Many have heard that there is a multinational firm that produces jewelry and luxury goods - Tiffany. And some people even saw the products of this fashion house. Or even they became lucky owners of a diamond ring or a bracelet. People familiar with the world of cooking, probably know the salad "Tiffany". By the way, if he has something to do with the fashion house, then the most indirect one. Just a recipe for salad posted on the Internet on the culinary forum user with the nickname Tiffany. But there is also the color of tiffany. "This is what?" - you ask. And now we'll tell you about it. In this article, we will not only consider why the color was named after a famous jewelry firm, but also give a couple of tips on what tiffany combines with, how to wear it. This is an amazing magical color, the contemplation of which delivers aesthetic pleasure. This year he is an undoubted leader in the collections of various designers.What color is tiffany?

History of the company and color

It's been one hundred and seventy-eight years since the first store under the sign of Tiffany, Young and Ellis, was opened in New York, Manhattan. Three young people, taking $ 500 on credit, decided to start selling stylish and fashionable things. They were lucky, and in a few years the company, now called Tiffany \u0026 Co, began to trade in jewelry. The head of the company was Charles Lewis Tiffany. He was a skilful marketer and sensitively caught the moods of the masses and fashion trends. To make the production of his brand memorable, he from the first years of its activity came up with branded attributes. So, the ornaments bought in his shop, were packed in boxes of soft blue color with a white tape. Gradually, this complex multi-faceted turquoise tint acquired the name of a fashion house. Now the color of tiffany is registered as a trademark and is the official attribute of the company.

Why turquoise?

As you can see, the glorified company to the whole world gave the name to this shade. But why did Charles Tiffany choose the turquoise color to package his goods? Just a successful marketing move. In the mid-nineteenth century, this shade was very fashionable, like silver jewelry. The general enthusiasm for the sea, the freshness of the rain-washed foliage, the excellent combination of color with the moonlight of the precious metal - all this led Ch. Tiffany to the idea of ​​using blue and white in finishing the branded boxes. And not only them. In 1845, the Blue Book, the catalog of the brand, was published. Judging by the name, it was also decorated in branded shades. Gradually, the color of tiffany became inextricably associated with the fashion house. And, by the way, the catalog is published to this day. It can be ordered by mail. Boxes and the Blue Book were not the only successful marketing moves by Charles Tiffany. In 1851, the company introduced a standard in the use of 925 silver samples. And it was she who started the wedding rings with diamonds.

Tiffany Color: Palette

If we say that this is gently blue, it will be wrong. Turquoise? Incomplete truth. Prussian blue? Not certainly in that way. Aquamarine? Closer, but that's not it either. Maybe then aquamarine? Or, on the contrary, a mint shade? The palette of flowers from Tiffany can be very diverse. The producers themselves call this shade sky-blue, but maybe it's because of the emotional poverty of the English language? In fact, the color of tiffany is some kind of soul celebration: like a sip of cold fresh water on a hot afternoon or bathing in a crystal key. But behind this color is a clearly weighted and thoughtful concept. In two basic colors, blue and white, their derivatives are introduced: silver (white gold), crystal (diamonds). A small addition of the basic green adds a mixture of morning freshness and natural naturalness.

With what and how to wear

In this season, almost all the designers of the world somehow use the color of tiffany in their collections. Shoes, clothes, handbags, eyeglass frame, accessories with this shade will favorably stand out for you. Now any fashionista, having acquired at least one thing in the color of tiffany, will feel at the peak of popularity. With its help you can create an image of a romantic personality, gentle, feminine. To do this, choose pastel shades of tiffany. But the saturated tone will create a completely different image: a bright and bold personality. Light and unrestrained, like a tropical moth. The color of tiffany is perfectly combined with lavender and lilac. Excellent this color falls on the chiffon and silk fabrics. It looks great on lacquered boats and handbags. It is not necessary to dress from head to toe in one shade of tiffany color. Let the clothes be light turquoise, and shoes, belt and other accessories - aquamarine or mint shades. This color does not like the neighborhood of red: with it it grows dull, turning into a dirty-bluish.

It is rather difficult to describe in words the color of tiffany. Photos also do not always convey the wealth of its shades. One thing is clear: two primary colors - green and blue, that belong to the cold palette - took part in its creation. Therefore, tiffany is perfectly combined with all shades of blue and green. Those girls who have eyes of this color, you just need to have in your wardrobe a few things tiffany colors. Blondes should give preference to pastel tones. So they will become even more feminine, and their skin visually will seem more tender. Burnt brunettes are suitable rich shades of tiffany: aquamarine, turquoise. It is worth taking into account and color type of your appearance. Spring characters are suitable shades of tiffany, in which more green. To such a refreshing mint, beige, blue, pink and gray combinations are also suitable. Girls-Summer will look great in dresses of rich turquoise color. Mistresses of winter type are suitable for muffled, pastel shades. And autumn beauties will face a combination with pink or orange flowers.

Who does not go

This season is fashionable color tiffany blue, but this does not mean that everyone without exception should be dressed in it. He can insidiously shade your shortcomings. For example, if you have colored hair, tiffany-colored clothing will make them a very bright, unnatural shade. The same goes for women with a too cold image. In this case, it should be animated with yellow or orange.  In the decoration of the premises, tiffany color is often used. Photos of living rooms and bedrooms, banquet halls are shown. Recently it has become fashionable to play weddings in tiffany color.