A healthy lifestyle is impossible without proper exercise. Most of the young people have been sitting at the computer lately and moving little. To keep your body toned, guys and girls prefer to visit the gym. In Russia, there are many sports complexes that offer high-level services. Each visitor can be represented by a personal trainer who will not only help you pick up exercises to work on problem areas, but answer questions about nutrition. Excellent opportunities give visitors a "Tonus Club." Reviews about the fitness center can be heard more positive.

Information about the company

The creators of the company succeeded in registering their own brand in 2002. The fitness center is known to many today. And those who managed to use his services, leave only positive feedback about him. Initially, only in the capital, the "Tonus Club" functioned. Moscow was the only city where people could get high-level fitness services. Since 2005, the company's activities are carried out on the basis of franchising. Began to appear in other cities, "Tonus Club." St. Petersburg was one of the first cities in which the branch was opened.

Tonus Club: reviews and photosThe company "Tonus Club" is distinguished not only by the availability of modern equipment and a huge number of representative offices. Real professionals of their business work here, who help to find beautiful bodies for everyone. Trainers offer weight loss schemes that do not harm the health. Regularly conducted corporate training. Experts every year improve their skills.

For whom are the services provided?

First of all, the activities of the company "Tonus Club" are aimed at middle-aged women. Subscription is most often acquired by representatives of the weaker sex who have problems with excess weight. However, girls with an ideal figure are also frequent visitors. After all, keeping your body in tone is daily work. You need to eat right and follow the recommendations of the coach.

In the elderly, you can also visit the "Tonus Club". The doctors' comments show that recommendations for each client are developed in accordance with the individual characteristics of the body. Women over 50 are not offered the same load as 20-year-old girls.

In the fitness center you can work out on the newest simulators, developed in accordance with all European requirements. Massages are also available. The Health Club "Tonus" offers many opportunities for maintaining the body healthy. Below are described the services that are most popular among the fair sex.

Tonic tables

The correct physical activity is based on the study of the main muscle groups, as well as a relaxing massage. Excellent opportunities give an original complex called "tonic table", consisting of two simulators. One of them is moving, and the other is fixed. The first provides the necessary effect on the muscles. The second is the necessary fixation of the body. Due to this, the harmful load on the body and spine is completely eliminated.

This technology is most suitable for elderly visitors to the center "Tonus Club". The doctors' reviews show that such simulators do not have a negative impact on the cardiovascular system. After classes, there is almost no fatigue. Tone tables are great for daily workouts.

Cedar barrel

It has long been proven that paired procedures have a positive effect on the body. High temperature allows you to remove accumulated toxins and other harmful substances. Classic baths have appeared for a long time and are popular today. However, in modern sports complexes there is not always enough room to organize a quality steam room. Founders of the fitness center "Tonus Club" (Moscow) have found a way out. Cedar barrel is a mini steam room for one person.

A special large barrel is created from expensive wood species. Such material keeps the heat well and does not let moisture pass. However, this procedure is not suitable for all women. Refuse to the service will have to the fairer sex, suffering from hypertension, as well as future mothers. It should be taken into account the fact that high temperature stimulates blood circulation.

Infrared blanket

A great way to get rid of extra pounds is to sweat properly. It is on this principle that the work of the infrared blanket is based. The procedure has something similar to a sauna visit. However, a special installation provides deeper heating of the tissues. Thanks to this, women as quickly as possible can get rid of excess weight and cellulite. Even more effective will be the procedure if it is combined with moderate physical exertion.

Infrared radiation due to deep heating promotes fat burning, improves skin condition, improves blood circulation. It is useful to use infrared trousers or blankets before classes in the gym. Special radiation creates a warming effect. A woman can immediately start more difficult exercises.


This is another setup that helps to quickly reduce excess weight. The procedure is very popular among visitors of the company "Tonus Club". The reviews show that many people use lymphatics not only for the sake of the future result. It's just a pleasant procedure, which somehow resembles a massage. Due to easy stimulation of problem areas, excess fluid is removed from the body. Together with it, toxins and harmful substances are released.

Lymphaticans promote the improvement of metabolism, as well as stimulate blood circulation. Significantly improves the skin, legs become more slender, cellulite disappears. Interesting is the fact that lymph nodes remove excess weight not only on the hips, but also at the waist. The figure is improved evenly. It is not by chance that this procedure is chosen by women attending the "Tonus Club". The reviews show that you do not need to make great efforts to lose weight. The main thing is to have the desire and correct approach to the problem of weight reduction.

Roller Massager

An excellent alternative to classic hand massage is a roller massager. The design of the device allows you to work on large areas of the body. On the big drum are fixed beech rollers, which rotate around their own axis. The degree of pressure, as well as the depth of influence is regulated by a specialist. The procedure stimulates blood circulation, helps to remove fine wrinkles, has a pronounced anti-cellulite effect.

Experts recommend to continue the massage for 20-30 minutes. With a short impact, women should start out and visit Tonus Club for the first time. Prices for classical massage are significantly different from working with a simulator. Human labor is always valued more. But if you believe the reviews of visitors, there is not much difference between roller and classical massage.

Magnetic mat

This is a preventive procedure, within which the female body is gently affected by magnetic fields. As a result, it is possible to get rid of fatty deposits, blood circulation improves, the skin becomes even. In addition, the general condition of the body improves. Women suffering from migraines, note that the attacks are much less. Excellent customers themselves are also clients with hypertension.

Doctors say that the magnetic mat is one of the most useful procedures in the company "Tonus Club." Reviews can only be heard positive. Magnetic waves affect the nervous system, normalizing its work. In addition, this effect stimulates the production of collagen, necessary for the beauty of women and strong immunity.

Reviews about the work of the company "Tonus Club"

The fitness center invites visitors at any time of the year. Women who already had time to use the services are advised to register in advance with "Tonus Club". Addresses of the nearest representative offices can be found by phone number 8-800-333-01-03. The main office is in Moscow, on Oktyabrsky Prospekt, 5.

Visitors argue that good success in the fitness center can be achieved quickly enough. However, it is necessary to follow all the instructor's recommendations.