot — flat or convex elements on the surface of the skin
  • erosive-ulcerative lesions — scaly and itchy of education that affect the integrity of the epithelial layer.

What factors provoke a rash on the back of the hand?

As you know, similar skin elements can have different structure. Some types of entities are associated with a hereditary predisposition, others arise on a background of interaction with chemicals, others are bacterial and fungal in nature.

Do not exclude an allergic reaction to food stimuli, household chemicals. Diagnosis is based on the General symptomatic indicators: rash, itching, peeling, redness, pain. Here is a list of the most common dermatological manifestations.

This skin disease is a type of eczema characterized by the formation of numerous bubbles. Marvel at the back side of the palm, phalanges of fingers, soles. The size of the formations can reach a pea, on palpation felt seal. Inside the bubble is a transparent liquid. A few days in their place formed a yellow dry spots that are sometimes crack and hurt.

Amazed back of the hand is itchy, scaly, swollen, red, looks unsightly, causing the person psychological stress. The reason disgidros there may be pathology of the endocrine and immune systems, the digestive tract, the Central nervous system. Exacerbate uncomfortable symptoms of frequent stress, stress, weakened immune system, the unjustified taking antibiotics.

In the period of exacerbation of the disease the backhand and the fingers are covered with weeping sores. Often this process involves the nail plate and become bumpy and uneven. The disease responds poorly to therapy. Relapses can occur when in contact with the chemical sensitizers.

Often rash and itching are a manifestation that occurs in response to various stimuli. Many people confuse a normal allergic reaction with dermatitis and started to use hormonal ointments, exacerbating an already difficult situation. If it is scratched back of the hand, brush, flushed face, appeared urticaria is a reason to visit a pulmonologist.

No harm will undergo a skin test to identify the allergen: it may be a reaction to animal hair, drugs, household chemicals, cosmetics, food. Usually in conjunction with the above manifestations observed a runny nose, cough, frequent sneezing.

Prior to appointment, effective therapy needs a full examination. Based on diagnosis, is prescribed a specific treatment. If the rash is caused by a bacterial infection, apply antibiotic creams or ointments to ease the discomfort. Also a doctor prescribes sedatives, antihistamines.