The household appliances market has been enriched with products of the trade mark da Vinci. Slow cooker of this brand according to his ability has almost no differences with other similar models of the same streamlined design for easy carrying has a practical handle, panel with a choice of cooking modes for easy operation made of the external metal insert. Button by which the process of control in program selection, are of a convenient size. Information on cooking time and temperature selection mode shown in the display.

In some models the heating elements are placed on top, in a circle and at the bottom, and this allows to distribute the heat evenly throughout the bowl according to the 3D-heating, which is significant for operation in the mode "Pastries".

All modern products have to meet standards, not the exception, and TM Vitesse. Multicookings equipped with a bowl with non-stick coating. The thickness of its walls is not very big, but it does not interfere with cooking in different ways presented on the control panel. The amount of bowls depending on the model can be 3-7 liters. The choice of this indicator is individual and depends on the number of family members.

Brand Vitesse - the slow cooker for making delicious dishes


Included are special devices created for the convenience of operation of devices by Vitesse. Multicookings equipped with a bowl with Teflon coating, so during cooking it is very important not to damage its surface. This is why the manufacturers suggest using a special ladle and spatula made of plastic. Also, depending on model, the kit may include:

  • a cup with a measuring scale;
  • special steaming bowl;
  • potholders silicone-based
  • cooking recipe book.

This can be seen on the packing box or read the instructions.

The working potential of the Vitesse multicooker

Slow cooker (instructions will contain detailed information) are equipped with automatic programs that is capable of cooking different methods and exciting dishes. Their number depends on the particular model, typically, they are from 6 to 16. Thoroughly examine them only through the sample. For example, modes "Rice" and "Buckwheat" are used for cooking and other cereals, and cereals with milk. The program "Pilaf" allows you to create variations of pilaf with poultry, beef, lamb, pork, and seafood.

In addition, this slow cooker will easily cook any soups, extinguish and fry meat and fish products, poultry, vegetables, and produce excellent yoghurt, breads and pies. For fans of healthy and delicious food, you need to choose the device with the regime of "a couple".

The company Vitesse (slow cooker has a delay start) is not lagging behind its competitors, and equips the device with modern function, which enables cooking to the selected time. To maintain the temperature of ready meals in 24 hours, there is a special "heating" mode, which starts its work automatically, immediately after the completion of the program. The function "Warming up" allows you to reheat cold food.

Advantages multiwork Vitesse

By studying the range of TM Vitesse, it can be noted the main advantages:

  • a set of convenient cooking tools;
  • ease of care
  • quality made Assembly
  • reasonable cost
  • optimal volume of the bowl
  • easy operation
  • durability and reliability of the bowl with non-stick coating;
  • great functionality.

Shortcomings and shortcomings of TM Vitesse devices

The Vitesse multicooker (customer reviews allow us to draw these conclusions) has some drawbacks, which are better seen before purchasing:

  • sometimes there are mistakes in the recipe book;
  • great difficulties brings the impossibility of removal of the lid multivarki, resulting in complicated care
  • the “timer” mode is imperfect: during the cooking process, the time is not displayed and it turns on only after reaching a certain temperature;
  • the ladle and scapula are too short handles;
  • additional bowl for multicooker can be purchased only in specialized service stores;
  • "heating" mode is not turned off in advance, and this leads to the fact that the food is too dry and loses taste, if you do not care and do not get it in time
  • in the new devices there is a sharp smell of plastic and rubber;
  • the condensate collector is located on top, which can cause burns.