Almost 10 years ago, absolutely unique perfume fragrances for men Terre D 'Hermes were on sale. Unforgettable smell almost immediately received recognition around the world. And soon each self-respecting man filled up his collection of perfumes with these spirits.

A little bit about the creators of the fragrance

The world-famous smell "Terre Hermes" produced the Hermes Fashion House, whose history began back in 1837. At the start of the business, the founder of the brand, Tierre Ermes, was engaged in the production of harness for horses. The entrepreneur gradually expanded his activities and mastered new directions. Thus, Hermes organized the production of fashion accessories and clothing, making jewelry.

A lot of time an entrepreneur paid to the perfume industry. Tierre planned to create a real empire of beautiful clothes and spirits, which would admire the men and women of the world. So began the fascinating history of the appearance of Hermes fragrances. Each perfume is considered a unique artistic creation, in which the harmony of feelings and pleasure of the great perfumer Jean-Claude Ellen is expressed.

How did the perfume of Terre D 'Hermes

This legendary fragrance was created in 2006 by the famous perfumer of the Hermes Fashion House Jean-Claude Ellen. Since then, a long time has passed, but the fragrance of Terre D 'Hermes still remains one of the best in the world.

These perfumes are considered a real discovery in the perfume industry. The fragrance combines at the same time three elements - water, air and earth. The energy of these natural forces is felt in the smell of spirits and is transmitted to others.

The perfume of Terre D 'Hermes is created for real men to emphasize their courage, strength and perfection.

Feature of spirits

Perfume "Terre Hermes" is a modern fragrance for strong-willed men who aspire to be leaders everywhere. The smell of perfume is based on the alchemy of the trees, where the orange notes with grapefruit bitterness come to the fore.

Also, the fragrance contains shades of pepper, patchouli and cedar, which balance the odor-sharp components and give the spirits the nobility and chic.

This is a great smell, which is associated with elegance and success. A man who uses such spirits feels confident and willing to always be the best. And no less important, Hermes Terre D 'Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche was highly appreciated by women. In their opinion, the fragrance gives men an attractiveness and sexuality.


The flavor of "Terre Hermes" includes a combination of citrus and musk. The main components of perfume are flint, grapefruit, orange, geranium, pink and black pepper, benzoin, vetiver, patchouli and cedar. All these ingredients together create a light and unusual aroma, which is remembered from the first time. Spirits seem to have a magical effect on others. Everyone who first felt the fragrance of "Terre Hermes" will never forget it. He is forever put off in the subconscious, leaving memories and associations.

"Terre Hermes" - a deep and elegant smell, in the base of which the notes of cedar dominate, and also the sweetness of pitches is felt. As far as the weathering goes, the fragrance expresses different shades, each of which is special in its own way.

Eau de toilette "Terre Hermes"

The fashion house "Hermes" produced the fragrance of the same name in the form of spirits of different volumes, as well as toilet water.

Eau de toilette Terre D 'Hermes has the same scent as perfume, but it is more restrained. Due to the less odorous substances, the smell of water is easier, but it evaporates faster. Many men like this feature. Therefore, the House "Hermes" produced Terre D 'Hermes toilet waters in vials of different sizes. It is more popular than perfume.

How to recognize a fake

Like any other popular flavor, Terre D 'Hermes Parfum forger large editions. Therefore, each buyer has a big risk of buying a cheap fake for a lot of money.

The Chinese have recently perfected the art of forging expensive perfume. Therefore, an inexperienced and ignorant buyer does not distinguish a fake from the original. Moreover, many online stores offer Hermes perfumes at an affordable price, assuring their authenticity.

In order not to become a victim of deception and acquire real spirits of Terre D 'Hermes, the experts determined the main distinctive features of the original perfume:

  1. The presence of a plastic lid on the spray. In the original bottle on the nebulizer should be a small black cap.
  2. A strong smell. In fakes, the fragrance is identical to the original. But a few seconds after applying perfume, the smell is transformed into a sharp citrus with chemical notes. Even an inexperienced buyer will feel the synthetic composition of the contents of the bottle.
  3. Clear inscriptions on the bottle. On the original spirits, the letters are painted neatly and thinly.
  4. Ideally smooth faces and angles. In real spirits, it is impossible to find flaws on the bottle. The jar has perfectly straight lines. There are no scratches, no irregularities. This applies to the bottom of the bottle, which shows the letter "H". In the original, the brand emblem is smooth, without bends. And in a fake letter is round.

Experts advise buying perfume and toilet waters of famous brands only in perfume boutiques that have licenses. The risk of buying a counterfeit in such stores is minimal. Also it is worth to be cautious about different sites that offer elite perfumes at low cost.

Many men around the world are fans of Terre D 'Hermes. Reviews about this fragrance are only positive. Virtually all men who at least once faced the spirits of "Terre Hermes", forever remain their fans. According to buyers, Terre D 'Hermes - one of the most memorable masterpieces of men's perfumes.

Men appreciated the persistence of the fragrance and its unusual. The notes of wood resemble nature and are associated with its important elements. This feature of the smell emphasizes the male character and gives charisma.

Worthy appreciated the spirits of "Terre Hermes" women. According to reviews, many men received this perfume from their beloved ones, who were enamored with a wonderful fragrance. Some women claim that it was thanks to these spirits that they found their mate. According to them, the fragrance has an attractive and even in some way magical power.

Rarely are there reviews in which men indicate a lack of individuality in the fragrance. Some people like sharper spirits that reflect charisma.

Basically, buyers describe the fragrance "Hermes" as gentle and pleasant. He is completely unobtrusive and never bothers. It is enough to put a few drops of perfume on your wrist and enjoy the smell all day.

Today, "Terre Hermes" is sold in large quantities and is considered one of the best fragrances in the history of perfumery. A successful combination of components that gently poured, fascinates consciousness. Some men have called the fragrance "Hermes" a smell of success. It gives confidence and stimulates achievement of the planned goals.