"Iron Arnie" - so to this day is called Arnold Schwarzenegger. He deserved such a nickname thanks to the perfectly developed muscles, which at the peak of the champion's career looked like cut pieces of metal.

His achievements in the world of bodybuilding are amazing. Arnie - multiple Mr. Olympia, than today only one can boast.

How did he manage to achieve such a result?

Schwarzenegger always said openly that he and all the sportsmen of his time used steroids. Then they were legal, and no one knew about their harm to health.

Training Arnold Schwarzenegger (program)

Since all athletes used to date banned substances for active muscle growth, how did he manage to repeatedly bypass them all? Of course, due to their famous training programs. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger's hands training is now popular, due to which he made them simply huge.

Over the years, Arnold changed his approach to studies

In those days, bodybuilding was gaining popularity. At that time, the mass of scientific research had not yet been carried out, the results of which are available today. Therefore, athletes often simply began to experiment and chose or developed their training method, which they thought was the best.

At a time when the champion was making only the first steps on the way to a large developed body, Arnold Schwarzenegger's training sessions consisted of working out all the muscles during one lesson. Thus, almost all athletes swung at that time, as this was considered the best way to increase the mass and volume of muscles.

Such training was conducted every day. Imagine that you need to practice for several hours in the gym every day. Perhaps, without the popular at that time anabolic steroids in this way would not work out.

Arnold Schwarzenegger. Body-building. Training Champion

Often Arnie calls the mistake of modern bodybuilders is that they stopped doing basic exercises. Athletes of his time did not perform the same exercises as the powerlifters.

Thanks to a large number of basic exercises, Arnold Schwarzenegger's training sessions were very effective. It is difficult to say whether this is a mistake or not. Modern athletes make more emphasis on chemical additives, which allow you to increase the volume of muscles and without deadlifts, squats. After all, doing these exercises is quite dangerous - you can remain a cripple for life with a torn back.

To date, there are no records that would talk about what were the trainings of Arnold Schwarzenegger of that period. Therefore, immediately move on to the next stage of the sports development of the champion - training split.

New stage

Since Arnie's transition to a split training session, experts have noted good progress and an increase in mass. It is not surprising, because the muscle appeared more time for rest, while the number of hours spent in the hall, decreased by half.

What is the difference from Schwarzenegger's previous trainings? If at first he trained every day, working out absolutely all the muscles of the body, then split-training Arnold Schwarzenegger meant the division of the body into two parts, which you need to swing on different days.

The training program Arnie looked like this:

Day one - the development of the muscles of the back, chest and legs.

The first thing I liked was doing the classic bench press to use the pectoral muscles.

Then he did the same press, but on an incline bench.

Pullover with a barbell helped him stretch the pectorals, on which he was fanatically obsessed.

Pulling up (wide grip). Top of his head for a bar.

After that, he swung the latissimus muscles of his back due to the rod pulling in the slope.

Then he made the deadlift.

Further even more difficult - crouched with a barbell on the shoulders.

Falls with a barbell he worked quadriceps and gluteal muscles.

Bending his legs in the simulator, he achieved the maximum effect on the injection of quadriceps.

The calf muscles rocked while standing.

The last exercise was horizontal leg lifts.

The famous "Terminator" did all the exercises in 5 approaches. The number of repetitions tried to keep within 8-12 times. Only becoming traction preferred to do three approaches with fewer repetitions.

Day two - exercises for deltas, triceps and biceps. The training program of Arnold Schwarzenegger looked like this:

I started with an army bench press.

Then he worked out the side deltas with a wiring with dumbbells.

A press in the car of Smitt.

Then he stretched his muscles with deadlift.

Then he did the lying down.

The biceps began to work with the classic barbell lifts.

Then he performed alternate bending of the hands while sitting.

Then he went to the triceps and squeezed the bar with a narrow grip.

Then he pumped his hands in French standing.

The final exercise shook his forearms. It was the twisting of the brushes with the barbell.

Arnold Schwarzenegger on the second day as well as the first, did all the exercises for 5 approaches and tried to do 8-12 repetitions.

Gradually, he began to refine his complex of exercises and began to break the workouts in half, doing every day twice.

Giving the gym all of their free time.

The training program of Arnold Schwarzenegger looked like this:

during the morning training he shook his chest and back, in the evening - legs, calf muscles and a press;

the next morning Arnie came into the hall and trained his shoulders with the muscles of his hands, and in the evening he again worked on caviar and a press;

one day a week he took a break and rested.

Moving to the USA

After the invitation of Joe Vader, the athlete left to train for him in America. This moment in his life was marked by the transition to triple split, that is, the body was already visually divided into three parts, which were trained on different days.

The training program of Arnold Schwarzenegger on the mass was this:

On the first day he swung the pectoral muscles, back and press. The exercises did not change.

On the second day he studied the shoulders, hands, and the press. Exercise was done by those who had done before, but added the barbell thrust to the chin (to the rear deltas), which was carried out by 5 approaches.

Legs with the press did on the third training day. Exercises, as in previous cases, were old, but he replaced the horizontal legs. Instead, he carried out the ascent of the legs hanging on the crossbar.

This division of the body into three groups helped Arnie to make an obvious leap in the development of her musculature. Thanks to this, he began to win his titles and go to the top of the world's bodybuilding.

Programs of champions are not always suitable for ordinary people

Training Arnold Schwarzenegger on the mass and other detailed complexes from famous champions who have outstanding achievements in the world of bodybuilding, will not suit an ordinary person who came into the hall and can not squeeze a 50-kilogram barbell.

In order to normally transfer the loads that they use in their training, they develop themselves for years. In addition, every athlete, including Arnie, carried out training programs, designed specifically for themselves. This means that if the athlete has underdeveloped legs, he will specifically focus his attention on pumping this area of ​​the body.

Consequently, the Arnold Schwarzenegger training system can not be the only correct training for muscles. You can choose from them any exercises that you like, and do without this complex.

Without pain, there is no progress

In order to develop according to this program, it is worthwhile to listen to the principles indicated above. In his interviews Arnold Schwarzenegger said that every exercise should be done, feeling hellish pain in the muscles. The further the athlete can go, withstanding such feelings, the more results he can achieve.

It follows that you should not stop making an approach if you feel you can do more. Carry out each approach to a full muscle failure, shock your body, and then it will increase in size and become stronger.

Observe the regime and proper nutrition

And, of course, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, do not drink alcohol, do not smoke, adhere to the right and balanced diet. Without this, no training will bring the desired results.

Do not poison your body, develop your body and be happy!