Recently, among the equipment intended for equipping sports halls and fitness centers, the Hummer simulator is especially in demand. The sports machine allows you to organize classes according to the most progressive technologies in the field of strength training.


Hummer simulator: purpose, application features, advantages and disadvantagesThe main feature of the Hammer simulator is the presence of an effective system of power levers fixed on the rotary axis. This design facilitates the execution of movements according to anatomically adjusted directions.

Power simulator "Hammer" - an effective device, the design of which is developed on the basis of special miscalculations computer programs. Numerous professional sportsmen were involved in the creation and improvement of the machine. Therefore now the simulator "Hammer" is considered a model of perfection.


The "Hammer" simulator should be used to thoroughly work out the widest muscles of the hull. Compared to the standard cable rope, the movement of the handles here is carried out according to a strictly held arc. In this case, the axis of rotation is placed behind the athlete's shoulders, which facilitates the adoption of the optimal, most comfortable for training body position.

Classes on the sports machine provide an independent load on the left and right parts of the body. This feature makes it possible to perform convergent and divergent movements on the most accurate trajectory.

Thrust in the Hammer simulator can be performed in several ways:

  • Parallel narrow grip.
  • A wide grip with the removal of the handles down.
  • Medium grip (holders are located on the same line).

Back muscles training

Bleeding of the dorsal muscles on the simulator is made by pulling down from the top with a slight dilution of the handles. Movements are made with a maximum amplitude. This allows you to maximize the load of the latissimus muscles, beginning with their full extension and ending with an absolute contraction.

Breast Reconstruction

The training on the simulator is of an isolated nature and is aimed at pumping a large pectoral muscle. During the training, the load falls on the hands separately. As a result, the muscles get a uniform development.

Compare the use of the simulator for pumping the breast can be done with the exercises using dumbbells. The only difference is the lack of the ability to change the amplitude of movements, which is initially set by the equipment. Thus, a targeted load is not applied to the triceps and shoulders, but mainly to the pectoral muscles. In this case, the joints experience the least pressure when doing exercises, both in a sitting and lying position.

Advantages and disadvantages

What is the difference between the Hammer simulators and the other popular machines:

  1. The main point is the presence of the pivot axis of the power levers, which facilitates the execution of movements according to the anatomical trajectories of the movement of the legs and hands of the user.
  2. Implementing the technology of independent load on the limbs opens the possibility for them to be worked out separately, during which strong muscles do not help the weaker.
  3. Fine adjustment of the position of the backs and seats removes the restrictions for athletes with a different physique.
  4. Classes on the simulator guarantee a low initial resistance, which is especially important for inexperienced, unprepared athletes.

What are the disadvantages of the Hammer simulator? Price here is the main and, perhaps, the only drawback. At present, the cost of machines of this category in the domestic market starts from about 40,000 rubles. It is natural that for most users who need to purchase an effective means for studying at home, this cost looks unacceptable.

Simulators "Hammer" are rightfully considered one of the best solutions for both home training and for training in the gym. The regular use of a sports machine contributes to the qualitative study and rapid increase in the volume of muscle mass with the highest safety of exercise.