In our time, Tibetan gymnastics for weight loss is beginning to gain momentum among people who want to remove those extra pounds and improve their health. She is very actively used by Russian pop stars. Nobody knows where she came from in the Russian Federation. There is a version that a colonel brought it from Tibet. The essence of this gymnastics is simple five exercises aimed at improving health and maintaining body tone, as well as at eliminating unnecessary weight. They need to be done in the morning after waking up, before breakfast. By the time it takes no more than twenty minutes.

Tibetan gymnastics for weight loss: reviews

All Tibetan gymnastics for weight loss is presented in the book "The Eye of the Renaissance", which was written in 1938.

First exercise

You need to be straight, feet shoulder-width apart, arms raised on the sides parallel to the floor, at shoulder level. And rotate the body around its axis in a clockwise direction.

It is necessary to do this exercise at the initial stages not for long, as the head can spin, and in subsequent exercises the number of rotations to increase.

Second exercise

For him to lie down on a hard surface, his hands put parallel to the body, palms down. Legs stretch out straight. Normalize breathing and lift the head, trying to press the chin to the chest, while raising the legs perpendicular to the floor.

Exhale when returning to the original position. The number of exercises should be increased gradually. At first it will be enough five times.

Third exercise

Exercise is done while kneeling. Straighten your back, hands should be either on the belt, or put them on the buttocks. When inhaling, you need to tilt your head forward and downward, trying to reach the chest with your chin, while the back should be round. When exhaling, straighten back and turn back your head, straighten your back and bend the spine, resting your hands on the floor.

Repeat the exercise no more than five times over, then more, but not more than twenty times.

Fourth exercise

You need to sit up straight, stretch your legs in front of you, put your hands on the floor, lower your head. Then take a breath and climb the bridge. Head tilted back, keep your arms straight. A lap angle of 90 degrees should form. In this position, it is necessary to harden for a few seconds, while the muscles should be tense. Then exhale slowly and return to the starting position.

Repeating this exercise should be no more than five times, over time, more.

Fifth exercise

It lies in the fact that you need to lie on your stomach, your legs should be straight, shoulder-width apart, with your straight arms to rest on the floor. Then take a breath and arch in the opposite direction. The support should be on straight arms and legs, the back should be even. When exhaling, take the starting position.

Repeat the exercise no more than five or six times, in the future it is possible more.

Gymnastics for face and body in bed

Tibetan gymnastics for weight loss in bed serves to prolong life and improve health. It can be done directly without getting out of bed. By the time it takes no more than fifteen minutes.

The most important thing is that Tibetan hormone gymnastics for weight loss is not combined with alcohol and smoking. Therefore, before doing it, you need to give up bad habits.

Rubbing hands

Adopting the horizontal position, pull the hands in front of him and carefully rubbing the palm of your hand for several minutes. This exercise can be to understand what the energy condition. If your hands heat up from the friction and thus remain dry – this means that the energy in the body in order. But if you are wet, that is to serious disruptions. Hormonal Tibetan exercises for weight loss will get rid of various ailments.

The following eye exercise is called palming. To perform it, you need to put rubbed hands on closed eyes, then start lightly pressing on them. It needs to be repeated thirty times. Then, leaving your hands in the same position, you need to lie down for about thirty seconds. This gymnastics allows to improve sight and hair.

Then follow the ears. To do this, put your hands on your ears. Fingers should be on the back of the head. And slightly need to press your hands to your ears. Repeat the movement about twenty to thirty times. After this exercise, symptoms of chronic diseases may occur. But this should not be frightened, but continue to do this exercise every day.

The following facial gymnastics will quickly and easily tighten the skin. To do this, put the thumb behind the ear, clench the hand into a fist. And with tight movements of the hand, tighten the skin from the chin to the ears. Do this exercise thirty times. The result is visible almost immediately.

The next step is the processing of the forehead. To smooth out wrinkles, two hands should be placed on the forehead, one on the other, and rubbed from side to side. Continue for thirty five seconds. This gymnastics will help get rid of diseases of the nose, colds, and also very well smoothes wrinkles.

Then you should go to the crown. This is a very good exercise for people with low or high blood pressure. If the exercise is done regularly, then the pressure is normalized. First you need to make a circle of hands above your head, right hand below, left above. The movements are made in the direction from the forehead to the temechku, and repeated thirty times. After that, the hands in the same position remain above the crown, and the movement continues from right to left, also thirty times.


