Travis Brown is a famous and popular fighter in the United States of America who is engaged in mixed martial arts. He is a heavyweight fighter and performs in the UFC. In 2014, he was given the sixth place in the Sherdog rating, as well as the fourth position among the UFC wrestlers. He is considered a pretty promising fighter who already has his “chips” in the ring. with their help, he managed to lay the strongest rivals.

Start of a sports career

Travis Brown is Native American. He was born in 1982, on July 17, in the city of Ohau. From his youth, he began to be interested in basketball. The young athlete was engaged in this game for three years, and then decided to change his hobby. Travis became seriously interested in mixed martial arts. The young fighter started his career in MMA. He spent nine spectacular bouts, all of which could win. Promising fighter was not left without attention. He was offered to sign a contract to fight in the UFC. The first opponent of Travis was the Englishman James McSvini, who at that time was considered the most prominent fighter. But Travis Brown was able to beat a strong opponent in the first round. The second match of the athlete took place in England. He fought against Frenchman Cheyk Congo. The fight ended in a draw.

Travis Brown is a promising UFC fighter

Continuing fights in the UFC

At UFC 130, the fighter got an excellent chance to rehabilitate his reputation after a recent draw. Stefan Sturwe, an athlete from Holland, entered the ring against Travis. The fight ended pretty quickly. At the end of the first round, Stephen was already defeated. Brown, using his superman crown, put the enemy on the shoulder blades. The course of the match chained the eyes of many UFC fans. Travis Brown for this fight received a well-deserved award called “Knockout pm2. A little later, he had another bout at UFC 145. But the opponent did not pose a threat, so Brown won the fight easily. Chad Griggs was defeated by Travis in minimal time.

First loss

And in October 2012, the fighter managed to meet in the ring with a really strong and respected athlete in the UFC. His opponent was Antonio Silva, who by that time had already managed to defeat Andrei Arlovsky and Fedor Emelianenko. But already at the beginning of the match Brown did a low kick, which turned out to be unsuccessful. As a result, he was injured. But the battle was not stopped. Silva continued his attack on the fighter. It was difficult for Travis to fight, as his leg was damaged. He retreated back and did not have time to block an extremely strong direct right hit. Brown fell into the ring, and Antonio finished off the athlete for a few seconds, after which the fight was stopped. This fight was the first defeat in Travis' professional sports career.

Rehabilitation after injury

After the fight with Silva, the fights of Travis Brown began to differ from the previous ones. The audience was struck by the fact that the athlete has become stronger and more agile. In a duel against the famous Brazilian Gabriela Gonzaga, the fighter managed to win by knocking out an opponent. Striking a series of strong and quick punches to his opponent, Travis defeated Gabriela at the start of the bout. The Brazilian fell into the ring unconscious. In 2013, the fighter participated in the UFC Fight Night 26 tournament. He fought with the Dutch athlete Alistair Overeem, who was once the champion of Strikeforce. From the very beginning, the duel did not promise Travis anything good, since he missed many successful attacks by the Dutchman. But Alistair quickly exhausted, and Travis Brown took advantage of this situation. He quickly began to throw out the front of the kicks and as a result ended the battle in his favor. In 2013, Brown had another successful match. His opponent in the ring was Josh Barnett, who failed to defeat Travis. He was defeated by Brown’s series of quick punches when the athletes were in the clinch.

UFC - not only a career, but also a personal life

Between 2014 and 2016, Travis had as many as four defeats in the ring. Experts began to say that the athlete has lost its former grip and speed. But just at this period, the fighter had some changes in his personal life. Travis Brown's wife left the athlete. Their life together was not in vain. The couple have two sons - Kaleo and Kiwi. In 2014, rumors began to circulate that Brown broke up with his wife and began to meet with Rhonda Rousey. And in 2015, Travis officially announced his relationship with Rosie, who is the ex-UFC lightweight champion.