Dictum of Bulgakov's hero of the sudden death of a man today, in modern times, is especially important. In a situation when the necessary repatriation of bodies for burial away from the place of death, will have to deliver the body of the deceased in a special container. There are several methods of transportation: the cremation of the body, and then carries the ashes in an urn, freezing of the body in the refrigerator and metal box. The first option is often not suitable for religious or ethical reasons, the second option is not always acceptable due to its high cost, and the third is resorted to most often.

What is a zinc coffin? What is the history of its origin?

Box in the form of a parallelepiped, made of galvanized steel, designed to transport the body long distances, and is the container which must be purchased for the deceased. It can also be equipped with a small transparent window. The zinc coffin is the last resting place for those who have a long way home to bid farewell to relatives. It consists of a tomb in the traditional sense, is made of steel and container transportation by different modes of transport.
A zinc coffin: the history, features of transportationFor the first time talking about these coffins during the war in Afghanistan, when it was necessary to deliver the bodies of dead soldiers home. The use of this tomb is justified when the mutilated body of the deceased or for a long time awaiting burial. At the same time and there was a coded term intelligence – cargo 200, meaning the transportation of the dead body and made known to the population after 1979. Zinc coffin along with the contents does not exceed the weight of two tons, so it was easy to calculate the weight for air transport without additional weighting to avoid overload. Military transport aircraft used to transport the bodies of dead soldiers, because of its mournful mission symbolically called "black tulips".

Why choose a zinc coffin for the carriage of cargo 200?

Currently, this way transported the body is not only military but also civilians who died far from home and in need of repatriation. The reasons why zinc is chosen the coffin, its low cost, low weight of metal, and also in compliance of the soft material in the sealing. But in addition, zinc has antiseptic properties, preventing the decomposition of the body. Transportation in such a container provides for the preservation of the dead body, because the zinc does not allow air to get inside, and this allows the body to persist for a long time. The slow process of decomposition of the dead body allows you to open a coffin after delivery and to conduct funeral rites in the traditional way. However, when the body is mutilated or stayed in a zinc container for a long time, then open and break the sealing of the coffin is not recommended.

The transportation

For the repatriation of the deceased to buy the coffin of zinc is not enough. It is necessary to implement certain measures stipulated by the law on transportation of cargo 200. This is a complex process that requires knowledge of the specific character. The layman is not able to cope with it without the help of professionals.
One of the necessary conditions is OPANA zinc liner used for sealing the box. Execution it is required according to the requirements of customs and sanitary control to prevent putrid odors, which can cause discomfort to passengers and staff during transport by plane, train or car.
To move a body of air and rail transport, and in some cases a vehicle must:
• buy a coffin with a galvanized liner and a wooden container;
• embalming of the body with high concentration of reagents
• perform the sealing metal liner, sapaw it
• collect the necessary documents, which includes:
- death certificate;
permission from sanitary-epidemiological station
- certificate confirming the quality of sealing metal coffin lining;
– the inquiry on absence of extraneous subjects in a coffin.
• the space between the coffin and the wooden container is filled with lime, wood shavings or soil.
The body is transported in the luggage compartment. When passing through customs inspection, cargo 200 has the highest priority.

The size and cost of

To know how much is a zinc coffin, you need to understand that its value consists in the number of those procedures that you must follow in order to transport a body. The coffin to various funeral agencies costs 10,000 rubles. To order need to know the size of the deceased, it often happens that the native, long time not seen the deceased relative, do not know the exact parameters. To have the correct information, you should talk to people who saw the deceased last time. The price is influenced by the size of the zinc coffin. Knowing them is essential to the growth of existing late it is necessary to add 15 cm, rounded to the length in the direction of more than a dozen. To consider is the size of the clothes worn by the deceased, how much overweight was dying.