Wedding is an important event in the life of any person. Anxious feelings and emotions overwhelm the soul. Would have to completely change the usual for all lifestyle. Because even the Bible said, "Leave the son of the father and mother and adheres to his wife, and they will become one".

Most of all happy and the parents are worried. And the children want to Express my gratitude to the parents at the wedding for everything.Touching words of gratitude to parents at the wedding

Acceptance speech

Words of gratitude are an opportunity to express respect to the closest people for being along, giving advice and lessons, educating and inspiring, putting their shoulders in difficult moments and rejoicing together.

Excitement and emotions complicate the speech, so it's best to be prepared. Looks silly when an acceptance speech read from paper. Learn in advance the young people will be naturally.

Given that the couple is now one, thanks to parents on wedding from the bride and groom they say together. From now on, for everything that happens, they meet together.

You should avoid loud pretentious phrases. It is better to speak in simple words – they are closer to the heart.

Prepare acceptance speech includes 3 stages:

Writing a thank you speech

It is necessary to solve in advance, whether the couple themselves to deal with writing a thank you speech beforehand or ask for help by providing information about parents.

It consists of several parts:

  • treatment, where the main thing – not to forget anyone
  • the introductory part, in which is indicated what purpose appeal
  • the main part that includes all the credit, instilled values, joint achievements, interesting examples
  • conclusion, where thank you again, Express my respect and devotion.

It does not matter how the written words of gratitude to parents at the wedding: in verse or prose, be sung or written on the card. Importantly, they were sincere. It is impossible to focus on one. Parents and the groom and bride are equally important and worthy of gratitude.

It should be brief enough to be remember. Cheat sheet with the text or at least abstracts is still not hurt. But in any case not to read all from the paper.

To bring it to perfection, you should record it on tape and to listen. Once it becomes clear that where you want to correct. You need to rehearse until then, until you get a live message without sajnani, words-parasites need to replace the breaks.

Speaking the speech in front of the person you trust, listen to his opinion about the content, tone, flow, gestures, duration and sincerity that will help to bring words of thanks to parents on wedding to perfection.


To look natural, be yourself, experiencing all emotions at the moment. Important eye contact, but do not focus the gaze on one person, even though he and most dear on Earth.

You need to talk to both young. If some of them are more eloquent, the right to speak is given to him, but the other spouse should complement it.

To say thanks to parents on wedding from daughter or son, you need to truly, because they have something to be grateful for.

Tears in the touching moment of the speech is a sign of high emotion and sensitivity, they should not be afraid or ashamed of.

At the end of the speech should be approached, to hug, to kiss, to present certificates of appreciation, flowers or gifts.

All wedding ceremonies are closely connected with their parents, extolling their role in the life of every person. They bless the marriage, accompany and meet the young, light family home. Happy and excited, after all, give their child into the wrong hands.

Gratitude of the groom parents of the bride at the wedding for what was raised for his wife, and warm wishes of the bride parents of the groom the future husband is perceived very touching.

Invitation cards

The first beautiful words of gratitude from children are received by parents along with invitation cards for the wedding.

"Dear mom and dad!

We ask for your blessings and invite to our wedding. Looking forward to seeing you (date) to open a new sheet in the amazing book the life of our new family.

With great gratitude and appreciation, your children, (names of the bride and groom) ".

"Dear mom and dad!

(date) will be an important event in our lives – our wedding.

We sincerely thank you for the priceless gift – life, for education, kindness, attention, love and warmth. For that forgive our mistakes and learn to forgive, we thank you.

You can't imagine our celebration without you – the most expensive people. You will be the main guests at our wedding.

Thank you. I have no doubt that you will be with us.

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