Clothing color is one of the most effective ways to change your image and raise your mood. Since ancient times, people use the power of the impact of color for the purpose of emotional healing of people, because it can inspire, please or suppress a person. One of the most noble in this regard is the color of emerald, it radiates positive energy. Dressed in clothes of this color, a person will emit a positive charge and happiness. Besides, emerald is always beautiful.

Emerald color: with what is right to combine in clothes

Color psychology

Emerald color very often rises to the peak of popularity and always remains in trend, because it looks beautiful and adds the image of its owner of luxury and brilliance. With the help of various shades of green, you can always create flawless office and irresistible evening bows.

Psychologists say that the color of emerald most often becomes the choice of people seeking chic and luxury. However, these individuals are on the verge of rationality, modesty, and a desire for public life.

The emerald color has a lot of advantages: it has a calming effect on people, and also adjusts them to the positive. All this happens due to the fact that at the intuitive level green is associated with nature, greens and warmth. If you have a desire to find peace of mind, then you can wear emerald green clothes, which will become a guarantee of inner harmony.

Who is suitable

Any clothes of emerald color in the first place can highlight the beauty of dark-skinned girls with brown eyes and dark curls. However, there are other categories of beautiful persons, who can also choose for themselves all shades of emerald color.

  • Girls with color types “summer” and “autumn”. Saturated emerald tones will perfectly harmonize with the external data of redheads, brunettes and brown-haired women. Thanks to this color, girls with dark hair can get bold and sexy images. Ladies with red hair will not be able to go unnoticed, especially if the appearance is complemented by scarlet lipstick and green shadows.
  • Girls with blond hair (color type “spring”) will look stunning if the green color is diluted with accessories of neutral tones. The fair-haired beauties look very nice combination of emerald with pastel tones, beige, mint color and fuchsia.

The benefits of using emerald color in clothes

If there are any doubts about the emerald color, then there are many indisputable arguments that will dispel all doubts about the relevance of shades of green:

  1. Perfect combination with fabrics of various textures. Emerald color can be a worthy decoration of satin, velvet, leather, silk, velvet and many other fabrics. It does not matter what kind of clothes to choose, the girl will always be sure that she looks simply irresistible.
  2. An excellent combination of emerald color with other colors. To do this, you can use both related shades, and absolutely opposite. Even a green top tandem with a colorful bottom will look stylish and appropriate.
  3. The current choice for everyone. If you choose the right clothes and combine them, then the emerald color will suit a woman of any age. Blondes, brunettes, brown-haired women have the right to create beautiful images, based on the green color.

Combinations with other colors

Emerald green color perfectly complements the bright and calm items of female wardrobe. But it is necessary to understand what options and a combination of emerald color look stylish this season:

  • Emerald with blue. The combination of these colors will help create a bold and extraordinary image. The girls will like the combination of a blue top and green trousers, you can add a bow with a beige jacket, shoes and a bag of the same color. For an evening out, you can wear a dress of rich green color and suede pumps of a dark blue shade.
  • Emerald with blue. Rich green and delicate blue are two contrasting colors that complement each other perfectly. Such a tandem will reveal the romance and dreaminess of the girl, in clothes with this combination of colors you can safely go on a date or a walk. In the summer, stylists recommend sundresses in a shade of light emerald, this color will perfectly complement the blue handbag or sandals.
  • Emerald with fuchsia color. Rich pink, purple and purple hues will help you create the perfect party kits. In tandem, the dress of rich green color and accessories of pink and purple flowers look great.
  • Emerald with beige. This kit is perfect for cool girls. Dairy, cream and beige shades are most often chosen by women who want to look sophisticated and at the same time luxurious. A successful business image can be made using a light top and a pencil skirt or classic trousers of rich emerald hue. Favorably emphasized the image of pumps and a handbag of the same colors.
  • Emerald with white. This combination is one of the most successful for office dress code. You can look stylish at work by wearing a white top and an emerald skirt. For evening walks, you can wear green shorts and classic pumps.
  • Emerald with black. Choosing this combination, you need to adhere to one rule: shades of emerald color should be more saturated and bright. You can dilute this image and make it more solemn with the help of golden details.
  • Emerald and yellow (orange). With this combination, the girl will look fresh and bright.

