Tory Burch is a famous American woman who gave the ladies of the whole world a feeling of constant celebration. Her collections are a stunning original cocktail created from bright flashy colors, perfect style and falling in love with the world around. Tory Burch is not just beautiful things, but also incredibly comfortable and high-quality. The brand embodies the American vision of luxury: universal, relaxed and cosmopolitan. He won the hearts of many fans from the very moment of his appearance. Of course, success could not remain unnoticed ...

Tory Burch: clothes and accessories for the fair sex

So, more. Tory Burch - shoes, clothes and accessories, which brought the girl-designer not only money and fame, but also many prestigious awards. Such things are suitable for both very young coquettes, and for more adult fashionistas. At the same time, all Tory Burch accessories are notable for their great variety, simplicity and elegance. But at the same time, every thing has its own zest.

For example, the bags delight the beautiful ladies with small sizes and original clasps. Clutches look like real creative masterpieces. Small model handbags are made of patent leather of various shades in the form of strict rectangles. The quilted surface perfectly combines with gold fittings (a chain for edging, a badge with a company logo). Footwear and clothing of this brand is perfectly combined with such accessories. Create an elegant combination will not be for you to work.Tory Burch - exquisite clothes for real ladies

To set the mood

Tory Burch - clothes, shoes and accessories that simply can not please the woman. The owner of such things will always feel special, open to all others, and can easily tune in to positive changes. You can find in the collections of American models with a variety of jewelry or without them. There are concise, modest accessories (albeit very thoughtful, designed to make the image unique and memorable), and sophisticated, elegant shoes and handbags. Casual and formal wear in any case looks at ease and impeccable. In a word, you will be satisfied with this choice!

Huge popularity

The Tory Burch brand has received positive reviews since the opening of the first store. On this day, almost all the goods presented to the consumer were sold. The success was overwhelming. Tori's name sounded everywhere. Oprah Winfrey invited the girl to her next show. In the future, this moment and served as a good Tori advertising. Another American success is a series called Gossip Girl, in which almost all the characters were dressed in clothes from her collections.

After that, stores began to open across the country. Gorgeous style, original design and comfort products Tori brought a lot of awards for her design work. By the way, such shops operate not only in America, but also in other countries of the world.

Nature theme

Tory Burch - handbags, casual and sportswear, jewelry and even evening dresses. Each product, as mentioned above, has its zest. For example, a charming lock in the form of a ladybug on a purse.

The theme of nature, in principle, is reflected in all the accessories and clothing of Tories. There are not only bugs here, but also flowers, grasshoppers, butterflies, and sea pebbles. Such things are suitable for both young girls and elegant ladies. In general, accessories of this brand are exactly those items in which only one, even the most modest, but thoughtful detail, allows you to make the image memorable and unique. Absolutely all manufactured products have an original design, it carries the image and lifestyle of the sixties and seventies.

Clothes and shoes

And finally. Tory Burch - shoes and clothes, when viewed from which fashionable women of all ages are literally breathtaking. Do not admire it is simply impossible.

Tory Burch shoes are elegant and laconic. It is decorated most often with the help of metal elements.

In beautiful elegant dresses there are attractive rhinestones, sequins, appliques and embroidery. At the same time, clothes look unobtrusive and harmonious.

But the main difference between clothes and Tory Burch shoes is convenience and comfort with quality and beauty. In the fashion world there are such things that, despite the change in tastes and tastes, to a certain extent remain unchanged. This is a classic fashion. It is precisely in the category of such things that the majority of works of design art of Tory Birch should be attributed.

The girl is inspired to create each new collection in the world around her. They are created for people who know a lot about fashion, but at the same time do not forget about their own style. In short, Tory Burch - great clothes, shoes, bags, from which every woman comes to a complete delight. Reviews confirm this. Having made such an acquisition, you will in no way regret it. Enjoy the shopping!