Trolling-fishing is a fairly old technology of fishing, which, however, even today is very, very effective in the process of catching various predatory fish. Despite the fact that the invention of this technology is still at a time when no one could use motor boats, it was carried out in an extremely accessible way - the oscillation was thrown about 30-40 meters, after which the boat swam in the oars in a walking mode. Today, trolling fishing has become an order of magnitude simpler, and the only problem can be only affordable financing.

It should be noted that this concept means both catching technology and a separate type of gear. It should be said right away that there is no reliable information about when the trolling fishing first appeared, but it can be said that it definitely happened a very long time ago. The various spoon-bait, which scientists found during archaeological excavations, already had a corresponding character, that is, some were narrow and had the right mass to hold a steep flock, while the larger and larger ones could be used for catching a path. It is the last option of fishing and is trolling. Fishing in this case is the towing of one or several baits behind a moving boat.

It is worth noting the fact that catching the track was described in sufficient detail by the famous academician LP Sabaneyev, who created his "encyclopedia" for the fisherman as early as the end of the 19th century. However, he did not say that this invention is domestic, and in some writings mentioned even that in European countries this technology is even more common. In Russia at that time, they were fishing like that with large enough vibrating spoons, while in Europe trolling was conducted using specialized rotating spoons and all sorts of artificial fish models in Europe. In principle, it can be said that fishing for a track in the past was the only possible option of really effective catching of predatory fish in the event that fishing was conducted on large water bodies.

Now, of course, many people think that there is nothing difficult in this - it is enough to just anchor at a certain point, scatter 10 or even more fan spinnings around the surrounding water, then start moving to another place, but in the past it was far from the case. The lack of appropriate gear that would allow for really efficient fishing of the overflight caused the need for towing the baits behind the rowing boat, but it can be said that actually fishing with trolling on the boat made a very, very serious contribution to the development of fishing with the help of spinning .

How is this fishing conducted?

In standard form, the track as a tackle is a standard reel with a fishing line, which is equipped with a metal leash with a bait fixed on it. After the appearance of quite comfortable spinning rods equipped with appropriate coils, fishing for beginners trolling has become much more accessible, since there is no need for a rower, and no need to invent various perverted ways to hold the forest. Modern spinners do not often use this technology purposefully, but if the movement along the pond is carried out on oars, it would be simply unreasonable not to use this option. Thus, ultimately, trolling fishing on the river can be a little boring, but sometimes it is much more effective than most modern technologies.

What are the differences between trolling and track?

In principle, trolling is the same path, but in this case fishing is carried out from a motor boat. At the moment, many believe that such fishing is an option exclusively for a fairly wealthy people, but in reality it is much more affordable and easier - for catching fish in domestic water does not necessarily have some high-tech and expensive boat.

Block boats

As you know, all modern boats are divided into two main types - inflatable and hull, each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Thus, for example, fishing for trolling on the Kama can be carried out even on a hull boat, which requires only a trailer for transportation, as well as a certain place in which it can be stored. The only thing that should be taken into account in this case is that such a boat can not go everywhere, and in the same way it does not go everywhere from it. Thus, even if the car could successfully deliver the boat to the water, it does not mean that later it will be able to pull the trailer with the boat, even on the sandy flat beach.

Despite these shortcomings, the hull provides the opportunity to install a sufficiently powerful motor and in itself is much easier to manage.

Inflatable boat

Inflatable boats do not require a specialized trailer or a large storage space - these are the advantages that made them the most common in people who like trolling fishing. Wobblers rotating spinning or any other - all this can be used in this case. The only thing worth noting is the need to allocate time and effort to build a boat, but this situation is greatly simplified with a standard pump. In this case, even such a small defect is completely compensated for by the extreme convenience of transportation and by the low weight of the products, and therefore fishing by trolling on a PVC boat is available to all.

Features of inflatable boats

In operation, inflatable boats are an order of magnitude safer compared to body ones, since they are difficult to turn over or drown, although the material is vulnerable to various mechanical damages. It is worth noting the fact that you need to be especially careful if you are fishing in small water for trolling. Catching pikeperch or other fish can result in the fact that in the end you will meet flooded bushes or trees in the unexplored water area, which will just break through the boat.

Helpful Tips

Some prefer to solve problems with the vulnerability of the boat by using plastic pipes under the collapsible bottom of the boat, but in fact such decisions quite strongly affect the maneuverability of the vehicle.

Many experts say that it is very effective to use the echosounder, especially when it comes to fishing at fairly large reservoirs. To ensure a truly successful fishing, it is very important to know the depth in the place where the fishing is conducted, and whether any anomalies of the bottom relief are present. All sorts of shallow banks, deep bumps, pits with buckets - in any such places a predator can be located, but if you do not have an echo sounder installed, you simply can not find them on large bodies of water.

What equipment to take?

To ensure normal fishing, you can use almost any echosounder model, even the most standard ones (single beam ones), but do not forget that in the process of fishing, not every device will give you a really reliable picture. In any case, the most optimal will be the use of such equipment, which provides the total number of pulses per second is not less than 30. If the finances are allowed to you, it will not be out of place to use a specialized GPRS-navigator. If necessary, you can independently mark in it places with a large enough catch or track your own route.

Lures and features of catching

As you know, the most effective bait in the process of doing this fishing is the wobblers, but some prefer to use vibrating wheels, especially if large enough silicone baits are used. It is worth noting the fact that the press often mentioned the use of a variety of rotating lures, but such situations are rare.

The advantage of using wobblers is that they provide the ability to set the lure immersion horizon. This horizon may vary depending on the release line, but any more or less experienced fisherman knows the properties of the wobblers he uses. If necessary, the sounder may suggest some peculiarities of the area.

If you use a spoon and silicone bait, the situation is somewhat more complicated, but if you want, you can easily master even such baits. The bottom line here is that it's important not just to cast the bait overboard and start swimming - here it is important to make sure that the bait is about in the horizon of the location of the fish at the moment. Far often it turns out to get directly to the frank predator hunting, that is, the fish is more often neutral or even passive, which makes it not so easy to make chasing a high-bait.

We catch different fish

If you are interested in pike fishing, it will be most optimal to use the harness at the bottom, while large perch and pike-perch are caught in such a way that the wobblers periodically paddle the blade on the bottom, slightly stirring up the water. Again, it is always necessary to take into account the conditions and peculiarities of fishing conducted by you, since it is one thing to catch a large enough depth in the reservoir, and quite another to fish on small rivers.