The color of eggplant is a dark tone, which consists of purple and purple hues. Strangely enough, but its components are opposite to each other. Thus, violet represents peace and tranquility. Red is the color of passion and energy. What does the eggplant hide in itself?

Features of color

Color of eggplant in clothes: with what to combine?

This saturated shade has a positive effect on the person. With its help you can easily improve your mood, even create a holiday mood on your soul. At the same color of eggplant is designed to contain excessive emotions, respectively, to calm.

Therefore, it is necessary to wear clothes of this shade with pleasure:

  • When a bad mood.
  • When I got up on the wrong foot.
  • When you want a holiday.
  • When emotions climb over the edge.

The color of eggplant in clothes: who goes to?

The color of eggplant (photo proves it) is suitable for many people. He always looks interesting, if, of course, things and their style are matched correctly by the figure. A girl with any color, a hint of hair, even a physique can afford to put on eggplant clothes. Exception - white blondes. If the shade is too saturated, the skin will become excessively pale, will acquire an unhealthy appearance.

This shade looks great in different styles:

With the help of it you can create an enigma of mystery. Only choose the right shade you need right. The lighter the skin, the cooler the eggplant should be. On the contrary, swarts can safely wear rich, bright shades of this color. Red-haired beauties should choose eggplant clothes if their skin is porcelain (has a very light and gentle tone). Blondes with gray and blue eyes prefer to choose tender eggplant shades with a deviation in pink.

Cold shade

You can successfully combine the color of eggplant with other shades, if you decide which type it belongs to. After all, grapes, pansies, even the real aubergine in the garden - all this is completely his kind. In the fashion world, it is common to divide colors into warm and cold colors. This will help to choose the right combination. So, if cold notes are traced, then the color of eggplant with what color is combined in clothes? It can be:

Warm shade

Warm color of eggplant with what color is combined in clothes? Photo clearly shows that in this case, you can safely select the things of the following shades:

Color of eggplant in clothes: with what to combine? Rules for the selection of accessories

The color of the eggplant is very bright and catchy. That's why you need to select accessories carefully. They should have neutral shades, but this rule does not always work. To dresses of eggplant color will suit:

  • brooches, thongs, rings, earrings, scarves of the same color scheme;
  • for a bold image, bright yellow accessories will be ideal;
  • you can consider shoes and fuchsia color jewelry;
  • blends well with aubergine any metallic tint;
  • add extravagance to the image will help leopard prints on accessories;
  • and if you want to look extraordinary, then you can always take an emerald bag and put on shoes of the same tone.

For girls the best footwear for suits and dresses, the color of eggplant will be classic shoes-boats. It is better if they are of the same shade. Young creatures can experiment with metal elements on shoes.

We combine color in clothes with makeup

Eggplant shade carries a touch of sexuality. And if you wear appropriate clothes, you will need a tremendous make-up. Before you do it, you need to decide on the color palette. To do this, it is recommended to follow the eye color:

  • green and gray - then make-up in pink and purple hues will come in handy;
  • brown - in this case it is advisable to choose bodily and silvery tones.

Whatever the outfit, always follow the rule: "the emphasis is done either on the lips or in front of the eyes." Hence - 2 options for make-up:

  1. It is necessary to draw a contour in front of the eyes. For this purpose, a pencil of black or very dark purple is suitable. The upper contour should go to the arrow (which it will be the length - to decide the girl). Moving part of the century should be covered with shades of lilac color. It is necessary to take a few shades. In this case, the darkest is applied from the outside and neatly grows. If the eyes are deeply planted, then at the inner corner you can put a shade of light shade (approximated to white). Under the eyebrows, a pearl highlight is applied from the outside of the eyes. Then the eyelashes are covered with black ink. Completion of the makeup will be applying a mocha color and lipstick in light pink tones.
  2. Another version of the makeup combines purple and golden hues. To begin with, it is necessary to put a shadow: violet on the eyelids and golden under the eyebrows. Next, we highlight the eye with eyeliner or a special pencil. Depending on the color of the eyes, you need to select its shade. Green-eyed beauties can take a black or a dark gray version. For blue-eyed and gray-eyed girls, the blue color of the contour pencil or eyeliner will be ideal. At the end of the make-up, we cover the lips with a golden pink lipstick.

Fashion bow

The color of eggplant (photo this proves) is used in the most different fashionable bows this season. Using it, you can create an image for any occasion.

For the office, you can choose a dress. It can be like a slightly fitted model with a flared skirt, and a fashion case (you can even with a basque). For both cases, shoes should be worn on the feet. Accessories should be selected as modest as possible. It can be small silver earrings, a metal chain. Add the image can be a light silk scarf or a tight jacket of a gray hue.

At the party, you can get dressed bolder. We put on a bando or corset in combination with a light multi-layered or chiffon skirt. To this we also choose extravagant accessories: golden-colored hairpins and a brown belt.

For walking and romantic date, a light and small flying dress with an overstated waist is suitable. You can replace this option with a blouse and a skirt in a fold. You should also choose suitable accessories: snow-white beads, beige handbag or clutch and golden shoes or sandals.

The color of the eggplant is considered universal. It fits all: slender, full, tall and tiny, burning brunettes and gentle blondes. With it, it's easy to create any image, from business to extravagant. Everyone can find him a worthy use in clothes. That's why he has long entered the basic and classical wardrobe of every person: whether it's a man or a woman.