In recent years, among the equipment intended to equip gyms and fitness centers, especially popular it becomes simulator Hummer. Sports machine allows you to organize classes according to the most advanced technologies in the field of strength training.


Simulator hammer: purpose, features of application, advantages and disadvantagesThe main feature, which differs the program “hammer”, is the availability of an effective system of the power levers fixed on the rotary axis. This design facilitates the execution of movements in accordance with anatomically precise directions.

Weight bench hammer – efficient fixture, the design of which was developed on the basis of special failures of computer programs. To the creation and improvement of machine involved numerous professional athletes. Therefore, at present trainer “the hammer” is considered a model of perfection.


Simulator Hummer should be used for a thorough study of the broadest muscles of the body. Compared to a standard cable machine, the motion of the arms here is strictly designed according to arc. The axis of rotation is placed behind the shoulders of the athlete, thereby taking the best, most convenient training position.

Classes for the sports machine provided by the independent load on the left and right sides of the body. This feature gives you the ability to perform converging and diverging movement for the most accurate trajectory.

Thrust in the simulator “hammer” can be performed in several ways:

  • Parallel narrow grip.
  • Wide grip diverting arms down.
  • Medium grip (the holders are placed on the same line).

Training back muscles

Pumping the back muscles on the simulator is performed through the implementation of pull from the top down with a small breeding arms. Movements are carried out with maximum amplitude. This allows maximum loading of the broadest muscle, starting with their full stretch and finishing with an absolute reduction.

Study breast

Training simulation is isolated and directed to the pumping of the pectoralis major muscle. During the training burden falls on the individual hand. As a result the muscles get equal development.

To compare the use of the simulator to pump breast can exercises with dumbbells. The only difference is the lack of ability to vary the amplitude of movements, which originally specified equipment. Thus, a determined load on triceps and shoulders, but mainly on the chest muscles. The joints have the least pressure during exercise in the sitting position and lying down.

What is the difference between equipment “hammer” from the other popular machines:

  1. The main point is the existence of a turning axis of the levers of power that facilitates the execution of movements in accordance with the anatomical trajectories of moving legs and hands of the user.
  2. The implementation technology is independent of the load on the limb opens up the possibility to study separately, in which strong muscles help the weaker.
  3. Fine adjustment of the backrests and seats removes restrictions to classes of athletes with different body type.
  4. Lessons on the simulator ensures low initial resistance, which is especially important for inexperienced, untrained athletes.

What are the disadvantages of the simulator has a “hammer”? The price appears the main and perhaps the only drawback. Currently, the cost of machines of this category in the domestic market starts about 40 000. Naturally, for most users that need the acquisition of effective means for exercising at home, such value looks unacceptable.

Exercise equipment “hammer” are considered to be one of the best solutions for home training and for training in the gym. Regular use of the sports machine contributes to the quality development and fast increase muscle mass with higher security exercise.