Emerald color in clothes: perfect dresses for stylish women

The saturation and brightness of this color could not play a major role in determining the main trends of recent seasons. Many women of different ages in vain do not allow themselves the outfits of such colors, thinking that they are whimsical and require careful selection of accompanying clothing and accessories. The clothes of emerald color are so self-sufficient and elegant that suits not only celebrities.

The color of emerald suits everyone, the main thing is to choose a dress of the correct cut and shade, it should fit the overall style. Dark brunettes will be irresistible in dresses of rich cold tones. Girls with fiery red hair seem to be made for green shades, since these colors are perfectly combined with each other. Brave ladies can be advised to use in their images even bright emerald tones, which are so similar to the color of spring grass.

Incredible look evening gowns of all shades of green. The sophistication of the look will emphasize the minimalism of the style, and simple details will help to create the perfect look.

Recently, designers delight fashionistas with emerald colored things, beaten in various stylistic decisions, so there is always plenty to choose from. In the summer, girls can wear light chiffon dresses. For winter gatherings with girlfriends or cool evening walks in the park, a green winter dress (emerald color) is perfect.

Emerald trousers

Trousers or jeans of all shades of emerald are universal, such a thing can be combined with any colors and prints. You can experiment and choose any sets, the main thing is to remember about the perfect color combinations with emerald color. Using them, the girl will always look great.

Emerald color coat: what to wear

The green coat is a valuable item for women’s wardrobe. It is able to transform the most discreet and nondescript image. With the help of this element of clothing, you can color familiar images and improve business style.

Emerald coats are the optimal solution for any wardrobe. It will suit a girl of any color type and age, and the color combinations are very diverse.

You can choose a scarf, shoes or a hat of milk, beige, white, brown, purple or black color to outerwear of this color. The combination of emerald coat with viola and fuchsia color will look juicy and stylish.

How to wear emerald shoes

Green shoes are a great choice for those who follow the latest trends and want to look irresistible, because it is this color that fashion stylists and designers use to create bold and bright images. However, in order to look perfect, it is not enough to get a suitable pair of shoes, you need to know what to combine it with:

  • Scarlet dresses are a great choice. Such an image can be made more complete by adding it with a green strap or clutch.
  • The sets of clothes of black color, complemented by green shoes look beautiful.
  • Emerald shoes in combination with a white lace dress look amazing.
  • If we talk about the official style, then you can use the classic combination of a white blouse and strict gray or black trousers. To create such an image, you can use jewelry in the same color scheme as the shoes.

How to use emerald boots to create the perfect look

The question of how to combine emerald-colored boots to look stylish, interests many women who have never worn bright shoes before. There are many options:

  • Dresses of all shades of brown, especially if combined with them is a green blazer or a short coat.
  • Red dress in retro style with black or dark green print. Such an image will always look interesting and fresh. In this case, the girl can not go unnoticed.
  • Lovers of street style suit pants ocher, complemented by a cardigan, coat or coat. Green boots with a handbag or gloves of the same color.
  • A tandem of black golf and black leggings perfectly complement the boots of a beautiful emerald color. The look of the girl will be fresh and piquant.

Green boots and ankle boots

Boots, which are essentially something between half boots and shoes, are always able to give a stylish look. And if we talk about shoes, then by themselves they are a bit boring.

However, if you choose any of these options in a green tint, the appearance will immediately become more interesting. But how to wear shoes of this color to look fashionable and tasteful, not funny? You can use these options:

  • blue skinny jeans, complemented by a shirt, sweater, or jacket;
  • red trousers that come complete with a green top;
  • purple midi or mini skirt in tandem with a dark gray top and a bag of the same shade as the shoes;
  • dark leather pants with a jacket in a light shade;
  • blue denim shorts in combination with a white T-shirt and a military-colored vest - such an image would be an excellent choice for eccentric and self-confident persons.

Stylish accessories in green

Attention should also be focused on stylish accessories of fashionable emerald green color. One of the main trends of recent seasons are leather belts, bags and shoes of emerald color.

It is necessary to avoid generally accepted standards and stereotypes, suggesting that shoes and bags should be of the same color. The bag is an accessory independent of anything. It must be a bright element of any image and characterize a stylish and distinctive personality.

Emerald color is one of the most intense shades. And although all tones of green symbolize pacification and poise, it is in the emerald that there is nobility and mystery. Women who prefer this particular shade appear to the public as confident and self-sufficient persons.