Gymnastics of the thyroid gland is that it is necessary to put the right hand on the thyroid, and the left - on the right. And with light movements it is necessary to lower the hands to the navel, and then back. And so do thirty times. After that, we change hands, that is, now the left hand is down, and the right is on it, and lie in this position for a couple of minutes.

After the thyroid gland should go smoothly to the stomach. Only hands need to be changed again, right below, left on it, and stroke the stomach in a circular motion. Repeat this movement thirty times.

Gymnastics on the floor

After these exercises, the body wakes up completely. You can go to the gym on the floor.

It is necessary to lie down straight, to raise the legs and arms perpendicular to the floor. And start movements like shaking. This will improve blood circulation. You need to count to thirty and lower your arms and legs to the floor.

Then you should rest, normalize breathing. After that, you need to sit on the floor and start doing a foot massage. If desired, you can use the foot cream. Particular attention should be focused on the center of the foot. Doing this exercise is necessary for thirty seconds.

In various sources write a huge number of reviews about this gymnastics. They note its positive impact on the human body. Being engaged in Tibetan gymnastics just a month, you can observe changes in health with the naked eye.

People who have been tormented by otites since childhood say that in the second week of classes they completely forget about this problem. But before they were forced to constantly visit the doctor.

Tibetan gymnastics helps with diabetes. As you know, it is incurable. But regular exercise helps to significantly improve well-being.

Tibetan gymnastics for weight loss has mostly praise. So, many women note that after half a year of training, the sides are significantly tightened, a waist appears. You do not need to exhaust yourself with various diets. In addition, not only the appearance changes, but also the state of health, there is a tremendous burst of energy, and the mood improves. Good Tibetan gymnastics for weight loss! Photos of people taken "before" and "after" confirm this.

Gymnastics also helps with back problems. People with a sore back constantly go on different procedures to the clinic, to massage, try different ointments, but do not notice any special changes. After a few days of doing exercises in Tibetan gymnastics, people notice that the back pain is completely gone.

And there are a lot of similar reviews. This suggests that Tibetan gymnastics for weight loss really works. At the same time, it helps people cope with their illnesses. It restores the shape and makes the skin taut.

The benefits of gymnastics

Often women who have gained excess weight during pregnancy, after giving birth, try to lose weight. Of course, the first thing they try is different diets. But this method has disadvantages. Malnutrition causes damage to the stomach, there are various pains in the body. It is much more efficient and useful to use the Tibetan method. Gymnastics for weight loss at home will help you lose weight without harm to health. Usually, after learning about her, women do not believe that she can help. But worth a try! The first time is difficult to force yourself to do exercises every morning. But over time, their implementation will become a habit. After a few months, those extra pounds will go away.

It is known that sport helps to struggle with excess weight. But many people do not have enough time or patience to regularly spend a few hours visiting fitness centers. Gymnastics Tibetan monks for weight loss wins on these indicators. It takes little time to complete.

Youth forever

Breathing exercises of Tibetan monks for weight loss gives us, according to legend, excellent health and youth forever. It includes a variety of complex exercises. They can be done several times a day. It will help to throw off those extra pounds. This old set of exercises has not hurt anyone.

Tibetan breathing exercises for weight loss says that for the best result of any exercise you need to carefully monitor your breathing, control it. Because with proper breathing, the body gets more oxygen. So doing the exercises becomes more effective. Also, blood circulation in the body and the work of all organs depend on breathing. Therefore, when performing exercises it is necessary to comply with all points relating to breathing. When you inhale to do the exercise, when exhaling to become the starting point.

Modern look

It is considered that the book "eye of the Renaissance" is the only source of knowledge about the ancient Tibetan practices. It was written by Peter Calderon. It was based on information received from the monks of a secluded monastery. Truth or fiction is unknown. At the time of publication of the book, in 1938, it was not a resounding success. While Eastern practices are just beginning to gain popularity. Now, more and more people are interested in such knowledge. In our days, the book has gained in popularity.

What do modern scientists say? Despite its name, Tibetan gymnastics for weight loss is not related to Tibet. Most likely, its roots lie in India. The technique of doing exercises is close to Hindu practice. The described complex is essentially a massage of energy centers. It is really able to improve the health and overall condition of the body with daily exercise.


It should be noted that an excellent result from this gymnastics can be obtained only if you perform everything regularly every day. In this case, you can eat without exception. But it is necessary to remove from your life bad habits, which in any case do not need anyone.