Female beauty, above all, is in a well-groomed body. Even the brightest beautiful girl will look bad if there is dirt under her nails and her hair is matted and greasy. Modern means and methods allow you to always look stunning, the main thing is to have the desire and not be lazy. Man's hands are always in sight, so the condition of the nails is always striking. Even very short and weak nails can be put in order with the help of manicure and shellac. This wonderful tool won the hearts of many girls. The colors of shellac are varied and everyone can find something to their liking.

Easy care

The beauty industry is growing rapidly. You rarely meet a girl who has never decorated her nails. Covering your nails with ordinary varnish is a familiar, but tedious, exercise for everyone. It quickly peels off and smeared, if not let them dry properly. People live in a frenzied rhythm, and not every day can pay an hour to cover nails every day. Fortunately, invented shellac! This wonderful tool is applied to the treated nail and send a hand in the UV lamp. There are varied colors of shellac, from the most inconspicuous to bright and bright. This coating can be enjoyed from two to four weeks, without tinting or filing anything. For modern busy women, it's just a godsend!

Make a choice

Manufacturers of this tool for nails a great many. As with any product, shellac is of high quality. Apply a coating better from a good, proven master. After all, to get frustrated by the fact that the nails will lose their luster and attractive appearance in two days, no one wants. Masters are trying to buy high-quality shellac. Colors and shades have a huge range, and the fight for customers has not been canceled. Read reviews on forums and websites, discuss this topic with friends and girlfriends, and you will definitely find a real pro. In shellac fall in love with the first time. After all, he not only does not spoil the nails, but also strengthens them. The whole procedure takes an hour, and sometimes a little more. It all depends on the skill and skill of the master.

Every man to his own taste. How right is this saying! The palette of shellacs is so diverse that it is very difficult to make a choice. But here it is a matter of taste. For office workers with a dress code there are special palettes: all shades of beige and peach color. For lovers of bright and creative there are shellacs with sparkles, microparticles of bright rich colors. There are also medium, moderate colors for older women, deep and rich for romantic natures. For teenage girls, there are also attractive colors of shellac - handsome pink appears in all sorts of shades. Coral shades, matte in appearance, cast gold in the sun. Looks very attractive.

Matte red is very popular - it is a classic. Manufacturers of different countries produce shellac, the color palette is therefore not repeated. There are basic colors in it, but also new items appear regularly.

The process of working with shellac is very simple, even a child can handle it. Therefore, many girls buy the necessary equipment and tools and independently put it on the nails. First, the nail file off, give shape, then degreased and put a special base. As soon as the first layer is dry, put shellac with the second thinnest layer, dry, and so several times. The final layer is a fixative that protects the glossy finish from damage and gives shine. The hardest part of this procedure is to choose the colors of shellac. Eyes scatter, I want to put several colors at once, which some successfully practice.

We combine

Even if you change the shellac once a week, the colors will not be repeated for several years, as its palette is rich. Therefore, women of fashion went to the trick: they combine several colors at a time. Two fingers - one color, three - another. Combinations are different, unusual, bright, or vice versa, matte pastel. Manicure will always be beautiful, if you have a sense of taste. After all, combining colors is not so simple: there are such combinations that only spoil the whole look, make a manicure coarse.

In the summer, all shades of yellow, green, crimson go with a bang. But in the autumn comes heavy artillery: burgundy, red, brick, purple, gray-blue shades. A small flaw may have poor-quality shellac - the colors on the nails and in the palette are not exactly the same. Unscrewing the cap, you see a rich bright color, and when applied to the nail - pale and dull. But such troubles are rare.

The most amazing and pleasant thing is that colors can be mixed. Get new shades, conduct experiments! Mixing tones is a very exciting experience! Professionals achieve incredibly beautiful shades and correctly combine them. For lovers of classics, French manicure is also available. He looks very natural and gentle. Choosing shellac, you will always have well-groomed nails.


Do you want to try to transform your nails at home? You will need to choose a UV lamp, nail files, all the necessary tools, shellac, colors. Photo of a beautiful manicure will help determine the combination of colors.

If you like to visit beauty salons, this will make it easier for you. There you will be offered new items, because the palettes are replenished very quickly. The hybrid of a varnish and gel for nails is a shellac. It is completely harmless, does not contain toxins, so pregnant girls can also safely create nail designs. Care for your hands, be beautiful to your fingertips!