Growing a rose - one of the favorite flowers of the beautiful half of humanity - is a painstaking and at the same time a favorite business for most florists. A stunning aroma combined with a chic look of these beautiful flowers with their huge variety is fascinating and fascinating.

Aphids are a dangerous enemy for roses

Sometimes the process of admiring darkens the aphid appeared on the roses. How to deal with such a malicious pest, in a few moments densely stuck to the stems of the plant and ruthlessly sucking out of it nutritious juices?

It is regrettable that during the season to attack roses this insect is capable of several times, and the harm is not isolated its members and entire groups that are densely deposited on the plant. Especially quickly this attack develops in hot dry weather, particularly April and may. If there are aphids on roses how to fight?Aphids on roses: how to fight? Folk remedies for aphids  The photos show all the danger and massiveness of such an enemy, who in a matter of days is able to destroy the plant.

What does a rose, amazed aphid, look like?

On roses, aphids affected, painful to watch. The plant appears to be in the thrall infested green light or body weight. The leaves become sticky, deformed, lose their Shine and natural color, the buds do not open and look wilted. Getting the juice, aphids sucked to the stem of the rose with a proboscis. There is a selection of nectar, which, in turn, provokes the appearance of fungus, forming black spots. It is noticed that if there are hordes of ants under the bushes (feeding on the honey-dew sprouted by this small pest), then there is a white aphid on the roses. How to deal with such a malicious pest? These insects multiply very quickly, the adult female is able to lay off about 250 eggs a day. Therefore, in order to avoid the massive appearance of aphids on roses, protective measures should be taken in a timely manner.

Preventive measures of struggle

Many growers notice that in the beginning of summer aphids often appear on roses. How to deal with this small insect? This issue is of interest to many florists, because it acquires its relevance in the spring-summer season. How to get rid of aphids? Of course, it is desirable not to allow its appearance. Preventive measures should be carried out at the stage of acquisition of roses seedlings. Choose strong plants with at least three stems, healthy leaves and a well-rooted root system with a large number of accessory roots. It is logical that a strong plant has fewer opportunities to get sick. To reduce these chances even more times, roses are recommended to be planted in combination with other plants that aphids do not tolerate the spirit. For example, it can be planted along the perimeter of the rosary lavender, onions or marigolds, characterized by a specific sharpish aroma. Also aphids have natural enemies: ladybirds and their larvae. She eagerly eats earwigs, lacewings and babies. Attract natural enemies of aphids can plantations of mustard, dill, cumin, daisies, violets, the smell of which attracts them. Sparrows and titmouses will not give up aphids. They can be brought to the site by installing feeders and drinking bowls.

The green aphids on roses? How to deal with it, everyone should know the grower. Recommended near rose bushes to plant more attractive to harmful insect mallow, poppy, nasturtium and Cosmo. Green aphids apart from roses like to live on fruit shrubs and trees, roses and many houseplants. Black aphids attack garden cornflowers and legumes.

With a small infestation of aphids rose bushes last you can release manually. It is recommended to wear gloves and carefully remove insects from the stems and buds. Aphids can be washed off the directional pressure of the water (for example, from a hose). This should be done carefully so as not to break the plant.

Aphids on roses: how to fight?

Folk remedies in the fight against aphids, proven by time and people, are preparations that you can prepare yourself, so to speak, from improvised materials. In the fight against aphids, you can use a soapy solution, which should be sprayed with roses within a few days. Soap composition: 1 tablespoon grated soap, diluted in a liter of water. Buds can be washed in soapy water. You need to do this very carefully, so as not to break them. Each shoot should be lowered into a container with a soap solution and gently washed off with aphids. The method is quite effective, though, painstaking. Effective onion husks, which should be filled with hot water. The resulting rose solution can be processed after 24 hours. Used and potato-soap composition, for the preparation of which requires about 0.5 kg of cleaning to insist in 2 liters of boiling water for about 2 days, then add the liquid soap to the filtered solution (before the formation of foam).

If aphids appeared on roses, how to deal with it with the help of onions? You can use onion solution. To make it, you need to take 30 grams of onions (or garlic), insist for a day in a liter of water, add 3-4 grams of soap and sprinkle with the resulting solution of the plant.

A rather serious problem of flower growers is aphids on roses. How to fight? Folk remedies suggest the use of garlic shooters and stepsons on tomatoes, the appearance of which coincides with the appearance of aphids. To do this, the green mass of these crops must be filled with water, insisted for 24 hours, filtered, and then within a week processed with the infusion of rose.

Other folk methods of combating aphids

Effective decoction of nettle, which should be within a few days to spray the affected areas. Proven folk remedy are ash or tobacco, which is enough to sprinkle on the soil in dry form and watered. Eye-catching odor expelled aphids in the garden just a few days. Wood ash can serve as the basis of an effective solution, which is a while you should spray the plant. To do this, 2 cups of ash should be diluted in 10 liters of water, insist night, and then the roses. Similarly, you can use a solution of tobacco, which in a liter of water is needed to dissolve 40 grams. After a day add another litre of water and the resulting solution sprayed the rose bushes.

40 drops of iodine and 2 tablespoons of soda, diluted in 10 liters of water, is also quite an effective tool, recommended for spraying shrubs covered with aphids. Spraying is preferably carried out in the evening hours, after sunset.

Chemical preparations against aphids

For some reason you receive the aphids on the roses? How to deal with this small, but numerous enemy? To deal with aphids, a provocateur of the appearance of which is the moisture deficit or an excessive amount of fertilizer, the ineffectiveness of the above methods you can use insecticides sold in any flower shop. The treatment is recommended in dry weather, in the evening. Enough to handle the plant the recommended proportion, and aphids will be forced to leave.

Preference should be given to drugs which are suitable for treatment of roses and vineyards. Of course, there is a risk of damage to the plants or flowers growing nearby, so use the chemical substance should be very carefully. The most popular insecticides "spark", "Aktara", "Cinmax", "INTA-VIR", "Decis", "Fitofarm, "S-30", "Malathion".

It is worth remembering that chemical treatment has a number of drawbacks; this is the impossibility of using rose petals in cooking and cosmetic purposes, the danger to growing a number of vegetables and fruits, the adaptation of pests to drugs, which causes their further immunity. Therefore, in the fight against aphids, it is better to apply methods that carry a minimal risk to both the roses themselves and the surrounding plants. It would be expedient to use folk methods that are sparing and without the content of chemistry.