A new trend in the modern world is to train outdoors, using your weight as a load. Hannibal's training sessions are based on these very principles.

Hannibal training: exercise scheme

Gymnasium everywhere

Pulling up on the horizontal bar, push-ups from the ground and on the uneven bars - these are simple exercises that underlie the exercises. Their main advantage is that they can be performed almost anywhere by any person. You do not need to go to the gym or purchase expensive fixtures. In this rhythm are the famous workout Hannibal. Photos of their famous personality exhibits regularly to show an example to their fans.

Getting started is easy. To do this, just go to any sports field, which is now very much, they are located near educational institutions and residential buildings. Not many training systems can boast such availability and simplicity.

Street sports gradually goes to the masses. This process takes place through the efforts of many people. One of these popularizers is Hannibal. Many have heard of him and even saw him on television. Nevertheless, his biography remains a mystery to many, because finding this information is not so easy. And the workouts of Hannibal raise even more different questions.

The athlete was born in Egypt in 1979. Currently lives in the United States of America. He is an actor and model. You may have seen it in commercials and films. A man weighs eighty kilograms with a growth of 1.74 meters. Such a result deserves respect. Many people admire the training of Hannibal. The press and his physique is only the personal merit of the actor himself.

The athlete formed his system at the age of fifteen. Since then, she has passed the toughest test of time. Life is an unpredictable thing, and Hannibal once stopped training, and only thanks to the efforts of his sister, he returned to the world of sport.

Hannibal training

The athlete starts the exercises daily, without weekends and holidays. Classes are held at least twice a day: in the morning and in the late afternoon. He does not miss the opportunity to repeat the exercises at lunchtime, although this is not every day possible. How does an athlete popularize his exercise? Hannibal tries to organize a public training at least once a week, in which everyone can participate. Thus, the ranks of supporters of his training program are growing. Success is Hannibal's training, not only for men but also for women.

Beginner turnsteps will be shocked by the complex of his exercises. He does not hide the fact that the formation of a body similar to his will require more than one year of hard training. And only those who have gone through this and achieved visible results will confirm that it is worth it. The most important thing in this business is perseverance and a desire to change oneself. The guy himself admits that the scheme of training Hannibal is not at all complicated, sometimes even primitive.

The basics of sports

At the core of his exercise complex is eleven approaches, performed in a circle without major interruptions. It turns out such a cycle:

  1. Push ups from the ground. First, you should perform 30 repetitions, decreasing by one with each circle. A total of 275 times.
  2. Pull-ups on the horizontal bar. You should first perform 10 repetitions, decreasing with each circle by one in each approach until you reach five. This amount is preserved in the remaining approaches. In total, 70 times.
  3. Push-ups on the uneven bars. You must first perform 20 repetitions, decreasing by one with each circle. In total, 165 times.
  4. Pull-ups reverse grip. You should first perform 10 repetitions, decreasing with each circle by one in each approach until you reach five. This amount is preserved in the remaining approaches. In total, 70 times.

These numbers unwittingly cause respect, but do not dwell on them. Complement the load on strength should endurance training. It is strengthened by swimming, jogging, cycling and other exercises. They burden our heart so that it can cope with the tasks with a bang. Hannibal proved by personal example to everyone that a person can make his body more perfect with the help of patience and devotion to the course set. To do this, he only needs to get up from the couch and not be lazy. Hannibal's training is a clear example of how a person builds his own body.